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Here are 22 of the best modern Christmas pop songs released post-Mariah Carey

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Young gay men.
Here are the 20 biggest myths about HIV and AIDS busted

Think you know it all? Chances are you’re wrong

How to survive your family at the holidays? Here's what might help
Here is a 12 point guide on how to survive spending time with your family

Hopefully your family is amazing, but if it’s not, this might help

Giovanni, photographed in his underwear by Michael J Chapman
Above the Sheets: Photographer takes underwear shots in people’s bedrooms to show body diversity

‘When you remove everything but their underwear, within the most private of spaces – a bedroom – you can capture the essence of the individual’

Pete Burns will always be remembered for his look, his music, and his withering putdowns
Here are 11 moments when Pete Burns cemented his place as a legend

Take a look back at Pete Burns’ music, his looks, and his utterly withering put-downs

Ingo Cando
Why Wotever World may be the best night out you’ve never heard about

Promoter Ingo Cando on Stonewall Season and running a queer underground phenomenon

The Horse Meat Disco team: DJs Luke Howard, Jim Stanton, James Hillard and Severino
How did Horse Meat Disco conquer the world?

The Sunday night celebration of disco celebrates its 13th birthday at Eagle London this weekend

It's a classic for a reason
Here are 15 sexy and silly costume ideas for lesbian couples and singles this Halloween

Because going as someone from Orange Is The New Black is getting slightly repetitive

Or there's always Mario and Luigi
Here are 15 silly and sexy costume ideas for gay male couples and singles this Halloween

Because Halloween is Gay Christmas. Or is that Eurovision?

1. Gay Days Anaheim 2016
24 images that will make you wish you attended Gay Days at Disneyland

Thousands attended the annual Gay Days Anaheim gathering at Disneyland, California, this past weekend

Depiction of a face by Gerd Altmann
LGBTTQQIA2S and more, what all the letters mean

Your list of sexual and gender identities and their definitions

The Spanish coastal resort of Sitges gets very busy for its annual Bears Week
Check out the men of Sitges Bears Week

The biggest event for bears in Europe has just drawn to a close in the Spanish coastal resort of Sitges

Meet the 12 most influential LGBTI animals to walk the Earth

These are the celebrities of the animal kingdom

The Neisseria gonorrhoeae bacteria, which causes gonorrhea
What happens if you become infected with ‘super gonorrhea’?

There’s been a big rise in the sexually transmitted infection gonorrhea in England, particularly among gay men

Sarah Lawrence College in New York
These are the 20 most LGBTI-friendly and unfriendly colleges in the US

A survey asked 143,000 college attendants how their institutions and educators treated gay and transgender students

The co-operative that has formed to save The Stud in San Francisco
Does this group point a way forward for many of our ailing LGBTI venues?

A San Francisco co-operative of drag queens and bartenders have launched a bid to secure the future of the 50-year old Stud bar

'Full disclaimer: I've hooked up with one or two of the below and I'm not proud'
9 dating app douchebags who are just the worst

Fem-shamers, racists – have you encountered any of these abusive creeps on Scruff or Grindr?

Manchester celebrates Pride
Here are the 48 best pictures from the Manchester Pride parade

Take a look at the 48 best pictures from the Manchester Pride parade

This is how Scotland celebrates Pride

The many rainbow faces of Glasgow Pride

To lose weight, you sometimes need a little help.
Here’s how the National Obesity Surgery Centre can help you lose weight

SPONSORED: If diets failed and you need some help to shed a few kilos, the National Obesity Surgery Centre offers a first-class service

Leng Montgomery knows how to keep cool in the summer
Here’s a guide for trans guys on how to dress, bind and feel confident when it’s way too hot

Written by a trans guy who has been there and gone through it all

Boyz magazine turns 25 years old this week
Check out 25 years of Boyz

The London gay men’s magazine celebrates its quarter of a century anniversary this week. A former editor looks back at its 25 years

Stephanie Lampkin, founder of Blendoor
Read how this lesbian tech entrepreneur might help you find your next job

Stephanie Lampkin has launched a recruitment app to tackle unconscious bias; it removes names, gender and ethnicity details of applicants

Channing Tatum wielded a sword for The Eagle.
What would happen if we made our gay movie about the Bible?

The Bible stories the church doesn’t want you to see

'The LGBT community are the Spice Girls' ultimate supporters' says Mel
INTERVIEW: Mel B – ‘It wasn’t experimentation, I fell in love with a woman for five years’

EXCLUSIVE: The Spice Girls star and RBS British LGBT Awards host on lesbian relationships, how she’d feel if one of her kids was gay and which of her bandmates she thinks is the hottest…