Father reading to baby.
Almost 1 in 3 LGBT+ adopters say their sexual orientation is a barrier

LGBT+ parents now adopt one in every seven children in England.

Father and baby.
Finland celebrates first same-sex couples adopting children

It’s taken three years since but the first rainbow families have arrived.

James finds his 'forever family' in this cute cartoon
This cute cartoon shows the real story of a boy finding his forever family

It’s part of a new animation series for preschool kids

Conservative commentator Ben Shapiro
Conservative commentator Ben Shapiro thinks same-sex couples shouldn’t be allowed to adopt

His reasoning includes the fact that Mother’s Day and Father’s Day are different holidays

Gay dads adopt six siblings to stop them being separated

The children had been in foster care for five years

Baby with a rainbow on its forehead
Faith-based adoption agency sue so they can legally turn away LGBTI parents

It comes about after a settlement ruled state-funded adoption agencies can’t discriminate against LGBTI couples

Same-sex parent family at Pride
‘Just because I’m LGBTI, it doesn’t mean I won’t be a parent’

To celebrate LGBTI Adoption and Fostering week, these parents want to share their stories about smashing parenting stereotypes

Gay father’s successful adoption ruling in Singapore is not such a landmark case

A gay man’s successful adoption of his son in Singapore might not have the long-term effects many LGBTI activists might have hoped for 

Rory O'Malley and husband Gerold Schroeder
Hamilton actor Rory O’Malley welcomes first child with husband

‘Our dream of adopting a child has come true’

Gay dads and lesbian moms adopted Amy, Ben and Candice
Gay dads adopt boy, after lesbian moms adopt his sisters

The two families regularly meet up – even attending Pride together this year

A car with a message 'I
Republicans pass amendment preventing same-sex couples from adopting

It targets anyone adoption agencies have a religious objection to

Oklahoma State Capitol
Bill making it legal to ban LGBTI people from adopting passes in Oklahoma

A similar bill is also being pushed forward in Kansas

In Italy, only children conceived from 'heterosexual sexual intercourse' are deemed legitimate
In Italy, same-sex couples must lie about how their children were conceived

Chiara Foglietta, the lesbian mom of a baby boy, refuses to lie about how he was conceived

Same sex couple Fatma Marouf and Bryn Esplin of Texas
This Texas lesbian couple can’t foster for not looking like Mary, Jesus and Joseph

‘Being denied the opportunity to foster a child because we “don’t ‘mirror the Holy Family” is clearly code for being a same-sex couple’

Sam Blaylock and gay dads at Portland Pride 2017
Gay boy abused by family adopted by gay dads: ‘They saved me with the power of love’

Sam Blaylock suffered horrendous abuse growing up and now hopes to inspire others

1 in 7 couples adopting kids are same-sex couples
Record-breaking 1 in 7 same-sex couples adopting kids, new figures reveal

Heterosexual couples are adopting less and same-sex couples more

Husbands Arejay Encinas and Mauricio Camargo with son Dylan
Read the beautiful letters these dads wrote to their son on his adoption day

‘We cannot wait to spend the rest of our lives loving you, protecting you, and doing whatever we need to make you happy’

Bodo Mende and Karl Kreile 1
Meet the gay men who just became the first same-sex couple to marry in Germany

Same-sex marriage laws in the country come into effect from today

Oren Magori
This gay Israeli is protesting the government’s regressive adoption laws

In Israel, only three same-sex couples have successfully adopted children since 2008

The Scheers, their children, and Ellen
WATCH: This gay couple adopted four children from difficult circumstances

The couple also started a charity to provide other children in foster care with necessary items

Karen Handel
Karen Handel tells mom that her ‘faith’ calls her to stop same-sex adoption

When Handel ran for Governor of Georgia in 2009, she said she’d consider banning same-sex adoption

The Texas Senate in Austin
This new law in Texas allows child welfare agencies to deny care to LGBTI children

Same-sex couples, interfaith couples, and religious minorities will also be affected

This anti-LGBTI hate group is posing as a legit scientific organization

The Southern Poverty Law Center has labeled the American College of Pediatricians an anti-LGBTI hate group

SSAFA - A soldier and his daughter (posed by models)
Read how this military charity helps LGBTI service people adopt kids

Same-sex couple Sally and Zoe, parents to three adopted sons, talk about their experiences of adopting

Alex is a transgender dad to an adopted son
WATCH: Transgender people encouraged to think about adopting and fostering kids

A transgender dad explains why trans people are wanted to provide a home to children in need