The Digital Pride floats placed over the beach in the LGBT+ friendly city of Brighton, England.
These Snapchat artists created a Pride that happens before your eyes

Meet the Snapchat lens creators who teamed up with GSN’s Digital Pride and AMV BBDO to create virtual festival floats.

The Digital Pride floats placed over the beach in the LGBT+ friendly city of Brighton, England.
Snapchat’s new Digital Pride floats make Pride happen before your eyes, wherever you are

Snapchat’s lens creators have teamed up with GSN’s Digital Pride and AMV BBDO to create the festival floats.

The new Digital Pride Giphy stickers in use.
Digital Pride: Our new Giphy stickers will help you stick with Pride

Every LGBT+ identity has its own Pride flag – and now it’s own Giphy Digital Pride sticker to go with it.

Dancing to defeat loneliness | Photo: Digital Pride
Mark your calendars as Digital Pride announces dates for 2020

After tackling loneliness in the community, next year’s Digital Pride will have a completely different theme…

RICKY digital pride heathrow welcome
COMPETITION: You are needed to be the faces of Pride at Heathrow

Could you be the one welcoming thousands of people to Europe’s biggest airport?

Shantania Beckford
‘You’re not alone’: YouTuber Shantania Beckford on being black and coming out

Digital Pride: ‘Tell your friends first,’ she advises

A Digital Pride video at Canary Wharf in London
Thank you for making Digital Pride a success!

The fourth, annual Digital Pride draws to a close today – and millions of you have become involved

This speed dating event helps polyam people find others like them

You get a partner! You get a partner! Everyone gets a partner!

Shah Brunei
‘Looking over each other’s shoulders’: Living as a gay man in Brunei

Shahiran Shahrani reflects on his experiences as a gay man in Brunei before fleeing to Canada to escape sedition charges

Contestants of Mr Gay Japan 2019 (Photo: Facebook)
Are isolated LGBTI Japanese finally about to step out of the closet?

A high-profile court challenge is bringing LGBTI issues into Japan’s mainstream

Denny Faj is one of Indonesia's only openly-gay athletes (Photo: Provided)
Running away from loneliness in Indonesia

After he was disowned by his family, gay runner Denny Faj found community in the world of sport

Paula Pell and fiancée Janine Brito
Comedian Paula Pell says it’s lonely dating as an older LGBTI person

Digital Pride: But it can also teach you about yourself, she tells GSN

Bradley Birkholz
Young gay guy finds out what it’s really like to have sex when you’re older

From erectile dysfunction to emotional intimacy, nothing’s off the table here

Many LGBTI people in Egypt experience loneliness
Loneliness and isolation led me to antidepressants: but there is another way

OPINION: In Egypt, loneliness and being LGBTI often go hand in hand, explains AR Fathy

Food 4 Thot . are the hillarious weekly podcast, who are taking part in this week's Digital Pride festival | Photo: Food 4 Thot
12 LGBTI podcasts you should download and listen to right now

These LGBTI podcasts are tackling loneliness by talking about isolation in our community

a man in a wheelchair with a person walking beside them in jeans. the shot only shows their legs
With a little help from friends, older LGBTI people can overcome loneliness

Older LGBTI people face extremely high rates of loneliness

Gay activist Peter Scott-Presland and Jim MacSweeney.
This gay man has great advice about having sex when you get older

Insecurities can take a toll on LGBTI older people and impact their sex life

'At some point the disco lights always come on' | Photo: Pexels
Why do so many gay men feel lonely? A life coach gives the unfiltered truth

Apps, ageing, body image: How gay male loneliness destroys lives

A float at West Hollywood Pride
How misogyny makes the LGBTI community a lonely place for queer women

Digital Pride: LA queer women tell GSN how West Hollywood isn’t a welcoming place

A woman sits alone and depressed
57% of LGBTI people lose a friend or family member after coming out

Digital Pride: Three-quarters (72%) of GSN readers said they ‘always’ or ‘sometimes’ felt lonely

practice wedding shoot gay marriage
This gay couple overcame their wedding fears by facing them head-on

The fear of homophobia can be incredibly isolating

Lewis Oakley at UK Black Pride | Photo: @lewyoaks / Twitter
Is this the reason why bisexual people have yet to form a community?

Considering bisexual people make up the majority of LGBTI people, why is there no ‘bi community’?

Amazin LeThi is fighting LGBTI homelessness | Photo: Supplied
Amazin LeThi: Coming out as a rainbow Asian athlete changed my life

Coming out in a sexist, homophobic and racist world is a very hard thing to do

Gay life coach Chris Cooper, smiling
7 tips to tackling loneliness, according to a gay life coach

Loneliness particularly affects LGBTI people, but there are steps you can take to combat it

This video could help if you're feeling disconnected | Photo: Pexels
This important video explores coping with loneliness as an older LGBTI person

How do you ask for help for something you used to be able to do for yourself?

Davey Shields is a co-host of MenTalkHealth. | Photo: Supplied
How I started living for myself and not just for weekends on the gay scene

Feel like every Sunday is a waste? You’re not alone

The cast of G.B.F. | Photo: Vertical Entertainment
8 funny, uplifting LGBTI films to watch if you’re feeling lonely or down

The Next Best Thing with Madonna and Rupert Everett is a so-bad-it’s-good classic, OK?