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The LGBTI figures we lost in 2017

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Six people throughout history who ‘made it possible’ for the LGBTI community

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A rainbow flag is waved at Paris pride
Paris opening an LGBT archive center in 2020

It will be in the Marais district

Black soldiers during the American Civil War.
What a gay history of slavery and the Civil War can teach us

Trump’s chief-of-staff John Kelly needs a queer history lesson

People celebrating the legalization of marriage equality in the US
Edie Windsor and more tell their stories about marriage equality in new book

MEUSA’s Brian Silva tells GSN about the book’s origins

Willem Arondeus, circa 1921
The gay man who bombed a building and deserves to be celebrated as a hero

Willem Arondeus wanted it to be known: ‘homosexuals are not cowards!’

Queer Russian actor Alla Nazimova
Hey, Hollywood, this queer woman should be the subject of your next biopic

Alla Nazimova created ‘sewing circles’ for lesbians in Classic Hollywood

New York headquarters of the 1963 March on Washington
Meet Bayard Rustin: The hidden gay hero of civil rights

Bayard Rustin was the organizer who made the civil rights struggle work, but was kept behind the scenes because of his sexuality

Seth and Horus adoring Rameses
The secret gay history of Ancient Egypt

Find out the oldest gay pick-up line in the world

LGBTI Hinduism
The secret gay history of Hinduism

A medical text from 600BC describes bottoming and ‘men who devour the semen of other men’

The secret gay history of Winston Churchill

Churchill was accused of committing ‘acts of gross immorality of the Oscar Wilde type’

Find out the real LGBTI history behind Islam
The secret gay history of Islam

In Muslim cultures, homosexuality was once considered the most normal thing in the world – so what changed?

Diamond Lil at the center of the crowd on VE Day on Columbia Road.
Meet Diamond Lil: the gay drag artist who entertained London’s East End during World War II

Our world was pockmarked with bomb sites but Lil was the one piece of true glamour on the street

Bayard Rustin
Why LGBT History Month is still too white

And some of the amazing history we are missing out on

Scene of cavemen and woman
This prehistoric rock art celebrates gay cavemen

Incredible drawings around the world show gay men were embraced by our earliest ancestors

Here are 46 more weird and wonderful facts from LGBTI history

Did you know Leonardo Da Vinci was arrested for gay sex – twice? Or Man! I Feel Like A Woman was inspired by a trip to a drag bar? Find out more facts from LGBTI history

Can you names all these icons
9 queer cultural icons who changed the world

Do you have a favorite queer icon?

Orlando Bloom in Pirates of the Caribbean.
The incredible true history of gay pirates and their strangely modern world

From deadly cross-dressing pirates having a lesbian-affair to booty, rituals and same-sex civil unions

entertaining mr sloane, joe orton, bfi, bluray release, studio canal
Murdered Joe Orton was a queer sex radical before his time

As Entertaining Mr Sloane and Loot are re-issued we look back at Joe Orton, 50 years after the gay playwright was killed by his partner

A mural celebrating David Bowie in Brixton, London, photographed by Darryl Bullock
100 years of LGBT music and why gay history didn’t start with Stonewall

GSN talks to Darryl Bullock about his new book, David Bowie Made Me Gay

Princess Diana in 1995
The day I met Princess Diana when she visited a London HIV center

Two former volunteers from the London Lighthouse recall meeting the Princess of Wales when she visited in the 1990s

The cover of Pride, Rob Sanders' book on Harvey Milk and the rainbow flag
Meet the man writing children’s books about Harvey Milk and Stonewall

Exclusive: GSN talks to Rob Sanders about his books, teachers as allies, and being visible

President Barack Obama.
The 19 historic moments that make us miss President Obama

Obama changed the US for lesbian, gay, bi, trans and queer Americans

UK Government must apologize
50 years since partial decriminalization of homosexuality: ‘The state needs to apologize’

Human rights lawyer calls on UK government to apologize for the state turning on LGBTI people

older lgbti people form Opening Doors London remember what it was like in 1967
WATCH: How these LGBTI people’s lives have changed in 50 years

‘I was trapped and leading a double life’

Terry Stewart wants every gay man pardoned
This is how a broken bike chain saw a man ‘guilty’ of gay sex even after it was made ‘legal’ in the UK

Thousands of lives in the UK are still affected by homophobic laws of the past

Newspapers reaction to partial decriminalisation of gay sex - news of the world headline reads charter for corruption
This is how UK newspapers reported the partial decriminalization of gay sex in 1967

Column inches obsessed over if it made gay sex legal on trains

Daniel Mays as Peter Wildeblood in Against The Law
When Britain made gay men lie in their own vomit for days on end to try to ‘cure’ them

The barbaric treatment of gay people is exposed in a shocking and sobering new BBC drama