An older man looks through blinds
Older LGBTI people fear having to return to the closet

A new documentary explores the experiences of older LGBTI people in Scotland and their fears about the care sector

Juan loneliness on the road a problem
Pro LGBTI travelers open up about the secret loneliness of life on the road

The open road can leave you feeling pretty alone…

Gay men in a promotion photo for Chariots sauna in London
Casual sex, loneliness and the desire for human contact

OPINION: Bathhouses, overworking, alcohol… LGBTI people use many tools to distract themselves from loneliness: some healthier than others

LGBTI sober people
LGBTI and sober? Here’s how you can socialize on the scene without alcohol

Abuse of alcohol disproportionately affects LGBTI people

Dancing to defeat loneliness | Photo: Digital Pride
This video of a same-sex couple dancing to fight loneliness is so important

Watch the official dance video for Digital Pride 2019

a person sitting in front of window blinds with their hand on their forehead
We need to talk about the loneliness many LGBTI people experience

This year’s Digital Pride is exploring isolation and loneliness among LGBTI communities – and these are the reasons why

Michael R, founder of Will You Be There Darling?
Meet the man helping to make London’s gay scene a friendlier place

Do you hate going out on the scene on your own? For those in London, there’s no longer any need to do so…

How one of the billboards in Times Square, New York City, will appear
Digital Pride brings same-sex intimacy to Times Square

Over 3 million people in NYC and London will be challenged to think about how loneliness and isolation impact LGBTI lives

Matilda Davies
Being a lesbian in a man’s world is lonely: Find your own tribe to survive

OPINION: On Lesbian Visibility Day, we need to talk about why being a lesbian can feel so isolating – and how we can make it better

Pen pals for LGBTI prisoners
This is what it’s like to be a pen pal for LGBTI people in prison

LGBTI inmates often have no one to talk to — that’s how these pen pal programs tackle their loneliness

A previous protest where an activist flew a rainbow flag at the pyramids in Giza.
What’s it like to go on the run after your boyfriend is jailed for being gay?

This 21-year-old college student left everything behind when his country, Egypt, started a homophobic crackdown

Protestors taking to the streets to get access to LGBTI spaces
Inaccessibility to LGBTI spaces is leaving disabled people out in the cold

90% of LGBTI disabled people would attend Pride or queer spaces if venues provided comprehensive access information

Gay Cuddle club isolation lgbt community
How this cuddle club for gay and bi men fights loneliness with intimacy

The Gay Cuddle Club helps reconnect men with the concept of intimacy

Lewis Oakley is fighting for bi visibility | Photo: Supplied
Bisexual role models are needed to fight isolation and loneliness

In the first weekly opinion piece, Lewis Oakley reveals why bi people are struggling in comparison to gay and straight people

Frank Ocean | Photo: Def Jam
Beautiful songs by LGBTI artists that explore themes of loneliness

Whether about feelings of disconnection after heartbreak or fear of being alone, these songs show loneliness is a universal experience

Charlie at a drag convention
Clubbing in London can be incredibly isolating when you’re not a man

The phrase ‘Let’s go to a sex club’ might signal the start of a good night out for some… Not for me

Germany’s parliament votes in law recognising people as third gender

But some politicians and rights groups say the law does not doe enough for trans and intersex people

Flags outside the United Nations in New York City. advocacy
Advocacy groups celebrate the 70th anniversary of International Human Rights Day

LGBTI rights groups celebrate progress made in 2018 while reminding that the struggle for equal rights is still ongoing

Marchers at Montego Bay Pride in 2016.
My court case could see Jamaica follow India and make gay sex legal

Lawyer and LGBTI activist Maurice Tomlinson is waiting for his day in court to strike down Jamaica’s anti-sodomy law

pride apple watch
Apple Watch’s Pride background disappears in Russia

The background is believed to have been removed from the Apple Watch Face Gallery in Russia due to the country’s infamous ‘gay propaganda’ law

Maurice Tomlinson is fighting for equality in Jamaica.
How I was forced to flee Jamaica, fearing for my life

Former university law lecturer Maurice Tomlinson encountered very different attitudes from his students in Jamaica and Canada

Are you worried about getting older? | Pixabay
Is it harder to age as a LGBTI person and what scares you about ageing?

From teens to seniors and everyone in between, we want to hear your thoughts in our survey exploring age

Royal Mail unveils rainbow postbox in Soho to celebrate Pride in London

GSN readers chose the location in Old Compton Street

This LGBTI message will be screened across Digital Pride week
Digital Pride: Global LGBTI event announces dates for 2019

And find out the final figures for the record-breaking Digital Pride 2018

head shots of four people that are screenshot of a youtube video
Singapore’s LGBTI community has a drug problem and it’s time to fix it

How do you help LGBTI people with drug problems in a country with strict drug laws and that criminalizes homosexuality?

Georgia is just one of the participants in a challenge that made her feel better naked and more confident in her own skin | Photo: Gay Star News
How I learned to feel amazing naked in just one month

These LGBT people feel better in their own skin, and learned it was nothing to do with any grueling physical exercise

Faces of people for Digital Pride.
Thank you for making 2018 a record-breaker for Digital Pride

Digital Pride will return in 2019 after you made this year amazing

Matt Palmer
Cute gay pop singer Matt Palmer met JoJo – then this happened

INTERVIEW: ‘She’s like “I know, I’m JoJo, have you heard of me!?”‘ recalls Matt