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Chechnya leader Ramzan Kadyrov
Chechnya’s gay purge: A timeline of the atrocities

Key details concerning the ongoing persecution of gay people in Chechnya over the last two years

Gay men have been taken away and locked in concentration camps in Chechnya | Photo: Dave Frenkel
This is what it’s like to be tortured in a Chechnya gay concentration camp

LGBTI activists on the ground are willing to try and evacuate as many as gay men as they can

This soldier from Venezuela was given the Sabre de Honor before becoming a sex worker | Photo: Supplied
This gay military pilot from Venezuela was forced to become a sex worker

From soldier to sex work: How did one man with a promising military career become a prostitute in a male brothel?

Promotional image for LGBTI documentary Words
Amazon removes LGBTI documentary, claims it didn’t meet Prime’s ‘quality standard’

The documentary about LGBTI identity went up on Amazon Prime over a year ago

Protestors carry signs at the NYC Women's March, with Trump Tower in the background
The Women’s March takes to the streets for the third year

But things are different this time around, after controversy surrounding the National Women’s March leaders

Queer club in Russia marks second birthday with ‘art porn’ calendar

EXCLUSIVE: The gay techno party has recruited photographers and models from Russia and further afield top shoot the NSFW work images

The world’s cutest ally reacts to LGBTI news stories from the year

What did 6 year old Lilly-Jo think about Scotland teaching LGBTI topics in schools?

What are you hoping happens in 2019? | Photos: A Star Is Born, Courtney Act, Facebook, Equally Wed/Instagram
What are we hoping happens in LGBTI news around the world in 2019?

Which will be the next country in the world to pass marriage equality?

Sexually-active people are buying antibiotics from the internet to protect their health
Should we be concerned some gay men are buying antibiotics online for STIs?

A leading online provider of PrEP also sells the antibiotic doxycycline – but why are people buying it and why are health organizations concerned?

A passport and a cellphone with a porn performer
Watch porn online? UK may soon make you upload photo ID to prove your age

New legislation will mean you’ll have to upload your passport or driving license to prove you’re over 18. Here’s why some people are concerned

We look back at some of those who died in 2018
The LGBTI figures we lost in 2018

Famous and noted gay, bisexual and transgender people who died in the past 12 months

How did RuPaul's Drag Race get commissioned by the BBC? | RuPaul/World of Wonder
Drag Race UK: A deep dive into how the spin-off got commissioned by the BBC

BBC sources reveal how and why RuPaul’s Drag Race UK found its home

Bisexual people and allies attend the world's first Bi Pride parade in Los Angeles (Photo: Facebook)
17 thank-you notes to the creators of the bisexual flag

This year marks the 20th anniversary of the bi flag’s unveiling

A petition to ban gay marriage has been signed nearly 3 million times referendum
Romania is having an urgent HIV crisis and it could easily affect the world

Poor planning from officials and activists dealing with a minuscule budget is having a devastating effect

A red ribbon hangs at the White House for World HIV/AIDS day.
How is the world celebrating 30 years of World AIDS Day?

People will pay tribute to the ones we’ve lost on 1 December

369 trans people were killed this year
Beheaded, gunned down and stoned to death: 369 trans people killed this year

Trans Day of Remembrance: 28 of the trans murder victims were reported to be teenagers

Josh Tenorio is running for Lieutenant Governor in Guam
Meet the gay man who wants to become Guam’s first out political executive

Josh Tenorio is standing to be Lieutenant General of the US territory in the Western Pacific

El is running the Rainbow Cards Project from home
Meet the woman sending holiday cards to LGBTI people shunned by family

The Rainbow Cards Project sends birthday and holiday cards to those who didn’t receive support when they came out to family

A Kenyan man attending a Uganda Pride event.
Bisexual man on the run: ‘My father is trying to have me murdered’

Ugandan has fled to Canada but his family’s lives are still at risk

People protesting for transgender rights
5 ways you can help transgender people in the US right now

Because trans rights are human rights

Husband and wife Jake and Hannah Graf are both trans
These are the countries that already allow trans people to self-identify

UK is currently considering allowing trans people self-declare their gender – following in the footsteps of Ireland, Malta and several other countries

Jair Bolsonaro, an extremely right-wing politician, is currently the frontrunner for Brazil's presidency
This Brazilian feminist scholar has a lot to say about Brazil’s current political climate

‘This is one of the most, if not “the” most important election in Brazilian history’

Brunei LGBTI
In fear for their lives: The hidden LGBTI community of Brunei

Brunei’s LGBTI community face severe social stigma and the threat of brutal anti-LGBTI laws in the majority Muslim nation

30 people who have come out in 2018 so far

Gay, queer, pan, let’s celebrate everyone

A gender reveal party resulted in a 47,000 acre forest fire in Arizona
This gender reveal party started a 47,000-acre wildfire

Many are asking: is this finally enough to prove how outdated gender reveal parties are?

It might not end well for the UK in Eurovision after Brexit
Would Brexit affect UK taking part in the Eurovision Song Contest?

Could the UK want to leave Eurovision after it has exited the European Union? It’s a very real possibility

A 'no deal' or hard Brexit will have an impact on pharmaceuticals and may disrupt supply, warn experts
Fears over HIV drugs in event of ‘no deal’ Brexit

Healthcare advocates highlight concerns over slower access to the newest HIV drugs when the UK leaves the European Union next year