Rainbow flag flown at Alabama high school creates battle
Free psychological support is on hand for people affected by marriage equality debate

‘The ‘no’ campign is trying to dehumanize LGBTI people’

Gay couple comes up with the best response to homophobic hate mail

The mail said if same-sex marriage is legalized, women will be more likely to be raped in public toilets

dogs cats marriage equality doggos moggos
Cats and dogs put aside their differences for marriage equality

An important news story featuring ‘the most lesbian hashtag ever’

Israel Folau in head shot photo with black baseball cap backwards
Australian rugby team divided by opinions on same-sex marriage

‘I respect and love all people for who they are but I will not support gay marriage’

London hosts rally for Australian marriage equality
London hosts largest ever rally for same-sex marriage in Australia

Sexy performers and audience members screamed: ‘Australia, vote yes!’

postal survey yes australia same-sexmarriage
Aussies have started voting for same-sex marriage and it’s beautiful

Including tips on how to make sure your vote is counted and stays valid

Qantas CEO donates $1 million of his own money to marriage equality

Even after facing a lot of criticism, the gay CEO has been a very public supporter of marriage equality

PHOTOS: The biggest rally for LGBTI rights in Australian history

Tens of thousands of people in cities around Australia hit the pavement to support marriage equality

Over 100,000 men were arrested on homosexuality charges in Nazi Germany
An Australian radio show put a call to air praising Hitler for murdering gay people

Host said they would have to ‘agree to disagree on that’

Rally for marriage equality in Sydney
Public vote on same-sex marriage sees spike in calls to counselors, say LGBTI youth workers

‘Half the conversations I have had in our youth drop-in program have been about the postal vote’

Just exactly WTF is happening with marriage equality in Australia

Just in case you were confused, here is a summary of what has been happening in Australia in the past week.