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Texas AG wants to stop gay marriage
Wedding venue in north Texas refuses service for same-sex couple 

The owners of The Venue at Waterstone in North Texas said their religious beliefs prevented them from hosting a same-sex wedding 

James 'Breko' Brechney smiling to camera with people behind with making no posters into confetti
Gay couple is turning anti-same sex marriage signs into confetti for their wedding

‘We just think it’s an awesome way to upcycle those ridiculous signs, and they’re such great colours too’

Jarrad proposes to Michael in front of son, Reid
Inspiring gay dads get engaged after marriage equality comes to Australia

Son Reid shouted out, ‘I knew this would happen, I’ve been dreaming about this!’

Lesbian couple will be the first to marry in Australia
Lesbian couple will be the first same-sex pair to marry in Australia

Couple were granted an exemption from the mandatory 30-day waiting period

Māori man Richard Haeta proposed to his partner Robert Stewart
Māori man surprises everyone with wedding proposal on live TV

The men were being interviewed about marriage equality, when it took a turn for the interesting

Stuart Henshall (L) and James 'Breko' Brechney holding intention to marry notice
This gay couple is getting married on a Sydney Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras float

The couple will get married on the world famous parade route with their closest friends and family

tim wilson ryan bolger in australian parliament
MP proposes to boyfriend in parliament as same-sex marriage bill is introduced

Tim Wilson’s proposal might be the first one to ever happen during an Australian Parliament

Senator Dean Smith listens to Australian Attorney-General George Brandis' speech in parliament
WATCH: Attorney-General gives surprising, but powerful speech about same-sex marriage

You must take a few minutes out of your day to watch this moving speech

Congrats to the happy couples!
10 Aussie couples who celebrated the yes vote by getting engaged

With 61% of Australia voting in favor of same-sex marriage, these same-sex couples celebrated in the best way possible!

Pride headscarves Group Photo
This designer made Pride headscarves to support marriage equality

In a world-first the designer created a Pride hijab to show LGBTI people exist in all religions

harold hunt aboriginal elder
Aboriginal elder says ‘yes’ to marriage equality in Australia

‘I was treated different because I was Aboriginal. We’re going to treat gay and lesbian people differently? Why?’

Former Australian PM Bob Hawke
Former Australian PM: postal vote is ‘worst economic decision made by any PM’

Bob Hawke: ‘It costs 122 million bloody dollars!’

poo couple yes postal survey sydney same-sex marriage
Poo dumped on the doorstep of couple who support same-sex marriage

‘Please don’t… put poo on our doorstep’

marriage equality cairns postal yes
WATCH: Using a tropical paradise to promote marriage equality

The fun and positive video will warm your heart

Cory Bernardi's website gets taken over by gay rights activists
Anti-gay politician to ‘robocall’ over a million homes with same-sex marriage scare campaign

He raged over ‘Yes’ campaign sending out text messages but thinks calls are ‘not invasive’

Celebrities come out in support of same-sex marriage in Australia
These 50 celebrities want you to know why they support same-sex marriage in Australia

From Nicole Kidman to Hugh Jackman, these celebrities know that love is love

hugh jackman marriage equality australia
Wolverine aka Hugh Jackman is voting yes to marriage equality

‘We believe all Australians deserve to be treated equally under the law’

Coalition for Marriage campaign stopped by protestors
Gay activists stop anti-marriage equality rally launch by kissing on stage

Sometimes you’ve got to stick some love down hatred’s throat

mark coleridge archbishop brisbane
Same-sex couples are ‘like the love of friends’, not fit to marry, says Archbishop

‘It can’t be the kind of love that we call marriage’

frances abbott marriage equality
Daughter of anti-marriage equality PM joins ‘YES’ campaign

‘It has to change and it will change’

thalia black trans teen hobart
Trans teen choked in public by man ‘voting no’ to marriage equality in Australia

‘The next thing I know he has his hands around my throat and started squeezing’

Steven presenting the ring for his identical twin brother James
I’m straight but my identical twin brother is gay and this is why I support same-sex marriage

‘I watched him get married in London, now let him get married in Australia too’

Football commentator Sam Newman
Aussie football commentator calls the AFL ‘political whores’ for supporting same-sex marriage

‘You are nothing more than obsequious, fawning, sycophantic political whores’

castlemaine lgbti letters of love postal survey marriage equality
Letters of Love: how a country town is showing LGBTI people they’re loved

Reclaiming the postal service one love letter at a time