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Germany’s parliament votes in law recognising people as third gender

But some politicians and rights groups say the law does not doe enough for trans and intersex people

Flags outside the United Nations in New York City. advocacy
Advocacy groups celebrate the 70th anniversary of International Human Rights Day

LGBTI rights groups celebrate progress made in 2018 while reminding that the struggle for equal rights is still ongoing

Marchers at Montego Bay Pride in 2016.
My court case could see Jamaica follow India and make gay sex legal

Lawyer and LGBTI activist Maurice Tomlinson is waiting for his day in court to strike down Jamaica’s anti-sodomy law

Maurice Tomlinson is fighting for equality in Jamaica.
How I was forced to flee Jamaica, fearing for my life

Former university law lecturer Maurice Tomlinson encountered very different attitudes from his students in Jamaica and Canada

The torso and hand of an indian man and woman at a wedding ceremony
Why do so many gay men get married to women in India?

And it’s not just because gay sex is illegal in India

Steven Blackett in suit with red bowtie walks past a crowd of reporters outside
This Barbados politician says LGBTIs stigmatize straight people

He needs to know what it’s like growing up as a lesbian here

Chechnya leader Ramzan Kadyrov
Chechnya one year on – what’s happening there now?

It’s a year since the news first broke of an anti-gay purge in Chechnya, but LGBTI people still face persecution and no-one has been brought to justice

Maurice Tomlinson (right) and friends giving evidence to parliament about asylum.
Canada’s gay asylum seekers are still asked insulting questions

Only found 3% of LGBTI refugee claims to lack credibility

LGBTIs marching in India to promote HIV awareness.
These gay people reveal how India forces them to live secret double lives

India may soon scrap its law which criminalizes gay sex – but 377 doesn’t work in the way you think

Alexa Hoffmann, attack victim
My ex-lodger hacked me with a meat cleaver but police didn’t care

WARNING: This article contains graphic photos. Barbados trans activist Alexa Hoffmann tells GSN about the moment she was attacked and how the police responded.

The late David Kato.
This is how Uganda got its anti-gay laws in the first place

The British feared Uganda was just too gay for them

LGBTI Hinduism
The secret gay history of Hinduism

A medical text from 600BC describes bottoming and ‘men who devour the semen of other men’