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WATCH: How the world’s LGBTI communities came together after Orlando

This is how the Pulse nightclub tragedy brought LGBTI people together

This cute gamer couple couldn't be happier
Here are the most adorable same-sex proposals of 2016

If these happy couples doesn’t get you feeling all warm and fuzzy inside, we don’t know what will

gay porn
WATCH: How many condoms can these gay porn stars get on bananas in 60 seconds?

These gay porn stars prove putting condoms on doesn’t kill the mood

Harper Watters is a dancer with Houston Ballet
Meet the hot members of Houston Ballet who’ll dance their way into your heart

Just the right thing to warm us up on a cold winter’s night

Adam Lambert's 2009 debut album was paired with striking imagery that played with ideas of gender
11 androgynous icons who redefined gender, style and sex – while looking suitably amazing

You’ve had a crush on *at least* one of these non-conforming stars, trust us

A single engine aircraft flying close to the ground near sunset.
Here’s how Pink Lady® makes unique new experiences possible

SPONSORED: From learning to fly to starting your own business, Pink Lady® are giving you the chance to experience something you’ve never done before

Tom Daley working out is the only motivation you need to hit the gym
These highlights from Tom Daley’s fitness routine is guaranteed to make you sweat

Get some inspiration this National Fitness Day with Tom Daley

Mr. Leather Europe 2016 takes place in Helsinki this weekend
The fetish Olympics: Meet the entrants of Mr. Leather Europe 2016

Olympic leather wearing comes to Helsinki

Meet the next winner (we hope) of America’s Got Talent in 21 stunning Instagrams

We found somebody to love… and it’s Brian Justin Crum

Therapist Charles Neal
What I’ve learned from counseling gay men for the past 25 years

Charles Neal co-edited the ground breaking book, Pink Therapy – published 20 years ago this month. He talks about what contributes to the mental health issues experienced by many LGBTI people

International non-surgical expert Dr Tracy Mountford.
The 9 skin secrets to make you feel a decade younger

Sponsored: From self-confidence to advice on when to start treatment, world skin expert Dr Tracy Mountford shares her expertise

WATCH: New web series asks ‘would you consider going on PrEP?’

Daily Xtra report on the response to PrEP in Toronto

Rainbow and unicorn tattoos
22 of the most stunning, sweet or just downright weird rainbow tattoos

These people, and their tattooists, have taken pride to a level beyond skin deep…

Pink sequins and tap dancing: the Book of Mormon's Elders go all out to Turn It Off.
12 Broadway anthems that will make you want to sing out loud and proud

From belters to ballads, from genderqueer rock singers to closeted Mormon missionaries and lesbian writers – Broadway has the right song for everyone

Kieran Moloney.
7 super hot trans men and women who are proud to be pin-ups

The new wave of transgender advocates will have you thirsty for days

WATCH: To shave or not to shave? Here’s the science behind your bush

Do you know that humans are the only mammalian species on Earth that has long, coarse pubic hair?

Emphasizing what you don't want may act as a turn-off to other dating app users
Five things no gay man should put on their dating app profile

….unless they want to risk being rejected by the man of their dreams

Adele celebrates same-sex couple who got engaged in Copenhagen
8 amazing celebrity moms who are hugely supportive of LGBTI issues

Including Adele, Angelina Jolie, and more

Karl William Lund is hoping British viewers will vote for him to represent the UK at Eurovision.
Meet the gay singer who wants to represent the UK at Eurovision

With his song Miracle, Red Hot model Karl William Lund is hoping to come out on top in Friday’s public vote

Justin Utely and partner Craig Nielson celebrate their engagement
10 romantic gestures to make your lover swoon this Valentine’s Day

Want to avoid chocolates or flowers? Here’s a selection of romantic gestures – from the simple to the more complex – to help fuel your imagination

Collins and Angel find each other through their shared fate.
8 love songs from musicals to belt out this Valentine’s Day

From RENT to Hedwig and the Angry Inch, which one is your favorite?

Just after Christmas, your local bookshop is the place to go to find the best of 2015's LGBTI literature.
Here are the 10 LGBTI books of 2015 you absolutely need to read

From trans teens to being a lesbian in Nigeria, 2015 may have just been the best year yet for LGBTI literature

International non-surgical expert Dr Tracy Mountford.
What every LGBTI person should know before cosmetic surgery or treatment

International non-surgical expert Dr Tracy Mountford of The Cosmetic Skin Clinic advises how to avoid the pitfalls when considering non-surgical cosmetic treatments and cosmetic surgery

HIV negative gay men are their own worst enemy in the fight against rising HIV rates

Dan Beeson says that the results of GMFA’s Big Gay Sex Survey have convinced him that having sex with HIV-positive gay men on medication is safer than sex with negative gay men

Tamal should win the Great British Bake Off. For reasons.
Here is a guide to why everyone is obsessed with Tamal, the gay baker from Great British Bake Off

Tamal’s out, he’s looking for a boyfriend, and he’s had the UK melting for weeks

This is the winner of Miss Transgender UK
Inside the first Miss Transgender UK beauty pageant

The first Miss Transgender UK has divided the trans community