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Meet Fred Davie, the gay African-American Reverend who worked with President Obama

‘I found my liberation as an African-American man, as a gay man, and as a person who grew up with modest means in liberation theologies and other social critique’

A performer at Miami's Counter Corner
WATCH: Bisexual journalist explores Miami’s drag scene and learns what it means to ‘keep Miami queer’

‘I discovered that there’s so much more than meets the eye regarding Miami’s queer/lgbt/gay scene’

Davey Wavey is at the helm of his own, new gay porn site | Photo: Himeros.tv
Davey Wavey: ‘Watching porn makes gay men bad at sex’

EXCLUSIVE: The gay YouTuber explains why he is creating the gay porn he wants, that gay and bi men deserve

Stefania and Allison with sons Lucas and Massi
Same-sex couple sues after US denied citizenship to one of their two sons

‘Even though they’re both our children, they are not treated the same’

Donnie Lee Strickland and partner Raudy Maxwell
Donnie Lee Strickland: ‘It’s hard being an openly gay country singer’

EXCLUSIVE: Out gay country singer talks finding love after coming out

Paula Vogel speaking for Family Equality
Pulitzer Prize winning playwright speaks to GSN about her new queer play

EXCLUSIVE: Paula Vogel tells GSN that truth will set us free

Tino Ritualo and his grandson Leo
36-year-old gay grandpa: ‘My grandson is my best friend’

Tino Ritualo talks grandfatherhood in his 30s, as well as coming to terms with being gay

The photographer has a point to make with his chemsex series | Photo: Gay Star News
I was paid to photograph escorts doing chemsex

The photo shoot took place in a luxurious penthouse hotel with money, drugs and expensive fetish gear everywhere

Christie Elan-Cane has been fighting for non-gender specific people's rights for 25 years and could get X passports this year | Photo: Gay Star News
UK could become 10th country in the world to get gender neutral passports

After a 25 year fight, a landmark case could create a non-gender specific passport marker in the UK

Lips & Teeth from 'Autonomous Marrow' | Photo: Instagram @melodymelamedfoto
These photos of a naked couple will challenge your view of sex and gender

‘These people will stop at nothing to be who they are’

Gay dads reveal they're expecting triplets
Gay dads announce they’re having triplets in cutest reveal ever

And they owe it all to their surrogate

Nikki Hayden shares her moving story about a transphobic attack on Christmas Day | Photo: Gay Star News
Why I will visit my transphobic dad at Christmas even after he attacked me

Even after a transphobic Christmas Day attack from her dad, she will visit him because ‘spending time with family is hugely important’

Don't worry, the Pryde Force Fyve have got your back against the evil Nazi mayor| Photo: Gay Star News
Meet the black queer superheroes fighting the Nazi mayor who wants to make you straight

In the black community of Transfransisco Bay you’re not even safe in the gay bar ‘bottom’s up’

London Titans at Pride in London 2017
WATCH: London Titans: ‘We’re an LGBTI club, but we’re also a big family’

But during one of their games, a member of the opposing team yelled homophobic slurs

The Anita May Rosenstein Campus mock-up.
This sprawling campus is a safe haven for LGBT people in Hollywood

It’s a chance for a new life in the bustling city

Art for illustrator DJ Kirkland
Meet the queer illustrator who likes to draw big boys

DJ Kirkland believes in celebrating body diversity in the comic universe

Prince Manvendra is opening a new LGBTQA center on roayl grounds in Gujarat
The world’s first gay prince is opening a LGBTQA center on palace grounds

After he was disowned by the Royal Family, Prince Manvendra has decided to create a safe space for LGBTQA people

John Bright is the owner and director of new fashion brand Centre-Front
‘I’m too old for fast fashion so I took matters into my own hands’

Centre-Front is the perfect fit for guys who feel too old for fast fashion, but don’t want to splash cash on designer brands

Coffee cups
Queer Coffee hosts a successful first event, hopes to expand to other US cities

GSN spoke with RJ Joseph, one of the organization’s founders

Tskenya Sarah-Frazer
Meet the woman behind the shoe brand that rejects gendered marketing

Tskenya-Sarah Frazer is the 23-year-old behind the new company

Two of Suzanne's felt tree decorations that look like vaginas
Celebrate the holidays by putting a vagina on your Christmas tree

It’s all been kicking off in Labialand this past week. Suzanne is drowning in ladybits!

Canadian cartoonist Sophie Labelle
Canadian cartoonist Sophie Labelle creates a coloring book version of her Assigned Male comics

The coloring book focuses on topics like gender identity and is available in English, French, and Finnish

Porn4PrEP actor Jason Domino thinks we should stop stigmatizing barebacking
This porn actor wants you to stop stigmatizing barebacking

The actor thinks PrEP is helping to change the porn industry’s attitudes to HIV

Colin Bedell
Meet the queer astrologer looking to make astrology less heteronormative

‘[Astrology is] a school of thought on self-awareness and interpersonal relationship that raises the LGBTQ+ community without the violence of homophobia and oppressive institutions’

Grindr Serial killer Stephen Port and his four victims families
Met Police admits mistakes with gay rape and chemsex assault victims

A year on from Stephen Port being found guilty, the Met Police’s senior Chemsex lead says he believes some social drug supply should not be criminalized in rape cases

Men holding hands
‘Mostly straight’ men are a unique sexual identity, according to this Cornell professor

Cornell professor Ritch C. Savin-Williams wrote a book about these ‘mostly straight’ men

Matthew Shepard Foundation event
The Matthew Shepard Foundation kicks off its 20th anniversary at Stonewall

Dennis and Judy Shepard are still working hard for the rights of the LGBTI community