Chemsex Stories

Synestra De Courcy, died aged just 23. Was her transition denied? | Photo: Facebook
Mom’s story: Why did you let chemsex kill my trans daughter?

Mystery surrounding Synesta De Courcy’s death continues as NHS denies her mom access to medical records again

The photographer has a point to make with his chemsex series | Photo: Gay Star News
I was paid to photograph escorts doing chemsex

The photo shoot took place in a luxurious penthouse hotel with money, drugs and expensive fetish gear everywhere

Porn star Kayden Gray speaking about being violently sexually attacked at a chemsex party
This porn star woke up from a drug overdose to find men f**king him

Exclusive: Kayden Gray bravely opens up to Gay Star News about his time having chemsex | CW: Violent sexual assualt

crystal meth image
Crystal Meth: Three gay men talk candidly about their use and recovery

Two former crystal meth addicts and a current user in California talk to GSN about the impact of the drug on their lives

People in London share their sex and drugs stories at this monthly, open mic event
Who knew sharing sex stories with others could be so liberating?

So brave: ‘I do it because I want my stories to help someone else out too’

Henry Hendron and (inset) Miguel Jimenez
This is what it’s like to wake up and find your boyfriend dead from a drugs overdose

Lawyer Hendry Hendron and his boyfriend took G together one evening, but only one of them woke up the next morning

why nic gurreri quit his 18 year chemsex addiction
What I learned from my 18 year addiction to chemsex – and why I quit

After losing his partner to AIDS, and being diagnosed HIV+ himself, Gurreri stumbled into a long battle with addiction

Nash Sithole shares one of many stories about chemsex for gay star news's series: they are full of pain
‘I stumbled across chemsex accidentally, and now I hear stories of pain told over and over’

Groups are setting up all over the world to allow space for gay and bi men to talk about their relationship with drugs and sex

Liam McClelland shares hemsex slamming hiv destructive story
Slamming turned chemsex ‘into a destructive journey to HIV’

‘Slamming unlocked a side of chemsex that was destructive, and it only got worse from there’