LGBTQ+ Love Stories throughout History

History has given us some of the greatest love stories ever told, but an uncanny…

Gay Liberation
Celebrating British LGBT+ icons for LGBT+ History Month

Alan Turing Alan Turing was a brilliant mathematician, born in London 1912. Working part-time for…

5 LGBTQ+ pioneers from history you need to know about

In honor of LGBTQ+ History Month, we want to pay homage to the pioneers who…

Frédéric Chopin.
Music journalist discovers Polish composer Chopin’s gay loves

Of course, experts have previously said they were just good friends.

Female pirates Anne Bonny and Mary Read with artist Amanda Cotton.
New sculpture celebrates the 18th century LGBT+ women pirates who stunned the world

Anne Bonny and Mary Read left a trail of looted treasure, ex-lovers and devastation across the Caribbean.

Ivor Gurney.
All the greatest First World War poets were queer and it’s time to remember them

They were torn between love and war. They were brave, often recklessly so, and they had the medals to prove it.

Candlelit vigil for 50 years of the Gay Liberation Front.
Veterans hold vigil to mark 50 years of them fighting for LGBT+ rights

The Gay Liberation Front first met at the London School of Economics in October 1970 and started a social ‘big bang’.

Christopher Street Gay Liberation Day 1970.
50 years ago: Amazing video shows the first ever Pride

‘We are all participants in the most important gay event in history.’

Roman oil lamp depicting female oral sex from Turkey.
The British Museum adds five LGBT+ treasures to its permanent collection

From an ancient coin showing lesbian poet Sappho to a joke fake banknote depicting gay gangster Ronnie Kray.

San Francisco's LGBT+ History Museum.
Coronavirus delays San Fran’s new LGBT+ museum but the dream is still alive

Meanwhile the historical society is putting its museum online, starting with a new Gilbert Baker exhibition.

100 years of Tom of Finland and his stunning, sexy men

His drawings of masculine gay men having ‘happy sex’ changed the way we see ourselves and helped change the world.

Buzz and Tommy in their lifeguard uniforms.
This photo of a couple from 1949 has got everyone wanting to find ‘Buzz’ and ‘Tommy’

‘To Buzz, I’ll always remember the times we spent together. All my love, Your Tommy.’

Chinese Dragon lantern.
Dragons, emperors and the Rabbit God: China’s hidden LGBT+ myths

Learn the real story behind the Mulan movie. And discover the Rabbit God of gay love and the hidden Women Kingdom island.

The Bloolips theatre company on stage
What is ‘radical drag’ and who were Bloolips?

With its roots in the 1970s Gay Liberation Front, radical drag theatre troupe Bloolips are remembered with an exhibition in London this week

The Stonewall Inn in 2017
What were the Stonewall riots?

Also known as the Stonewall uprising, this seminal moment in the history of LGBTI rights in the US ignited in the early hours of 28 June 1969

gods of penis gods greek egypt buddhist
The stories of penis gods and the people who worship them

From the ancient Greeks to medieval Buddhism, the penis is a symbol of power and destruction

John O'Brien participated in the Stonewall riots
I rioted at Stonewall in 1969 – and there remain battles to be won

STONEWALL 50: John O’Brien was among those who defied the police outside New York City’s Stonewall Inn in 1969 – he reflects on the impact of that uprising

Bears Week Provincetown is one of the biggest bear gatherings in the world
A brief history of the gay bears and big boys scene

Where did the gay bears scene originate and how did it spread so rapidly to every corner of the gay world?

Prisoners in Mexico circa 1940 | Photo: INAH
This group of gay Mexicans arrested in 1935 are inspiring people in 2019

Even when arrested, this group of gay men were still fabulous

Festival of the Steel Phallus japan tokyo floats
Did you know there’s an annual penis festival in Japan?

You’ll never see so many penises in your life

do bisexual icons wear flowers in their hair is that their job | Photo: Wikimedia
The 11 bisexual people of color they didn’t teach you about in history class

Celebrate these bisexual people of color who changed the world

Harvey Milk in NBC interview
How teaching LGBTI history could stop bullying in school

EXCLUSIVE: The LA LGBT Center has free resources for teachers to use

Dorothy Arzner (L) with actress Clara Bow on the set of The Wild Party.
Oscars snubs: the lesbian director who mentored Coppola but never won an award

1930s pioneer filmmaker Dorothy Arzner was openly gay and launched the career of stars such as Katharine Hepburn and Lucille Ball

Sacha Coward has a passion for LGBTI history
Stonewall is just one, important part of our never-ending queer history

Stonewall 50: ‘Ten years ago I was really apathetic about LGBTQ+ history. In fact, I was often actively critical of anyone that was outspokenly gay and proud,’ says Sacha Coward

A brief history of identities beyond the binary

There is evidence of people identifying as something other than male or female as far back as 400BC

Customers enjoying a night at the Upstairs Lounge
Remembering the gay bar inferno that most people have forgotten

In summer 1973, 32 people perished in an arson attack on a gay bar in New Orleans

Two pictures side by side, one is a portrait of James Wallace, the other is a picture of a young Walt Whitman.
The true story of the British man who loved queer poet Walt Whitman

What happened when Lancashire man James Wallace found himself face to face with his idol, queer poet Whitman?

Polari the secret language gay men use to survive
Polari: how the secret language Britain’s gay men used to survive died

Born from violence and given life by its camp speakers, why did these fabulosa lavs die out?

Queer culture turned mainstream
Nine times queer culture went mainstream

From RuPaul to voguing, Tom of Finland to Janelle Monáe… can LGBTI artists achieve mainstream recognition without compromising their vision?

Fred Hogan worked for the FBI before his arrest in Los Angeles in 1971
Remembering dad: Forced out of FBI for being gay and then lost to AIDS

A son’s emotional recollection of his gay dad’s dismissal from the FBI and later death from AIDS show how times have changed