Digital Pride 2017

head shots of four people that are screenshot of a youtube video
Singapore’s LGBTI community has a drug problem and it’s time to fix it

How do you help LGBTI people with drug problems in a country with strict drug laws and that criminalizes homosexuality?

Diversity in Media awards 2017
Meet the nominees for the Diversity in Media awards

Digital Pride, Sir Ian McKellen, Russel Tovey and Paris Lees among the nominees

The London Panel at Fujitsu's Digital Pride event
Global technology giant Fujitsu: LGBTI Inclusion in the Digital Age

As part of Digital Pride, the technology and innovation company hosted a live panel discussion between offices in Lisbon, London, and California

WATCH: How to avoid the gay retirement time bomb

Time to plan for the future.

WATCH: Thank you from Gay Star News

A special message from us to you!

WATCH: Travel to Norway and be a part of Oslo Pride

Oslo Pride 2017 will be from 23 June – 2 July.

Danny will be on the Digital Pride main stage.
WATCH: The Charles Project perform for Digital Pride

‘It’s great to be involved in this year’s Digital Pride, thanks for the support, stay true to yourself and remember that life is short, so be proud, be loud, but above all, don’t let anyone dim your light, or your right, to be who you are! Happy Pride everyone! Peace!’

WATCH: The Addams Family says hello to a gay romance

They’re creepy and they’re kooky, mysterious, and spooky and finally gay! Yes, Proud Unicorn brings…

WATCH: The Shirtless Violinist performs for Digital Pride

Listen to Matthew bring you some famous songs from films like Beauty and the Beast to La La Land!

WATCH: Maki discusses the struggles of coming out as trans

‘My first few years of transition were difficult…’

WATCH: Take part in the first official Trans Pride

‘I have never felt so safe before in one space…’

WATCH: Meet this marvelous gender non-conforming person

‘The idea of surgery scares me…’

WATCH: Artists Adrian+Shane create an exclusive art piece for Digital Pride

Adrian+Shane have been creating art together for over 19 years.

WATCH: Learn why schools should be LGBTI friendly places

Elly Barnes, CEO and founder of Educate & Celebrate, discusses why schools need to be LGBTI friendly places.

WATCH: Adam Roberts performs for Digital Pride

Digital Pride is proud to present Adam Roberts.

WATCH: Luke opens up about the day he told his mom he was trans

‘It matters not what someone was born, but what they grow up to be.’

WATCH: See how this trans couple stayed together for 13 years

‘It was you just becoming more you…’

WATCH: Is it time for inclusive education?

Homophobia presents itself in young people early on in schools when individuals are perceived as being ‘different.’

WATCH: Christopher Haul performs for Digital Pride

Digital Pride is proud to present Christopher Haul.

WATCH: Author Simon Edge discusses his novel The Hopkins Conundrum

Simon was on the inaugural intake of City University’s MA in Creative Writing and subsequently taught on that course as a visiting lecturer.

WATCH: Witness the discrimination LGBTIs face in rural Scotland

‘The social isolation is absolutely mind-boggling…’

WATCH: Take part in the Christopher Street Day Pride in Berlin

The first Christopher Street Day (CSD) in Berlin was celebrated in 1979.

WATCH: See the difficulties trans people suffer in regards to healthcare

Healthcare services constantly fail trans patients.

WATCH: Meet this non-binary individual who doesn’t conform to gender roles

Non-binary refers to any gender that is not exclusively male or female.

WATCH: Lauren Shippen performs for Digital Pride

Digital Pride is proud to present Lauren Shippen!

WATCH: This young trans-man opens up about his own personal struggles with identity

‘As soon as I realized that I’m male my whole life just suddenly made sense…’

WATCH: Bahar Dopran performs for Digital Pride

Digital Pride presents Bahar Dopran!