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10 celebrities who are super proud of their gay brothers and sisters

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Last ditch attempt to get poppers exempt from UK ban fails
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Jiraiya's 'Best Couple' illustration
Meet the man behind some of the world’s most stunning, gay erotic manga

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Olympian Greg Louganis has been open about his HIV status for decades
7 gay celebrities who are open about being HIV positive

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Don't mess with these people
These are the perfect comebacks for homophobic family members at Thanksgiving

Aunt: ‘God isn’t okay with gay marriage’ Me: ‘But he’s okay with your two divorces?’

Bisexuals face discrimination from the lesbian and gay community.
The 7 most idiotic things people say to bisexuals

‘A lesbian friend said I wasn’t a proper bisexual because I had slept with more men than women’

Daniel Craig plays James Bond in Spectre.
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Young people supporting Trans Pride 2015
These 59 people are the face of trans Britain today

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Laura Prepon stars in Orange Is The New Black
Here are the 8 most insane lines from Laura Prepon’s interview with a Scientology magazine

‘I recently had one of my biggest cognitions in a New Era Dianetics session!’

Pressure on Northern Ireland increases after Ireland votes for marriage equality

Amnesty International say Northern Ireland is the ‘last bastion of discrimination’ and its laws are a ‘badge of shame’

11 fascinating facts we learned about sex at the Institute of Sexology

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The 14 ways Uganda can break free from homophobia forever

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IFAW denounces wildlife crime on World Wildlife Day

The International Fund for Animal Welfare (IFAW) is urging people to take action to protect animals from wildlife crime and the illegal wildlife trade this World Wildlife Day (Tuesday 3 March)

How much ‘work’ have the Oscar A-listers really had done?

Their secret is to do less and not start too early, says top expert

Why are people still getting away with hunting animals?

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