Teenager in rainbow sunglasses.
6 out of 10 LGBT+ kids feel unsafe in US schools because of their sexual orientation

More kids are saying ‘that’s so gay’ and ‘no homo’ again after years of decline.

Geri Horner, previously Geri Halliwell.
Spice Girl Geri Horner trademarks ‘Rainbow Woman’ for LGBT+ inclusive kids books

Her new children’s books may bring together ‘Girl Power’ and LGBT+ visibility.

A child in a rainbow headband reading from a tablet.
Cute things you can do with your kids this weekend to celebrate Family Equality Day

Celebration gets crafty to conquer coronavirus lockdown.

Drag kid Desmond is Amazing
Family of famous drag kid responds to allegations of child abuse

The family of drag kid Desmond Napoles (aka Desmond Is Amazing) took to Instagram to share all the letters they’ve received from Child Protective Services

11-year-old drag queen Desmond is Amazing
Mom of 11-year-old drag queen defends son performing in gay bars

She responded to an article that claimed he ‘danced half naked and stripped in a sleazy gay bar for grown men who threw dollars at him’

Gay father’s successful adoption ruling in Singapore is not such a landmark case

A gay man’s successful adoption of his son in Singapore might not have the long-term effects many LGBTI activists might have hoped for 

Celine Dion new fashion line CELINUNUNU
Priest calls Celine Dion’s gender-neutral clothing line for kids ‘satanic’ and ‘demonic’

‘People behind this are influencing children to disorder. This is definitely satanic. There is a mind behind it—an organized mindset’

A dad and his son showing their painted nails on camera.
Dad paints his nails in solidarity with his 5-year-old son and goes viral

Let Sam and his amazing dad school you on toxic masculinity

This is what it’s actually like to be a bisexual parent in Italy

‘I’m not out to everyone because the risk of losing my job is very high’

This gender-neutral style of parenting relieves kids of gendered stereotypes
Meet the parents raising ‘theybies’ and letting their kids choose their own gender

This gender-neutral style of parenting lets kids be themselves without the pressure of gender stereotypes

My Heroes explores gender non-conformity
WATCH: Amazing Halloween advert explores gender nonconformity in kids

EXCLUSIVE: The makers of the speculative film are hoping it will be picked up by a major party-costume brand

Two Gay Papas are taking gay surrogacy cuteness to a new level
These two gay papas are showing why gay surrogacy is beautiful

Full of adorable ‘first moments’ from baby steps to messy plates of spaghetti their Instagram is cute central

The famous statue of the Little Mermaid
Twice as many children want gender treatment than expected in Denmark

A gender clinic in Copenhagen has helped far more children than expected since it began offering hormone treatment in January

Bud and Manuel Santos made the nursery rhymes for kids Álvaro and Carmen
Gay dads adapt nursery rhymes for children of all modern families

The collection, which includes classics like ‘The Wheels on the Bus’ is for kids who don’t live in a one-mom-one-dad household

WATCH: Kids reacting to gay marriage will warm your heart

Children between the ages of five and 13 were sat down to watch two gay couples get engaged, and you will love the results.

The video touches on various religious beliefs
WATCH: This is the most important message young kids need to know about religion

A gay YouTuber, disturbed by the cartoons some religious groups force young kids to view, has produced a sweet alternative

trans child
Watch: this award-winning short film about a trans child will make you believe the world can be good again

Short film Raising Zay, following a trans child and her family, has won an award at the 2016 World Press Photo Competition – and it’s amazing

gay dads viral
You have to know how these gay dads are responding to anti-gay hate campaigns

Gay dads who had viral photo of them with son hijacked by anti-gay hate campaigns come up with a seriously inspiring response

homosexual agenda
Church advises Sydney’s top private school on how to tackle ‘the homosexual agenda’

Australian private school The Scots College asked church what to do if a gay couple wanted to enrol their child – church prepared ‘a biblical response to the homosexual agenda’

transgender bathrooms schools
Mississippi education board votes to ignore government guidelines on transgender bathrooms in schools

Mississippi flouts federal government guidelines on protecting transgender students in schools despite warnings from child welfare and health experts

parents upset gay child
Two-thirds of parents would be upset if their child was gay, global report finds

The majority of parents around the world would find it hard to accept a gay child, says study of 53 countries

Anti-LGBT bullying in Scottish schools
Thousands set to demonstrate in Glasgow against anti-LGBT bullying in Scottish schools

Demonstrators at Pride Glasgow will demand government tackle problem of anti-LGBT bullying in Scottish schools, call for better LGBT education

LGBT education in schools
Campaign groups in Europe call for better LGBT education in schools on IDAHOT

LGBT education in schools a concern for Europe on IDAHOT 2016

jewish school lgbt
Jewish school ordered to teach LGBTI issues or lose out on new students

UK’s Department for Education continues crackdown on religious schools that fail to teach ‘British values’, including LGBTI equality

LGBT School
LGBT school program accredits 60 UK schools as LGBT friendly

School program creates safe spaces for talking about sexuality and gender identity, and tackles LGBT discrimination early