Teenager in rainbow sunglasses.
6 out of 10 LGBT+ kids feel unsafe in US schools because of their sexual orientation

More kids are saying ‘that’s so gay’ and ‘no homo’ again after years of decline.

Teenager with a phone.
Childline helpline sees big rise in kids seeking advice about being LGBT+

‘I’ve been feeling really sad and cry non-stop.’

Students taking part in a GLSEN Day of Silence event in Philadelphia.
The largest online gathering of LGBT+ youth in history could be tonight

The 25th Day of Silence will bring LGBT+ youth together despite lockdown.

Brothers watching the sunset.
I accidentally outed my younger brother, 16, to our parents

Teenage brother shares his screw-up story and what happened next.

Mom with gay son.
Student: My mom is the only one in our Trump-loving family who supports me as gay

She’s a Bernie Sanders fan who encourages her son to date boys.

Lesbian brides: Jennifer and Samantha on their wedding day.
How I escaped the Jehovah’s Witnesses to marry my wife

A member of Jennifer’s church outed her to her parents aged just 18 – and they responded by kicking her out and changing the locks.

Bryden Giving and his mom on the set of The Ellen Show
Ellen helped this mom accept her gay son, now the son says they’re ‘best friends’

Bryden Giving says his mom ‘absolutely loves’ his partner now, too

When 15-year-old Maia came out as bi to her mom, she was surprised to learn that her mom is bi, too
This teen girl came out as bi to her mom, only to learn her mom is bi as well

15-year-old Maia from Belgium had an amazing experience coming out as bisexual to her mother

Teenage drag queen and mother
Mom’s inspiring defense of her teenage drag queen son goes viral

If only the world were full of supportive and inclusive mothers like her!

A dad used condoms to bring up the subject of his son's potential sex life
This is what happened when a gay dad and straight son had the sex talk

OPINION: James Finn reflects on a tricky conversation with his then 16-year-old foster son

Trans teen Benny and mother Sarah
Trans teen on how his dad finally accepted his gender identity

‘It felt good being able to be myself at my Grandma’s funeral as I wouldn’t be betraying her final wishes for me’

How Art Therapy Can Help LGBT Youth
How Art Therapy Can Help LGBT Youth

Unleash creativity and help inspire the future.

Sarah Lawrence College in New York
These are the 20 most LGBTI-friendly and unfriendly colleges in the US

A survey asked 143,000 college attendants how their institutions and educators treated gay and transgender students

IDAHOT 2017 will take on anti-gay ‘fear-mongering’ around ‘family values’

IDAHOT 2017 will focus on the theme of ‘family’, calling for more rights for LGBTI families and better protection for the children of LGBTI parents

coming out
Watch: new Philippines commercial tackles gay man coming out to family

The advert from a Filipino smart tech company shows a gay man coming out to his dad – and is surprisingly moving (prepare to cry)

fostering and adoption
Fostering and adoption agencies launch drive to increase recruitment of same-sex parents

Fostering and adoption agencies in Illinois want same-sex couples to help homeless LGBTI children, launch outreach events for gay parents

Teen has best coming out idea ever
Gay teen comes out to mom – on Disneyland’s Splash Mountain

‘I am not the type of person to have a deep, sit-down conversation’

gay marriage referendum
Australia’s gay marriage referendum will make our LGBTI children ‘political punching bags’, say concerned parents

The gay marriage referendum in Australia could stoke ugly attitudes towards LGBTIs in the same way Brexit has for immigrants in the UK

lesbian mom in the philippines
What’s it like to be a lesbian mom in the Philippines?

Cha Roque, who wrote an open letter criticizing a TV program’s treatment of gay parents that went viral, talks being a lesbian mom in the Philippines

orlando shooting
After Orlando shooting, families are discovering their lost loved ones were gay for the very first time

Tragedy of families who are discovering loved ones killed in Orlando shooting had been afraid to reveal they were gay

homosexual agenda
Church advises Sydney’s top private school on how to tackle ‘the homosexual agenda’

Australian private school The Scots College asked church what to do if a gay couple wanted to enrol their child – church prepared ‘a biblical response to the homosexual agenda’

transgender bathrooms schools
Mississippi education board votes to ignore government guidelines on transgender bathrooms in schools

Mississippi flouts federal government guidelines on protecting transgender students in schools despite warnings from child welfare and health experts

disinherited gay
Lesbian sues dad because he ‘disinherited her for being gay’

LGBT children who are disinherited by parents for their sexual orientation can have success in court, but there are no guarantees

transgender children
Republican congresswoman launches TV adverts asking parents to support their transgender children

Republican Ileana Ros-Lehtinen appears in TV adverts with transgender son Rodrigo to encourage acceptance of transgender children

parents upset gay child
Two-thirds of parents would be upset if their child was gay, global report finds

The majority of parents around the world would find it hard to accept a gay child, says study of 53 countries

LGBT education in schools
Campaign groups in Europe call for better LGBT education in schools on IDAHOT

LGBT education in schools a concern for Europe on IDAHOT 2016

Asian parents LGBT children
Asian parents encouraged to ‘open the closet door’ for their LGBT kids in major new campaign

Responsibility for starting the ‘coming out’ conversation shifted from children to parents in Asian community

iranian parents gay
Watch this cute guy talk about how his Iranian parents finally accepted him as gay

Eric Namaky was kicked out of his house for being gay in high school, but today his Iranian parents support him ‘100%’

LGBT School
LGBT school program accredits 60 UK schools as LGBT friendly

School program creates safe spaces for talking about sexuality and gender identity, and tackles LGBT discrimination early

hindu gay wedding
Parents launch South Asian support group after son comes out as gay, organize his Hindu gay wedding

Vijay and Sushma Agarwal open a local PFLAG chapter to ‘get the community talking’