Gay father’s successful adoption ruling in Singapore is not such a landmark case

A gay man’s successful adoption of his son in Singapore might not have the long-term effects many LGBTI activists might have hoped for 

What is the ideal penis size?
The truth about gay men, sex and penis size

The surprising facts prove we have bigger things to worry about.

The 7 big problems gay men have with gay men

In Blake Pruitt’s film 20MALEGAYNYC, gay New Yorkers explain why they don’t identify with other gay men – here the director examines the top seven reasons.

The amazing family who rescued a rejected, sick and suicidal gay teen

Corey, 15, was sick with pneumonia and suicidal when he was rescued from his birth family by his mom and sister-to-be

Greg Hernandez reflects on 50 days since Orlando massacre.
Fifty days after Orlando massacre, anxiety remains for this LA gay

‘When I think back to the evening of 11 June, it seems like such an innocent time’

White House red ribbon
It’s stigma that’s dirty, not people with HIV

Meeting another HIV+ man – repeatedly turned down for sex since he was first diagnosed – makes Matthew Hodson reflects on the tremendous stigma people with the virus still experience

Pope Francis in St Peter's Square.
The Pope could be best friends with trans people after all

He doesn’t really think we are nuclear bombs

Supreme Court rainbow flag
A word of warning to my fellow Christians about same-sex marriage

Zack Hunt, a writer and youth ministry veteran, lives with his wife in Connecticut. This week he was inspired to write these words following the SCOTUS ruling on same-sex marriage

I wear the rainbow for those of us who don’t believe in marriage, are single, polyamorous, in open relationships…

Pang Khee Teik, a prominent gay activist in Malaysia where gay sex is illegal, remembers members of the LGBTI community who live in places where same-sex marriage is not yet a reality, where they have to hide or are married but to the opposite sex

Facebook is becoming a more dangerous place for trans and gender-variant people

Another one has been kicked off Facebook for using an ‘incorrect name’, Jane Fae questions how far this can go

Jesus not anti-gay.
How the Bible was re-written to attack homosexuality

Lies, mistranslations and anti-gay editing

Why won’t the UK fly the rainbow flag for Pride?

The US are doing it in London, so why not the UK government?

A still from Pride
Trade unions still have an important role to play in fighting inequality

Ahead of Pride in London, Peter Purton, LGBT officer for the Trades Union Congress, explains why pride and solidarity are still needed today

Lord John Browne
Lord Browne: This time – the Pope is right

Former BP chief, Lord John Browne, says that industry must lead the way in saving the planet

Governments should issue travel warnings to countries where being LGBTI is illegal

Roberto Solone Boccardi says nations that recognize LGBTI rights have to change their policies about safety abroad – and fast

Taiwan’s judiciary make it undeserving of reputation as Asia’s most gay-friendly country

Four more anti-gay justices are appointed to Constitutional Court

How gay was Magna Carta?

800 years old and a pre-runner to modern human rights in the UK, US and beyond. But the world of Magna Carta is not what you think, writes Kevin Childs

A gay dad writes a letter to the couple who will get divorced if gay marriage comes to Australia

Rob Watson tells the Christian couple to ‘grow up’ in a powerful letter

Christian pastor on why he’s happy to call Caitlyn Jenner by her chosen name

Pastor John Pavlovitz, explains why, ‘As someone who seeks to live a life in the footsteps of Jesus’, he feels sad for anyone who refuses to respect Caitlyn Jenner’s wishes

How young LGBTIs have started a rights revolution in India

Gay Indians are accepting who they are and demanding rights like never before

What it’s really like to be a black man in the gay world

Vernal Scott: You’re a black man, and therefore, must be a drug dealer

No, you shouldn’t let UKIP anywhere near Pride

Thomas Vonier: Allowing the UK Independence Party to take part makes a mockery of an important day

This is why UKIP should be allowed to march at Pride in London

UK Independence Party has been criticized for anti-LGBTI views

Caitlyn Jenner is not the right poster girl for trans equality

Jenner’s life is privileged by contrast to the everyday reality of her trans brothers and sisters

The 10 things David Cameron should do if he’s serious about global LGBTI rights

Jonathan Cooper of Human Dignity Trust: The Conservatives promised to deliver if they won the UK election. Here’s how they can

Why we must stop sex-shaming gay men who want to take PrEP medication

Matthew Hodson, of UK-based gay men’s health charity, GMFA, explains why those who condemn PrEP medication need to appreciate the valuable role it can play in preventing HIV infections

Pitch Perfect 2 is not homophobic and other reasons we need to stop being so sensitive

The a capella comedy sequel is being attacked for being racist, homophobic and sexist. But is it?

Banning gay sex is not just wrong in Africa, it leads to more HIV

HIV expert Lucy Maroncha says the laws in Kenya are only leading to an increase of HIV cases

A gay Ugandan on the best way to tackle homophobia in Africa

As IDAHOT approaches, Ugandan gay rights activist Tony Kitara reflects on the past, present and future of homophobia in his country