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Re-cap of Ru Paul’s Drag Race UK, everything you need to know!

By Aaron Spencer Season two of RuPaul’s Drag Race UK has been a truly historic…

LGBT+ people show rainbow flags at the Mashrou' Leila gig in Cairo in 2017.
11 LGBT+ Egyptians reveal their stories of horrific police torture, rape and entrapment

From police faking evidence on Grindr to anal probe torture, rape, beating and starvation – victims share their stories.

Sparkle trans festival in Manchester, England.
Trans people are preparing to flee UK after government threatens new bathroom law

GSN speaks exclusively to trans women who feel they are no longer safe in Britain and may need asylum.

Donald Trump.
Trump is getting more anti-LGBT+ as he fights for reelection

This is how President Trump dramatically expanded his anti-LGBT+ policies in 2019.

Pete Buttigieg speaking in California in 2019.
Who is Pete Buttigieg? And will he become the first openly gay president of the United States?

Pete Buttigieg is now the unlikely frontrunner in the race to be the Democratic candidate to take on Donald Trump.

This gay man’s Supreme Court case could change LGBTI job rights forever

This is one of three cases reviewed by SCOTUS that could enshrine LGBTI rights in federal law

Headshot of Lydia Brown, young East Asian person, with stylized blue and yellow dramatic background. They are looking in the distance and wearing a plaid shirt and black jacket. Photo by Adam Glanzman
Transgender, non-binary people ‘significantly’ more likely to be autistic

A new study found 14% of trans/non-binary people have autistic traits, but health organizations are cautious of the results

Supreme Court to hear Aimee Stephens' case
Meet the trans woman headed to the US Supreme Court for being unfairly fired

This is one of three LGBTI employment discrimination cases being reviewed by SCOTUS – its most significant LGBTI rights ruling since marriage equality

A woman in Ethiopia. Posed by model | Photo: Pixabay
Tour cancels Ethiopia trip after hearing LGBTI tourists will be buried alive

Chicago-based LGBT tour company has a change of heart

Singaporeans attend Pink Dot 2019
Pink Dot spells it out for the government in Singapore

Comments made by the prime minister prompt organizers to take stronger stance

Scenes from Brokeback Mountain and Sense8
LGBTI people reveal the first queer sex scenes they saw on film or TV

NSFW: Do you remember the first LGBTI sex scene you saw onscreen?

A detail from one of Myles Loftin's bursary-winning images for Getty
Getty Images celebrates new queer storytellers with lucrative photo awards

To mark Stonewall anniversary, photo agency Getty gave multi-thousand dollar bursaries to three photographers in honor of their LGBTI storytelling

Times lgbt people go back in the closet
All the times LGBTI people are forced back into the closet

Think everything’s fine for LGBTI people? Not when we still have to hide who we are every day or face violence

Pope Francis facing backlash from conservative Catholics | Photo: Marko Vombergar/ALETEIA
Will Pope Francis sacrifice trans lives in exchange for gay sex progress?

Conservative members of the Vatican are forcing Pope Francis to make dangerous sacrifices

Sayoni's groundbreaking report
Groundbreaking report released on Singapore’s LBTQ communities

Queer women support group releases first report into violence and discrimination facing lesbian, bisexual, trans and queer women in Singapore

Kenneth Macharia, from Kenya
Gay rugby player from Kenya in asylum bid ‘limbo’

Kenneth Macharia is calling on the UK Home Secretary to ‘sort things out’

Chowkidar Narendra Modi, the Prime Minister of India, seems poised to retain power | Picture: Wikimedia Commons
What might a Narendra Modi re-election mean for LGBTI Indians?

In the biggest democratic vote in human history, LGBTI Indians have more to play for than ever

Pride and gay sex illegal: Beirut, Lebanon fights back with LGBTI flags

If today’s show of LGBTI visibility goes well, Beirut may hold its first public Pride later this year

A new portrait of how Transgender Julie Doe may have appeared in life
Can you help solve the mystery of Transgender Julie Doe?

The Trans Doe Task Force aims to give names to the nameless – and help solves cold cases using the most modern forensic techniques

The Handmaid's Tale has become an icon in pro-choice abortion protests
Abortion bills in Georgia, Alabama and Missouri are also an LGBTI problem

Seven US states have passed these terrifying ‘Handmaid’s Tale’ laws

Sri Lankans at a LGBTI rally in 2018
LGBTI Sri Lankans react to terrorist attack that killed 359 people

‘Forgiveness is a luxury only a very few can afford right now but now is when we need it the most’

Caden - one of the trans men in Soraya Zaman's new American Boys book
11 intimate portraits of the transmasculine community

Non-binary photographer Soraya Zaman travelled across the US and photographed dozens of people for their new book, American Boys

Men preparing to be hanged in Iran | Photo: Wikimedia Commons
These are the countries where gay people may be punished by death

Brunei is far from being the only nation sentencing gay people to death

Alford Green, Director of the LGBTQ+ Task Force, helps asylum seekers in the US
The US church helping LGBTI people claim asylum

The LGBT Asylum Task Force operates from a church in Worcester, Massachusetts. Many of those it helps have faced religious abuse in their home countries

Gay dad with child
Meet the 21 MPs who opposed LGBTI-inclusive education

Labour MPs overhelemingly supported it, bar one member

Survivors of Chechnya's homophobic purge reveal what happened to them | Photo: Dave Frankel
Survivors of Chechnya’s homophobic purge reveal what happened to them

These are the real stories of gay men who have been tortured, humiliated, beaten and electrocuted

Sultan Hassanal Bolkiah
Brunei to pass law that will punish gay sex with death by stoning

EXCLUSIVE: Extreme law to be passed in the next two weeks

Daryll Rowe, from the BBC documentary The Man Who Used HIV as a Weapon
Man serving life for exposing multiple gay men to HIV explains why he did it

New documentary speaks to Daryll Rowe – now serving life in prison – and the men he knowingly exposed to HIV. Several have since tested positive

Eurovision host Assi Azar responds to anti-Israel boycott | Photo: Instagram
Gay host of Eurovision responds to plans for anti-Israel boycott

EXCLUSIVE: Assi Azar calls boycotts a ‘message of hate’