Chemsex Opinion

The Chemsex Monologues follow four people with interconnecting stories on the high and horny scene | Photo: Patrick Cash / Dionysis Livanis
Feeling horny and sexy at Pride? We need to talk about chemsex too

OPINION: This pride season we need to talk about the gay and bi men getting high and horny – they deserve our compassion

Two gay porn stars kiss
Why we need to stop slut-shaming gay men who want condomless sex

OPINION: And those on PrEP shouldn’t shame those who prefer to rely on condoms, says sexual health advocate David Stuart

James Wharton talks about his rape and being victim shamed
Don’t shame rape victims who were high, they aren’t to blame

James Wharton talks about being raped after overdosing at a chemsex party in his flat

David Robson from Wandsworth LGBT forum talks about his chemsex series
‘Shame can f*ck off, its what got us into chemsex in the first place’

David Robson from Wandsworth LGBT forum has found a sense of belonging away from high and horny parties

Alcohol problems are more common among LGBTI communities
If you think sober sex is boring, it’s more down to you than the lack of stimulants

Too many gay men and women need to drink or take drugs to enjoy sex. It needs to be addressed, says this gay man in recovery

porn Next Door Buddies - can sex ever be sober and still sexy?
Can sober sex ever actually be sexy?

Chemsex counselor Katie Evans explains about feeling the heat once more for sex without any stimulants

Stephen Morris has worked with hundreds of men convicted of crime
‘The number of gay men committing sexual crime appears to be increasing’

Steve Morris, lead for Chemsex Related Sexual Crime with the UK’s Prison & Probation Service, says drugs are turning gay men into victims and perpetrators of crime

I found compassion for anyone who engages in chemsex this is why
How I found compassion for everyone who has chemsex

Chemsex is about the relationship between drugs and sex, let’s talk about it without shame or stigma

david stuart chemsex lead at 56 den street Chemsex will define a period of our gay history
Chemsex will define a period of our gay history

56 Dean Street Chemsex Lead David Stuart: ‘Stop stigmatizing people who engage in chemsex and help them share their stories’

5 Guys Chillin explores chemsex
It’s time we had a grown-up talk about gay men, drugs and sex

Crystal meth, GHB and mephedrone … too many lives are being screwed up to avoid talking about gay men and drug use