Sacha Coward has a passion for LGBTI history
Why I’m angry at the fake gay history of soldiers Emil and Xaver

OPINION: Don’t create fake LGBTI history and present it as fact – our history is already rich and varied enough, says Sacha Coward

A love letter
Love letter between nuns shows the true story of queerness in the Middle Ages

EXCLUSIVE: GSN speaks to Professor Erik Wade about historical queerness

The gay history of the X-Men proves they’re the queerest superheroes ever

It’s extraordinary, it’s in their origins, and it’s getting gayer at an astonishing rate

The Yukon is one of Canada's least populated areas – but is one of the most beautiful, and even has a pride parade | Photo: HJP Photography (supplied)
The hidden gay history of the Yukon, home to one of the most remote prides

Hidden in Northwest Canada’s mountains, this town’s LGBTI community is alive and thriving

The Holsten Gate
Welcome to Lubeck: the marzipan Mecca of the world

Niederegger is the Willy Wonka of the marzipan world

The gay history of Taipei gay pride
The modern gay history of Taipei, Asia’s most LGBTI-friendly city

Cruising grounds, police raids, and the biggest Pride in East Asia

The art of the vulva: do we have a problem with vaginal symbols?

And don’t even get us started on clits

Floyd Martin and Dene Greenough, Atlanta, 1992
AIDS activists from the 1990s remembered in powerful new photo book

Bill Bytsura documented and photographed many of those involved with ACT UP from the 1990s onwards

Tom Hiddleston and Tessa Thompson fighting in a scene of Thor: Ragnarok.
The secret LGBTI history of Vikings, Valkyries and Norse gods

Yes, Loki is bisexual and bottom-shaming was a thing

How did Matthew Shepard become the symbol for homophobic hate crimes?
How the world got the Matthew Shepard story wrong (and why it doesn’t matter)

How did Matthew Shepard become the symbol for homophobic hate crimes in America?

Sherri Gray is a singer-songwriter from Nashville, Tennessee | Facebook
This LGBTI history song composed by a grandma will give you all the feels

Listen to the official LGBTI Founder’s Day song here

Unicorns are the queer icons of our time

Unicorns are cute-magical-awesome-rainbow creatures and this is why the LGBTI community identifies with them

The 'Friendship Kiss' between a US and Russian soldier in 1945
The secret gay history of Russia

Did you know Russia was one of the first countries in the world to consider a form of same-sex marriage? Find out more

Oscar Wilde, photographed on a US tour in 1882
Who was Oscar Wilde?

A look back at the life of the celebrated, Victoria-era writer, who was shunned by society after being prosecuted over of his sexuality

Colin Bailey (right) and Julio enjoying a rooftop dinner in 1979
My partner stopped having sex with me after being diagnosed with HIV

When AIDS first appeared in the 1980s, couples in which one person was HIV positive and one was HIV negative struggled to cope with the situation

Gay composer Tchaikovsky wrote Swan Lake, imagined here with an all male cast by Matthew Bourne | Photo: New Adventures / Helen Maybanks
Tchaikovsky’s secret gay history that Russia doesn’t want you to know

Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky is one of Russia’s most iconic cultural figures, but the country still denies he was gay

LGBTQ people in the Holocaust
The Holocaust is fading from people’s minds in the United States

It’s Holocaust Remembrance Day but one-third of Americans doubt facts

Erotica and gay porn from past decades
Everything important that has ever happened in the history of gay porn

Some of the names and faces from the long history of male gay porn

Philippe kisses the Chevalier in the TV series Versailles
The secret, sexy gay and lesbian history of Versailles

From Marie Antoinette’s lesbian affairs to the Sun King’s gay brother, Versailles bristled with sexual intrigue while the grounds were a hotbed of raunchy encounters

This is how Ruth Coker-Burks became the 'cemetery angel'
How Ruth Coker-Burks became the angel of America’s AIDS crisis

This is how a 25-year-old mom from Arkansas became a pioneer in AIDS activism

A new book, 'Telling Tales' is looking at 40 years of Sydney's Mardi Gras through a very personal lens | Photo: Richard Hedger
Five incredible, personal stories from 40 years of Sydney Mardi Gras

These heartwarming and tragic stories show how far the festival has come in its 40-year anniversary – and what is left to achieve

The show Bromans followed men and women battle in Roman and Gladiator inspired events | Photo: ITV2 Bromans
You could have gay sex in the Roman army, so long as you were the top

The Romans were #Masc4Masc long before Grindr even came up with the term

A brief history of George Washington Carver: the greatest ‘bisexual’ black scientist of his time

This bisexual scientist started life as a slave and ended it as a celebrity and friend to three presidents

'Hotlanta Hotmen' by Mike Balaban - as featured on Capturing Rainbows
Everyday moments of gay history captured on new website

EXCLUSIVE: Capturing Rainbows wants to create a permanent, online space for our everyday queer history

The late David Kato.
This is how Uganda got its anti-gay laws in the first place

The British feared Uganda was just too gay for them

How long as Disney been hiding gay characters in plain sight | Photo: Disney
This is why Disney hides ‘coded gay’ characters in its movies

It’s all started when Hollywood tried to make the film industry less sexy

Profile portrait of Virginia Woolf
6 amazing facts about the bisexual author Virginia Woolf

Today is the literary figure’s birthday

Andrew Cunanan
Who were the other men murdered by Versace killer Andrew Cunanan?

The new series of American Crime Story will look closely at the murder of Gianni Versace – but serial killer Andrew Cunanan left other lives destroyed