Lesbian brides: Jennifer and Samantha on their wedding day.
How I escaped the Jehovah’s Witnesses to marry my wife

A member of Jennifer’s church outed her to her parents aged just 18 – and they responded by kicking her out and changing the locks.

Pete Buttigieg speaking in California in 2019.
Who is Pete Buttigieg? And will he become the first openly gay president of the United States?

Pete Buttigieg is now the unlikely frontrunner in the race to be the Democratic candidate to take on Donald Trump.

Man held by chain.
This gay fetish photography contest shows kink can be beautiful

The MOREPIXX? international gay fetish photo competiton aims to prove that ‘fetishes are nothing strange or frightening’.

Man at Pride wearing a rainbow headdress.
Pride flags: The biggest guide to LGBT+ rainbow flags and what they all mean

The united colours of the LGBT+ community with all the Pride Flags and rainbow flags. Discover the hidden meanings and origins of the stripes, colours and symbols.

Scott Nunn Cancer Story
How I am fighting back after my blood cancer diagnosis

Cancer is a top health concern for LGBT+ people but rarely discussed. GSN co-founder Scott Nunn hopes his cancer story will help others.

Colored shoes organised as a rainbow.
Should I use LGBT, LGBT+, LGBTQ, LGBTI, LGBTQIA or something else?

What all the letters mean and how you can be inclusive. Which do people prefer and which do most people use?

Chinese Dragon lantern.
Dragons, emperors and the Rabbit God: China’s hidden LGBT+ myths

Learn the real story behind the Mulan movie. And discover the Rabbit God of gay love and the hidden Women Kingdom island.

Pope Francis tours the crowds in Vatican City, Rome.
What Pope Francis really thinks about LGBT+ people

Some Catholics claim Pope Francis is making the church more LGBT+ friendly. But he’s also said trans people are like ‘nuclear weapons’ and attacked same-sex marriage.

‘Terrifying’: adopted kids ordered removed from their gay dads in Russia

Investigators used Russia’s ‘gay propaganda’ law to remove the boys from their home

‘Bearded lady’ Harnaam Kaur: ‘I don’t give a sh*t about gender stereotypes’

Pansexual activist on giving a speech at New York Pride and bringing visibility to PCOS, a condition affecting cis women and trans men

Bianca Karvunidis is the daughter of the inventor of gender reveal parties
‘Inventor’ of gender reveal parties now has daughter who wears suits

‘This whole gender reveal thing doesn’t make sense to me anymore,’ Jenna Karvunidis said

Alfie Arcuri with his hand over his ear
Gay singer Alfie Arcuri on coming out by getting caught in bed with a gay couple

EXCLUSIVE: The Voice Australia 2016 winner talks about leaving his faith, previously wanting to cure himself of being gay and writing gay love songs

Yummy takes on subversive drag differently | Photo: Yummy
Why this drag show isn’t going to pi*s on you and tell you it’s political

This show might be one of the most liberating things you’ve ever seen

Self-care comes in many forms, like reading
7 self-care tips that are small but powerful

What are your favorite self-care practices?

13 LGBTI celebs selling personalized videos to fans (and what they’re charging)

Clips from Perez Hilton cost $44, Lance Bass is $199 – but guess who’s charging $2,500 (and who’s charging $18)

Is bisexual culture being made on Twitter?
How bisexual culture is being made on and shaped by Twitter

Despite rampant biphobia (both casual and deliberate), Twitter is shaping how we think of #BiCulture

There is a queer opera at Glyndebourne and this is why it’s important

This ending of this version of Cinderella, the happily ever after, celebrates same-sex love

The Bloolips theatre company on stage
What is ‘radical drag’ and who were Bloolips?

With its roots in the 1970s Gay Liberation Front, radical drag theatre troupe Bloolips are remembered with an exhibition in London this week

This gay man’s Supreme Court case could change LGBTI job rights forever

This is one of three cases reviewed by SCOTUS that could enshrine LGBTI rights in federal law

Headshot of Lydia Brown, young East Asian person, with stylized blue and yellow dramatic background. They are looking in the distance and wearing a plaid shirt and black jacket. Photo by Adam Glanzman
Transgender, non-binary people ‘significantly’ more likely to be autistic

A new study found 14% of trans/non-binary people have autistic traits, but health organizations are cautious of the results

Hollywood LGBTI figures RuPaul and Ellen DeGeneres
Ellen and RuPaul: Why we need to hold them accountable – and honor them

EXCLUSIVE: Tre’vell Anderson talks with GSN about where Hollywood needs to go with LGBTI representation

Soccer play Sarah Walsh and her proposal to Toni Knowlson
This soccer player surprised her girlfriend with a romantic proposal at the Women’s World Cup

EXCLUSIVE: Sarah Walsh spills to GSN how she managed it and what’s next

This gay man is taking his fight for equality to the US Supreme Court

This will be one of the most significant cases facing the Supreme Court since marriage equality

Switzerland in crisis: LGBTI youth dying by suicide at alarming rates

50% of attempted suicides in gay men happen before the age of 20 and that jumps to 74% for lesbian women

HIV nurses warn 80’s-style epidemic could happen again

REVIEW: They warn people should not have less access to healthcare because of their identity

Saima Razzaq is the first Muslim woman to lead a Pride Parade in Britain
Birmingham school protests: Muslim women’s voices are being lost in the debate

‘We as Muslim women need to find a way to detach ourselves from this continuous male choke hold of a narrative,’ said Saima Razzaq

'Woke' by Titania McGrath aka Andrew Doyle
I read ‘Woke’ by Titania McGrath and could not possibly roll my eyes any harder

OPINION/REVIEW: If you want to read a book of tired satire by a disgruntled white guy, look no further!

No Outsiders program
No Outsiders: What’s in the program causing protests at British schools?

There’s a lot of misinformation being spread about the LGBTI-inclusive No Outsiders program, so we take a look at exactly what’s in it

A woman smoking medical marijuana
This is why you need to stop shaming my medical marijuana use

More and more LGBTI people are exploring legal weed, like cannabis bath bombs and other CBD products

Laganja on weed, wisdom and why she ‘wasn’t approved’ for All Stars

EXCLUSIVE: ‘I’m evolving’ – in a brave, honest interview, an enduring RPDR star talks losing friends, financial hardship, self-improvement and why ‘everyone has a role’