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Non-binary singer Grayson
How leaving the Mormon Church helped this non-binary singer find their true self

EXCLUSIVE: Grayson tells GSN about being ‘shut off’ in the Church

Dr Troy Lee Hudson works for NASA
Meet the ‘Science Daddy’ at NASA who’s helping us to understand Mars

EXCLUSIVE: Gay scientist and engineer Dr Troy Lee Hudson is closely involved with NASA’s current InSight mission to Mars

David Hodge, aka Dusty O
Read why this former drag queen is returning to his hometown roots

David Hodges, aka Dusty O, is a well-known face on the London gay scene. His hometown of Birmingham celebrates him with a major art show next month

Nathaniel Hall became HIV positive when is was 16
What I learned after acquiring HIV at 16 from the first man I had sex with

Performer Nathaniel Hall became HIV positive as a teenager but kept it a secret from his family for 14 years until a breakdown in 2017 prompted him to speak out

A bald woman looking straight into the camera.
Bald and bold: this beautiful trans model is challenging stereotypes in India

‘We still don’t want women to come out so loudly and be so unique’

'The suitcases are my Grandma Bill's. In the show and in my real life, these are places I have packed away my old women's clothing,' Bouk says. (Photo by Walter F Rodriguez)
Trans opera singer Liz Bouk presents Mr. Liz Cabaret: Living in the In Between

This one-man show about Bouk’s life puts the audience inside the head of a transgender person finding their place in the world

Netta's Toy is the hot favorite to win Eurovision Song Contest
Eurovision Song Contest winner Netta: ‘I never ever want to compete again’

Netta also answers why she wore a kimono for her performance: ‘I love Pokémon!’

Jamie Clayton spills Sense8 secrets: ‘That swim club scene really happened’

The actress opened up on her models and the parts she wants to play next

Amelia Marquez
Amelia Marquez may become Montana’s first transgender state legislator

EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW: Her political opponent Rodney Garcia has repeatedly used transphobic language

alyssa edwards in a red and yellow outfit standing outside surrounded by tress
From Drag Race to camp counselor: Alyssa Edwards’ surprising career move

Alyssa Edwards talks about her new outdoor job role and her Netflix docuseries, Dancing Queen

Courtney Act: gay men are the worst when it comes to biphobia

Courtney Act got down and dirty with a girl in a car trunk

Meet Konrad Juengling: the pro-LGBTI activist who is now ‘coming out’ as Atheist

‘I’m everything I despised as a teenager: liberal, gay, atheist, and sometimes-vegan’

Meet artist Frank Sansone: a lover of Disney, Drag, and Broadway

Starting from a young age, Frank Sansone developed a love of drawing and Disney

A MAC Cosmetics counter
This trans woman alleges MAC Cosmetics created a hostile work environment

‘Today I will end my silence to hopefully create an awareness and change for the brand to do better. Practice what you preach’

Jam Rostron is Planningtorock - interview with Gay Star News
Meet the genderqueer pop star you didn’t realize you need in your life

EXCLUSIVE: Planningtorock’s new album, Powerhouse, is one of the finest of 2018. David Hudson talked to Jam Rostron about the work’s candid songs

Cover art for Chuck Tingle's Pounded by the Pound: Turned Gay by the Socioeconomic Implications of Britain Leaving the European Union
Gay sex can help solve Brexit, says gay erotica author

EXCLUSIVE: Gay erotic author – who wrote Pounded by the Pound – urges Britain to have a second referendum, or else!

Miss Gay America 2018 Deva Station.
Miss Gay America Deva Station on RPDR and how drag pageantry ‘has saved lives’

Launched in 1972, the longest-running pageant for female impersonators in the US is still alive and kicking

Danielle Cohen (left) leads Danielle Cohen Immigration Services in Camden, London
Meet the immigration lawyer who almost ‘never fails’ to win a LGBTI asylum case

Immigration lawyer is taking on the British asylum system

RPDR fan artists react to the prospect of diversifying the show's contestant pool
Here’s what fan artists think about diversifying the Drag Race contestant pool

‘Drag evolved from the trans community, so it would be interesting to have diversity in the show’

Why this lesbian photographer is an icon for generations of girls who love girls

Donna Gottschalk talks to GSN about her pictures and that sign she held on Christopher Street Liberation Day in 1970

Bi activist Loraine Hutchins: ‘AIDS catapulted bisexuals into public visibility’

‘I lost some beautiful lovers and friends to HIV complications’

Travis Alabanza's Burgerz is playing at the Hackney Show room they were the subject of a transphobic attack involving the fast food burgers
Trans poet returns to scene of crime months after bigoted burger attack

Travis Alabanza faces transphobia and slurs like faggot every day, but the hate has inspired positive action

Steven Russell is serving a 144-year prison sentence
Does this gay con artist deserve to be in prison for 144 years?

Steven Russell has spent 20+ years in solitary confinement because of multiple jail escapes. His story was told in the movie, I Love You Phillip Morris

Felix and the Future
Meet Felix and the Future – a singer drawn to superstition, drag queens, and what lurks in the dark

EXCLUSIVE: He also talks about being a Mexican-American in Trump’s America

Sarah Gaugler's bisexuality influences her tattooing and music
This bisexual woman was the first modern female tattoo artist in the Phillipines

‘Bisexuality defies the norm and celebrates freedom and is the same way I look at art’

Gay porn: Behind the paywall of OnlyFans with model Jack Mackenroth

‘Instafamous’ men are turning into paid fetish models and porn stars, including Project Runway alum Jack Mackenroth

Lee Carter believes he can talk to angels
Meet the trans man who believes he’s an alien who can talk to angels

This man believes his gender transition awoke in him the ability to talk to angels and use astral projection and telepathy

A lesbian Queer Eye is in the making and this is how you can help

Butch Pal for the Straight Gal might be your next TV obsession