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Mark Feehily
Mark Feehily’s life in travel – ‘Homophobia abroad? I was chased in London for holding hands with a guy’

EXCLUSIVE: The Westlife star on Mykonos’ gay scene and partying with Mariah in Capri

A detail of 'Gerald' by Albron (@albron111 | Instagram)
Meet the French artist creating stunning 3D images of muscle men

Alex Bronnings is better known to his growing number of worldwide fans as Albron

Trans Soldier Sterling James Crutcher's post has gone viral and has now spoke to Gay Star News for veterans day
Trans soldier’s Veterans Day message perfectly sums up why Trump’s ban was always wrong

Three months since Trump tweeted the proposed ‘trans army ban’ we catch up with Sterling James Crutcher who reflects on his viral Facebook post and Veterans day

People celebrating the legalization of marriage equality in the US
Edie Windsor and more tell their stories about marriage equality in new book

MEUSA’s Brian Silva tells GSN about the book’s origins

Jack Monroe
This non-binary chef figured out the best way to show the ‘heat or eat’ crisis

Jack Monroe knows what it’s like to struggle and live on benefits

Trans YouTuber Kadence Pinder speaks out about her rape at a porn casting
Gay porn director raped me at my casting

Vulnerable trans young YouTuber was violently attacked and raped whilst being filmed

Hanne Gaby Odiele is speaking out on intersex issues
Vogue intersex model Hanne Gaby Odiele: ‘Sex, like gender and orientation, is a spectrum’

Read our exclusive interview with Hanne Gaby Odiele: ‘What’s not broken doesn’t need fixing’

Calleigh Little
Meet Calleigh Little, the trans woman who’s skateboarding solo across America

She’s hoping to be the first woman to ever do it solo

Drag Race super fan Roberto Júnior
Meet the gay Drag Race super fan who created the most amazing pack of cards

Can you guess which queens the artist chose for the aces?

Porn4PrEP activist gives speech at the UN
This porn star gave a speech at the UN about his work with PrEP

Jason Domino spoke about sex education and PrEP at a Human Rights conference on HIV

Gays Against Guns rally in New York
Gays Against Guns: It’s time to ‘come out’ against gun violence

‘We’re experts at coming out, so why not apply that expertise to this issue as well?’

Gun control activist Igor Volsky
Gay gun control activist calls out Republican Senators to ‘send back blood money’

Igor Volsky tells GSN: ‘The NRA will eventually lose’

Porn star Kayden Gray speaking about being violently sexually attacked at a chemsex party
This porn star woke up from a drug overdose to find men f**king him

Exclusive: Kayden Gray bravely opens up to Gay Star News about his time having chemsex | CW: Violent sexual assualt

Dental dams can be used as a prevention method during vaginal oral sex
Dental dams will change the oral and rimming you are having forever

You get a dental dam, you get a dental dam, YOU get a dental dam

Daisy, Corry, Fiona and Lewis were far from impressed
WATCH: Four bisexuals are left shook after Sex and the City biphobia

Celebrate #BiVisibilityDay and find out why we hate Carrie Bradshaw now

Gay teen comes out to his swimming team and gets best possible reaction

‘Gay men can be just as competitive or athletic as other men’

why nic gurreri quit his 18 year chemsex addiction
What I learned from my 18 year addiction to chemsex – and why I quit

After losing his partner to AIDS, and being diagnosed HIV+ himself, Gurreri stumbled into a long battle with addiction

Max Townes
This 12-year-old boy has the best reason to legalize same-sex marriage

Share the hashtag to get Chris Hemsworth to see a very important proposal

LGBTI students feel unwelcome at school in Northern Ireland
Two thirds of LGBTI students in Northern Ireland schools feel ‘unwelcome’

Alex Burke, gay Irishman in NI says he got ‘heavily bullied in school’

Alex Burke
This gay man faced homelessness and suicide after he came out to his mom

Alex’s story is a familiar one to gay men in Northern Ireland

french gay actor adam beghiat on being a EU national in brexit britain
French gay actor terrified his life will be ruined when Brexit happens

Ahead of the UK’s key Brexit legislation vote Gay Star News speaks to Adam Benghiat about fearing Britain leaving the EU

Big hairy homo, Boon Cotter
The story behind this ‘big hairy homo’ landing his dream job is so inspiring

Boon Cotter started crying in his job interview and thought he blew it…

Riley views her queer femme identity as strength
These queer femme women are smashing gender norms one dress at a time

Exclusive: They want you to know femininity isn’t a weakness

Two Gay Papas are taking gay surrogacy cuteness to a new level
These two gay papas are showing why gay surrogacy is beautiful

Full of adorable ‘first moments’ from baby steps to messy plates of spaghetti their Instagram is cute central

Kyle doll
Meet Kyle, the doll who is every basic Instagram gay you’ve ever known

‘Kyle is on a quest for his masc-dom-top Prince Charming’

Tom Bleasby with Jessie J
Boy who sang viral duet with Jessie J, Tom Bleasby publicly comes out as gay

‘I’ve been hurled abuse, called a faggot, queer and fat drag queen’

The cover of Pride, Rob Sanders' book on Harvey Milk and the rainbow flag
Meet the man writing children’s books about Harvey Milk and Stonewall

Exclusive: GSN talks to Rob Sanders about his books, teachers as allies, and being visible

Julian P. Boom and Fleur Pierets in New York
Female artists JF. Pierets discuss ‘drenching our work in love’ and marrying in 24 countries for art

‘People need to know that in most countries around the world you can’t get married as a gay person’