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Could you be in a three-way marriage (and also do porn?)
Three gay porn stars explain how their ‘three-way marriage’ works

Meet the porn stars who combine sex, filming and commitment

I am HIV positive: this is how the NHS saved my life

As the NHS turns 70 today, Pride in Practice’s Andrew Gilliver remembers how the national health system helped him

We need to talk about bi erasure in media: ever heard of the Unicorn Scale?

A phase? Still in the closet? No, some people are just bisexual

Country boy Brandon Stansell: ‘My RPDR favorite Eureka will be in my next video’

The Nashville crooner will perform at Pride Live! on 29 June

Drag Theresa May cabaret will show London what a hard Brexit looks like

This is definitely the naughtiest thing the UK (drag) Prime Minister ever did

Vicky Beeching says the Church must change if it wants to appeal to the younger generation
Vicky Beeching: Church must change or it’ll cause more LGBTI suicides

Christian campaigner was victim of an exorcism as a teen which made her think at the time she was controlled by demons

Lisa Nova Jena spreading her arms
Meet Lisa, the Indian drag queen who made Delhi Pride happen

If Indian Supreme Court decriminalizes homosexuality this summer, the next Delhi Pride will be the biggest to date

Meet Morgxn, a new queer singer shaking up the music scene

Exclusive: He talks to GSN about gender and facing discrimination at the Women’s March

Craig Johnson, director of Alex Strangelove
Alex Strangelove director on complicated gay characters: ‘We are dirty, messy people’

EXCLUSIVE: Craig Johnson talks sex, bullying, and bisexuality

Jamey Jesperson
Meet Jamey Jesperson, the nonbinary activist who left the Mormon Church

‘It was three months into my first college semester—when I found myself sitting in a Gender Studies and a Cultural Studies class—when my world exploded’

Turkish artist Sadi Güran
Check out the beguiling art from one of Turkey’s leading gay illustrators

EXCLUSIVE: Co-founder of Bant magazine, gay illustrator and artist Sadi Güran is based in Istanbul, Turkey

Jesse Diamond
Meet the first trans man to model for an Andrew Christian underwear campaign

EXCLUSIVE: Jesse Diamond is a personal trainer based in San Diego

Documentary parTyboi: black diamonds in ice castles looks at gay and bi black men using meth | Photo: Rice Creative
This is how white pimps are pushing meth onto gay black Americans

A new documentary exposes stories including the rent boy who found a client had secretly fed him meth during sex

Gay rapper F.D. Bordeaux
F.D. Bordeaux: ‘It’s essential to live out and proud as a gay rapper’

This young gay rapper believes rap and hip-hop have a ‘humungous’ problem with homophobia

two photos. on the right a head shot of jo hirst who has long brown hair and is wearing red lipstick. on the right is the front cover of 'a house for everyone' which is an illustration of children playing on a playground
Don’t mess with this mom who’s leading the way on trans rights

Be careful, or she might write a book about you

Custom-designed underwear with artwork by Carlos Radriguez
Meet the Mexican artist who loves drawing hairy men and penises

Mexico City illustrator Carlos Radriguez is building a following for his bear-ish figures and merchandise

Mary starts queer twitter hashtags every Sunday
Meet the teen behind the weekly queer hashtags on Twitter

Mary M: ‘Being gay wasn’t an option for me so I tried to push that thought away until I fell in love for the first time’

Otis Morgan is hoping to raise as much money as he can to help fund HIV research
Gay nurse films hilarious Sound of Music parody to raise money for HIV research

This gay nurse is going to be riding 545 miles, alongside 3000 others, from San Francisco to Los Angeles

Georgia is just one of the participants in a challenge that made her feel better naked and more confident in her own skin | Photo: Gay Star News
How I learned to feel amazing naked in just one month

These LGBT people feel better in their own skin, and learned it was nothing to do with any grueling physical exercise

G'O Clock is a short film that follows a chemsex party where people use drugs and have sex | Photo: Mitch Marion
The gay community has to get over its unhealthy addiction to drugs

Author Matthew Todd says the reason gay and bi men take part in chemsex, is the same reason as why so many are also homophobic

Matthew Olson, the Shirtless Violinist
This Shirtless Violinist hopes to inspire with his music (and abs)

Exclusive: Matthew Olshski talks to GSN about making gay Disney love stories and more

Liz Bouk as himself
Meet Liz Bouk, the opera singer who recently came out as a trans man

‘I’ve been able to finally express my new gender identity and to explore the gender that I hid for so many years’

Frankie and Sera Golding-Young are Unsung Lilly
Singing married duo Unsung Lilly hit all the right notes in new song

They’re a married couple and singing dynamic duo

Olympic speed walker Tom Bosworth wins Commonwealth Games silver medal
Olympic speed walker Tom Bosworth reveals he was outed at school

Exclusive: Tom Bosworth talks about the power of support from family and friends, being outed as gay at school and meeting the man of his dreams

Phil Nicol and Marc Bates
Desperate plea for answers as boyfriend of missing man speaks out

Have you seen this man? Philip Nicol is missing

Sam is now a proud gay ex-Mormon
What is it like to grow up gay in the Mormon church?

Sam was 22 when he was engaged to a woman, and now he’s an openly gay man living his best life

Zulfikar Fahd sits on chair looking down at the camera, he is talking and his hands are out in front of him, palms together
‘I stopped being gay’: how one man saved himself from Indonesia’s homophobia

‘Indonesia is a civilization that’s going backwards’

LGBTQ people in the Holocaust
The Holocaust is fading from people’s minds in the United States

It’s Holocaust Remembrance Day but one-third of Americans doubt facts