Chemsex Support

A man in rehab looks out of a window
What happens when you go into rehab?

Three gay men share their experiences of residential rehabilitation and recovery centers

G'O Clock is a short film that follows a chemsex party where people use drugs and have sex | Photo: Mitch Marion
The gay community has to get over its unhealthy addiction to drugs

Author Matthew Todd says the reason gay and bi men take part in chemsex, is the same reason as why so many are also homophobic

Can I report a rape if I was high at the time?
Can I report a rape if I was high on drugs at the time?

With chemsex-related sexual assaults on the rise, what are your rights if you find your ‘party and play’ session going wrong?

porn Next Door Buddies - can sex ever be sober and still sexy?
Can sober sex ever actually be sexy?

Chemsex counselor Katie Evans explains about feeling the heat once more for sex without any stimulants

Methamphetamine crystal meth drugs
What you need to know about the drugs gay men are using to chill out and have sex

Chemsex, party and play, high’n’horny… a quick look at the common drugs some gay guys are using to chill – and their drawbacks

Feeling trapped? There is help out there (photo posed by model)
What you can do if you think your drug use is problematic

If you’re a gay or bisexual man who feels trapped in the world of chemsex, help is available

It's increasingly common to meet strangers via apps nowadays
Advice for gay and bi men arranging to meet others via dating apps

Stay safe when meeting other people for the first time