Margaret Court in a vintage photo standing at a lectern in front of a tennis court
Anti-gay voices are silenced according to tennis star Margaret Court

This coming from the woman who once said trans kids were the work of the devil

James 'Breko' Brechney smiling to camera with people behind with making no posters into confetti
Gay couple is turning anti-same sex marriage signs into confetti for their wedding

‘We just think it’s an awesome way to upcycle those ridiculous signs, and they’re such great colours too’

Young boy holding a rainbow flag and placard standing in front of two women also holding placards in support of marriage equality
7-year-old: ‘My mom’s are getting married and I’m so excited’

This 7-year-old is happy his moms can finally get married in Australia, but has some tough decisions to make about what to he’s wearing to the wedding

Australian marriage equality supporters holding 'yes' signs at a rally
Marriage equality ‘most significant’ event in Australian history

The 9/11 terrorist attacks came in a close second as the historical event that had the most impact on Australia

Jarrad proposes to Michael in front of son, Reid
Inspiring gay dads get engaged after marriage equality comes to Australia

Son Reid shouted out, ‘I knew this would happen, I’ve been dreaming about this!’

Kelly Mackenzie and Kirsty Albion holding cases of beer at Stomping Ground brewery
Gay, Aussie and getting married? You can get free beer for your wedding

You get free beer, and you get free beer, (almost) everybody gets free beer

Would you consider a same-sex wedding in a religious building if allowed to do so?
Australian woman forced to pay back welfare after same-sex marriage legalized

This could open up a can of worms for Australian couples married overseas before it was legal in Australia

Australian senator Janet Rice eating a golden gaytime in front of a rainbow flag
Senator wants leftover money from marriage vote to be spent on LGBTI health services

The same-sex marriage postal survey came in $40 million under budget

Lauren Price and Amy Laker are the first same-sex couple to marry in Australia
Meet the first same-sex couple to marry in Australia

People have recognized them in the supermarket since!

Virginia Edwards and Christine Forster – sister of Tony Abbott
Sister of anti-equality PM Tony Abbott announces her same-sex marriage plans in Australia

The former PM was one of the leading opponents of marriage equality in Australia – in contrast to his lesbian sister, Christine Forster

Lesbian couple will be the first to marry in Australia
Lesbian couple will be the first same-sex pair to marry in Australia

Couple were granted an exemption from the mandatory 30-day waiting period

Māori man Richard Haeta proposed to his partner Robert Stewart
Māori man surprises everyone with wedding proposal on live TV

The men were being interviewed about marriage equality, when it took a turn for the interesting

Australian marriage equality supporters holding 'yes' signs at a rally
Here are the best moments from Australia’s same-sex marriage debate

LGBTI Australians never wanted the debate, but there were some silver linings

Stuart Henshall (L) and James 'Breko' Brechney holding intention to marry notice
This gay couple is getting married on a Sydney Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras float

The couple will get married on the world famous parade route with their closest friends and family

Rally for marriage equality in Sydney
Marriage equality isn’t the end of the fight for LGBTI rights in Australia

There’s still a long way to go to end discrimination against LGBTIQ people in Australia

Australian Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull, Attorney-General George Brandis and Governor-General Peter Cosgrove in Canberra
The first Australian same-sex weddings can happen in January next year

The Governor-General gave the marriage equality Bill the Royal Assent, enshrining it into Australian law

Nick and Sarah Jensen might divorce if same-sex marriage is legal in Australia
Aussie couple who vowed to divorce if same-sex marriage is legal, now refuse

Australia legalized same-sex marriage and all eyes are on this couple

MPs join onlookers in song at the Auustralia Parliament today
WATCH: Public gallery of Australian Parliament breaks into song as marriage equality is passed

Australia Parliament officially legalized same-sex marriage today following last month’s results of the public postal survey

aussies australia marriage equality aussies same-sex marriage
It’s done! Same-sex marriage is now 100% legal in Australia

Let’s start planning our big gay weddings!

conversion therapy image
Assaults against LGBTIQ people rose 50% during Australia’s marriage equality vote

‘The public debate over the equality of our bodies, relationships and feelings has been exhausting and frequently painful’

Australian PM Malcolm Turnbull.
People are roasting Australia’s PM for taking credit for same-sex marriage

The PM said gay people would end up living alone with their cats if they couldn’t get married

tim wilson ryan bolger in australian parliament
MP proposes to boyfriend in parliament as same-sex marriage bill is introduced

Tim Wilson’s proposal might be the first one to ever happen during an Australian Parliament

australian marriage equality postal survey yes
BREAKING: Same-sex marriage law passes first major hurdle in Australia

Same-sex marriage could be 100% legal in Australia by next week

Senator Dean Smith listens to Australian Attorney-General George Brandis' speech in parliament
WATCH: Attorney-General gives surprising, but powerful speech about same-sex marriage

You must take a few minutes out of your day to watch this moving speech

Senator Sarah Hanson-Young addressing the Australia Parliament today
WATCH: Senator breaks down in tears during Australia same-sex marriage debate

Greens Senator Sarah Hanson-Young gave an emotional speech to the Australian Senate today