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Movement to repeal Singapore’s anti-gay law calls for public action

At a town hall meeting, Ready4Repeal calls on Singaporeans to advocate for the scrapping of an infamous law banning male homosexual sex

HRC equality voters
This is why it’s pointless to be cynical – and why you should vote instead

EXCLUSIVE: ‘If we don’t show up, there will be no check on Donald Trump’

Two men embrace at Bhubaneswar Pride in the eastern Indian state of Odisha
After India decriminalizes gay sex, which country might be next?

Advocates continue to push for change in Tunisia, Lebanon, Kenya, Barbados, Dominica and Jamaica, among other countries

Elena and Meg sailed half the world to be together
Canada ‘refuses lesbian citizenship because her partner’s sister dumped billionaire for k.d. lang’

EXCLUSIVE: This lesbian escaped Russia by boat and sailed to Canada to be with the woman she loves. Her story didn’t end there

Manchester lesbians stand with trans people at Pride | All photos by Joe Morgan/Gay Star News
Lesbians fight against transphobia at Manchester Pride: See the best parade pics

A joint lesbian and trans group led the parade throughout Manchester

The Gender Identity panel at Summer In The City. It featured YouTubers Jake, Danni, Steph, Roly, Ellen and Charlie.
10 tweets that sum up just how incredible Summer In The City was

You know it’s a good time when Dancing Hermione makes an appearance

Singer Jake Shears poses next to Be Gay, Do Crime graffiti in New Orleans
What does ‘Be Gay, Do Crime’ mean?

The slogan has been gaining traction over the past decade but has edged into mainstream conscious over the last few months

Some of the over 800 Team GB athletes heading for the Gay Games in Paris
10,000 athletes head to Paris for the Gay Games – and here is why

Over 800 participants make up Team Great Britain; other participants represent countries where it’s illegal to be gay

Michael Causer was murdered in Liverpool
10 years after UK gay teen Michael Causer’s murder, where’s the justice?

Ten years ago, teenager Michael Causer was murdered. Today, activists look back at the killing that shocked the UK

What is it like to be gay, young and in prison?
There are only two gay under-21s in the entire UK prison system

Ex-prisoner says life in British prisons are ‘cut-throat’, ‘hostile’ and ‘terrifying’ if you’re gay

What would you do if you saw an acid attack in a London nightclub? | All photos by Joe Morgan/Gay Star News
What would happen if a London gay club was targeted with acid attacks?

WATCH: Emergency services carried out an acid attack simulation in gay nightclub Heaven

The Bi+ Float in the Pride in London Parade
This float was Pride in London’s first bi community float in 46 years

‘The float legitimized us a lot, so those usually loud and obnoxious bigots felt disempowered’

Do you believe in love at first sight?
LGBTI women have long looked after us, it’s time to shine a light on them

‘LGBTIQ women have given a lot to the broader queer community for a very long time and it’s time our issues were part of the focus too’

Facebook targeted young LGBTI people with 'gay cure' ads
Starvation, drowning and cursed honey: Gay ‘cure’ therapy in the UK

From being forced to lay in vomit to a father writing straight porn for his gay son, gay ‘cure’ therapy has existed in the UK for a long time

a line of men stand next to each other with their faces in their hands a policemen stands near them with his back to the camera
Has Indonesia’s LGBTI crackdown led to a public health crisis for the community?

Indonesia’s Minister of Defense said ‘the LGBT movement was more dangerous than nuclear war’

Black and white photo of a big group of police forcing people into police vans
Police review 88 gay Sydney murders and admit ‘we got it wrong’

Strike Force Parabell is a sign police want to make up for their toxic history with the LGBTI community, but it comes decades late for the victims

Men march at Toronto Pride in 2016
This is why I don’t go to Pride

Readers explain what they hate about Pride… and Pride festivals respond

A man holds up a sign supporting LGBTI people in wheelchairs, Istanbul Pride 2015.
These disabled people don’t feel welcome at Pride

For people with disabilities and chronic conditions, attending a Pride parade can be a struggle

Bisexual asylum seekers are facing extreme difficulty
What is the Rainbow Rush scandal?

Read about the scandal that is being ignored by the UK government

Synestra De Courcy, died aged just 23. Was her transition denied? | Photo: Facebook
Mom’s story: Why did you let chemsex kill my trans daughter?

Mystery surrounding Synesta De Courcy’s death continues as NHS denies her mom access to medical records again

Kyle Taylor leads the Fair Vote Project, and they plan to sue Facebook | Photo: Fair Vote
This gay man is suing Facebook for allowing his data to be stolen

Exclusive: Stolen Facebook data could be used to out you – or used to stir up homophobic hate against you

International Day Against Homophobia in Jakarta, Indonesia, 2015
What is happening for IDAHOTB around the world in 2018?

Check out what your country is doing in this handy guide for 17 May

Models accusing BoyCrush owner Bryan Schwandt of sexual harassment
Gay porn site owner retires after denying he’s raped stars

EXCLUSIVE: BoyCrush confirms to GSN the owner has retired after five models come forward with allegations

Justin Fashanu died on 2 May 1998
Has football changed after the death of gay star Justin Fashanu?

We still don’t have another openly gay footballer, so is there progress being made?

Drag performer Cheddar Gorgeous and President Trump
Trump to face mass drag queen protest when he arrives in UK

Britain’s drag community is mobilizing to send the US President a message when he arrives in the UK on Friday 13th July

Anti-Brexit protestors hold up the letters EU during a march outside the UK Parliament.
This is how Brexit could hurt you as an LGBTI person in the UK

GSN releases major report, Brexit: The LGBT Impact Assessment, showing we are much more vulnerable if we leave the EU.

Chechnya leader Ramzan Kadyrov
Chechnya one year on – what’s happening there now?

It’s a year since the news first broke of an anti-gay purge in Chechnya, but LGBTI people still face persecution and no-one has been brought to justice