Australian marriage equality supporters holding 'yes' signs at a rally
LGBTI leaders call on Australian Parliament to ‘get marriage equality done’

The people ‘roared back YES’ to marriage equality and now it’s time for parliament to do its job

Neighbor sends threatening letters to Aussie gay couple Kirk Muddle and his partner Andrew wanting to castrate them
Aussie gay couple receive abusive letters from neighbor: ‘Castrate you all!’

Clearly someone’s bitter over Australia voting in favor of marriage equality

Lego same-sex couples at a wedding
When can same-sex couples start getting married in Australia?

Well, that all depends on how quickly the Australian Government can get the marriage equality bill passed in parliament

Nick and Sarah Jensen might divorce if same-sex marriage is legal in Australia
Aussie couple who vowed to divorce if same-sex marriage is legal, now silent

In 2015, Nick and Sarah Jensen promised to get divorced to protest marriage equality

Jason Clare MP (image: JasonClareMP | Facebook)
Australian MP gives personal reason why he’ll vote ‘yes’ in majority ‘no’ seat

Blaxland in West Sydney voted against same-sex marriage by 73% – but MP Jason Clare is voting with his heart

Cross-party Australian Senators in the Senate Chamber ahead of same-sex marriage bill debate
Same-sex marriage law introduced to Australian parliament

‘Love has won, let’s hand it its reward’

Coca Cola erected a giant billboard in Sydney in the run-up to the same-sex marriage vote (Coca Cola | Twitter)
Coca Cola, Qantas, Ben & Jerry’s and other businesses celebrate Australia voting ‘yes’

Spotify, PayPal, H&M, IBM, Google and many other multi-nationals also backed the official ‘yes’ campaign for marriage equality

Congrats to the happy couples!
10 Aussie couples who celebrated the yes vote by getting engaged

With 61% of Australia voting in favor of same-sex marriage, these same-sex couples celebrated in the best way possible!

aussies australia marriage equality aussies same-sex marriage
Emotional photos of Aussies celebrating same-sex marriage win

‘Today we celebrate, tomorrow we legislate’

condoms_durex_facebook condom australia marriage equality results
Condom company celebrates Aussie same-sex marriage win with 61.6% discount

As if you needed another reason to scream ‘yes’ tonight

Kylie Minogue and others celebrate Australia voting yes
Kylie Minogue and more celebrate Australia’s vote for marriage equality

Here’s what they’re all saying in their excitement

marriage equality yes dean smith james paterson
Australia has voted ‘yes’ to marriage equality. What now?

There might still be a long way to go before marriage equality happens in Australia, or it could be really quick and simple

australian marriage equality postal survey yes
BREAKING: Australia votes ‘YES’ to same-sex marriage

It’s official! Australians have voted to make marriage equality a reality

Matthew Mitcham sporting one of his new 'H&H' rings
Matthew Mitcham helps launch same-sex wedding ring collection in anticipation of ‘yes’ vote

The former Olympic diver is fronting a campaign for Sydney-based Affinity Diamonds and has helped design the rings

The Church of the Trinity in Adelaide (image: Sue Wickham | Facebook)
Gay-friendly church ordered to remove ‘yes’ banner just hours before Australia marriage result

Local council contacted the church after receiving one complaint about the banner

Psychiatrists finally acknowledge the harm of aversion therapy on the LGB community
LGBTI Aussies to get extra support ahead of marriage equality results

‘Our communities are resilient and we are stronger together’

Hundreds of homophobic incidents recorded during marriage equality survey

‘The Postal Survey has opened the door to homophobia and vilification being expressed under the guise of legitimate debate’

Archie Lo
WATCH: This is what Australian kids think about same sex marriage

‘I think we need to hear kid’s voices more. Let’s ask them the things that they’re really thinking about’

Courtney Griffiths
WATCH: Mom confronts ‘no’ protestors in Australia and ends up without job

Footage of the heated confrontation was posted on social media – leading to the woman quitting her real estate job

Pride headscarves Group Photo
This designer made Pride headscarves to support marriage equality

In a world-first the designer created a Pride hijab to show LGBTI people exist in all religions

yes post your marriage equality sydney
Poll shows 78% of Australians support marriage equality

‘If and when the Yes crosses the line first, the No case should not be given the trophy of being able to write the legislation’

postal survey yes australia same-sexmarriage
Bigger than Brexit: 77% of Aussies have voted so far in same-sex marriage survey

There’s only a few days left to get your vote back

harold hunt aboriginal elder
Aboriginal elder says ‘yes’ to marriage equality in Australia

‘I was treated different because I was Aboriginal. We’re going to treat gay and lesbian people differently? Why?’