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Kate Miller-Heidke
Australia’s Eurovision entry reveals performers are ‘keen’ to meet with Palestinians

EXCLUSIVE: Kate Miller-Heidke talks about meeting Madonna, her biggest competition and calls for her to boycott Eurovision in Israel

Mr Gay Japan 2019, Tiger Shigetake
Mr Gay Japan 2019 winner: We can’t ‘sit back and wait for a change’

Last year’s winner made a heartwarming marriage proposal to his boyfriend

Daniel Franzese as Looking's Eddie | Photo: HBO
Daniel Franzese: ‘I totally think we could make another Looking movie’

EXCLUSIVE: Mean Girls star on turning 40 (‘entry level daddy!’) and his crusade against plastic straws

Ben Platt | Photo: Atlantic
Ben Platt on love, lyrics and living for now: ‘I’m a Charlotte – I jump in’

EXCLUSIVE: ‘I’d love a kid or two, and a fella…’ Pitch Perfect star Ben on Sam Smith, Charlie carver and his new hit album

Eric for Fotohoto
Queer male beauty captured by Fotohoto: Latinx and beyond

Photographer Fabian Echevarria seeks out Latinx and other men of color for his Fotohoto project

'Willam says I'm the voice of reason and he's the voice of treason' – Alaska | Photo: Magnus Hastings
Alaska on new drag pageant and Cardi B ‘Okurrr’ trademark row: ‘It’s bull****’

EXCLUSIVE: ‘See you in court Cardi!’ RPDR icon shares details of new ‘Drag Queen of the Year’ comp and her view on an All Stars winners’ season…

Gay couples kissing is important | Photo: Tyler Hillis
Student draws 100 gay couples kissing to show gay love is normal

‘I made this for the younger me, and everyone else that felt different and broken. There is love in this world for us.’

Andrew Ford in the locker room at Malone University.
This Christian soccer player came out as bisexual and here’s what happened

‘My honesty, instead of making them reject me, made them embrace me more’

Tan France from Queer Eye tells it like it is | Photo: Netflix
Queer Eye’s Tan France reveals the style tip the internet ‘ruined’ for him

Netflix star also gets real about changing his mind about guns, filming scripted scenes and hula hooping

Andrea Di Giovanni
Andrea Di Giovanni on feel-good single Bang and Manchester Pride controversy

The genderqueer singer asks: ‘How about giving a headline spot to a queer POC like Janelle Monáe, for example?’

Naomi Smalls licking a lollipop
Naomi Smalls on booting Manila Luzon: ‘We’re co-workers, not best friends’

EXCLUSIVE: Naomi reveals why she unfollowed Manila on social media, being an unintentional viral meme queen and who she wants to see on All Stars 5

33-year-old Ethan Parker, the non-binary artist who created a Black History Month comic on Instagram
This gender nonconforming artist released a Black History Month comic on Instagram

‘I spend countless hours pouring over my works. So when the subject matter is quite heavy, it has a way of settling into my bones’

Rebecca Henderson is Lizzie in Russian Doll.
Russian Doll’s Rebecca Henderson on that crazy night she’d like to relive

Everyone’s new BFF Lizzie talks being directed by badass queer women, including her wife Leslye Headland

Harvey Milk in NBC interview
How teaching LGBTI history could stop bullying in school

EXCLUSIVE: The LA LGBT Center has free resources for teachers to use

He.She.They, the London-based gender inclusive parties, are coming to the US

‘We want a space like it was 20 years ago, where everyone who was non-prejudicial was welcomed on the dance floor’

Polyamory Pride taking part in San Francisco Pride 2004
Polyamorous people reveal how they celebrate Valentine’s Day

‘Not every monogamous couple celebrates the same way, so you can imagine the variety for polyamorous people!’

When 15-year-old Maia came out as bi to her mom, she was surprised to learn that her mom is bi, too
This teen girl came out as bi to her mom, only to learn her mom is bi as well

15-year-old Maia from Belgium had an amazing experience coming out as bisexual to her mother

Kate Mould is Bitch
Lesbian singer Bitch drops the feminist banger we’ve all been waiting for

It’s her first single in 10 years and it’s inspired by the #MeToo movement

Drag Queen Genie
Meet the American drag queen who traveled the world to be on Drag Race Thailand

EXCLUSIVE: Genie talks to GSN about the power of drag and more

‘Sexy is fun, but not everything’: Shirtless violinist on gay men’s problems with body image

EXCLUSIVE: Why he’s speaking out with a so-called ‘ideal’ body

Guys At Parties Like It is the queer horror movie for the #MeToo era

‘A #MeToo inspired horror film with the wittiness of Heathers and the gore of Tarantino’

Jordan Gray Succubus comedy evening transphobia
These feminist comedians are fighting British transphobia with jokes

Succubus’ Vault Festival comedy show is raising money for Mermaids in a climate of anti-trans hostility

Ady Del Valle
Meet the gay, plus-size model challenging beauty stereotypes

EXCLUSIVE: Ady Del Valle walked the catwalk at New York Fashion Week last year and is finding himself increasingly approached by brands to model

Pelangi group
A LGBTI activist in Malaysia speaks out

INTERVIEW: LGBTI rights advocate Numan Afifi discusses how entrenched homophobia is in Malaysia

Trans porn actor Olly Jackson
Trans porn actor on smashing stereotypes: Trans men are ‘just as sexual’

22-year-old porn actor Olly Jackson: ‘Transgender men belong in gay porn just as much as cisgender gay men’

Gay Israeli activist Hen Mazzig
Meet Hen Mazzig: the gay Israeli activist challenging bigotry from the Left and Right

‘Being queer, a person of color, liberal, progressive, and a proud Israeli means being politically homeless’

The three Chers of The Cher Show. From left to right: Lady (Teal Wicks), Star (Stephanie J. Block), and Baby (Micaela Diamond)
The Cher Show is the empowering musical women need right now

REVIEW: The Cher Show sends a much-needed (and age-old) message about female empowerment