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A typically sunny day at Stonewall Gardens in Palm Springs
What it’s really like at an LGBTI-inclusive assisted living retirement facility in Palm Springs

LGBTIs from Ohio, Florida, Hawaii are spending their golden years in the desert city. We find out why

101 celebs who have come out as bisexual, pansexual, queer and fluid

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A photo of fruit and vegetables
Is semen vegan?

‘The intelligent conclusion, to me, is that sperm is not vegan’

Transmasculine activist Cass Bliss free bleeding for the #BleedingWhileTrans menstruation campaign
This trans person wants you to know that women aren’t the only people who get periods

‘I have to navigate the challenges of getting my period every month in a world that refuses to acknowledge that not everyone who gets their period is a woman’

Me (right), my partner, and our friend before Unicornitopia
I went to a Unicorn-themed party and learned a lesson about my personality

A lot of LGBTI culture is based around drinking and clubbing, so I went out of my comfort zone to try it for a night

A pile of books
How books help my long-distance girlfriend and I stay connected

It’s Book Lovers Day and I don’t know a bigger one than her

The cast of The L Word.
I messaged girls on dating apps using only The L Word quotes and it was weird

No ladies were harmed in the making of this article

Toronto Pride Grand Marshal Haran Vijayanathan and Humza Mian in Sons of Roses
Stunning same-sex photo shoot promotes traditional South Asian weddings

2018 Toronto Pride Grand Marshal posed for this amazing South Asian wedding photoshoot

Women out at SHE Soho in London, one of the world's many lesbian bars
12 great bars for lesbians and queer women around the world

Searching for a night out? Look no further

My friends and I taking a selfie together
How my queer friends and I are celebrating Pride with selfies

Selfies, for marginalized groups like the LGBTI community, can be a simple yet empowering way to show self-love

Charlie Mathers visited Brussels for Belgium Pride
Here are some tips for travelling alone when you suffer with anxiety

‘Little did I know that travelling alone and spending four days with strangers would be the best thing for my mental state’

Perth man Jason, as featured in the latest issue of Elska
12 intimate portraits of everyday guys in Perth, Australia

Queer travel magazine Elska has just published its first shoot from Australia

How do I get people to go on dates with me on dating apps | Photo: Chappy
How to turn every dating app match into a date

If you’re going to find love, or or something more spontaneous, going into the apps with an honest and authentic approach is the way forward

Jeffrey Scott shows off a pair of his own tights
Meet the gay designer of men’s tights who wants to let your bulge breathe

Chicago-based Jeffrey Scott talks about leaving the corporate world to pursue his passion

How much do you know about ejaculation? | Photo:
A load of ejaculation facts that will blow your mind

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Lips & Teeth from 'Autonomous Marrow' | Photo: Instagram @melodymelamedfoto
These photos of a naked couple will challenge your view of sex and gender

‘These people will stop at nothing to be who they are’

13 Christmas traditions from around the world we want to steal

Brazilian companies give their employees an extra pay day? Goodbye we’re moving

Model Joshua Andrew wearing a hand-knitted jockstrap by JR Carrillo
Meet the man who hand-knits jockstraps

JR Carrillo creates bespoke, made-to-order underwear

A pink shirt that read 'Girls are great' in red writing
These 10 gift ideas will help your femme friend slay the game this Christmas

Pamper them with a bubble clay mask or help them stay eco-friendly with some biodegradable glitter

Colin Bedell
Meet the queer astrologer looking to make astrology less heteronormative

‘[Astrology is] a school of thought on self-awareness and interpersonal relationship that raises the LGBTQ+ community without the violence of homophobia and oppressive institutions’

Davi Moreira
Meet the guys dressing as mermen

What’s the appeal of donning a giant fish tail?