The Deeper The Trauma, The Dirtier The Sex by Ricardo Peris.
11 new artworks by international queer artists for Pride 2020

Curators of the Queer Frontiers share some of the highlights of their online exhibition.

Christopher Street Gay Liberation Day 1970.
50 years ago: Amazing video shows the first ever Pride

‘We are all participants in the most important gay event in history.’

Roman oil lamp depicting female oral sex from Turkey.
The British Museum adds five LGBT+ treasures to its permanent collection

From an ancient coin showing lesbian poet Sappho to a joke fake banknote depicting gay gangster Ronnie Kray.

Sparkle trans festival in Manchester, England.
Trans people are preparing to flee UK after government threatens new bathroom law

GSN speaks exclusively to trans women who feel they are no longer safe in Britain and may need asylum.

Larry Kramer
‘A giant’: Tributes pour in for AIDS activist and playwright Larry Kramer

Joe Biden, Elton John, Matt Bomer, Nancy Pelosi, Chelsea Clinton and so many more mourn Kramer’s death at 84.

San Francisco's LGBT+ History Museum.
Coronavirus delays San Fran’s new LGBT+ museum but the dream is still alive

Meanwhile the historical society is putting its museum online, starting with a new Gilbert Baker exhibition.

100 years of Tom of Finland and his stunning, sexy men

His drawings of masculine gay men having ‘happy sex’ changed the way we see ourselves and helped change the world.

Woman with head on friend's shoulder.
How you can help a friend struggling with LGBT+ domestic violence during lockdown

Charities issue advice to help friends suffering domestic violence and even friends you think may be abusers.

A child in a rainbow headband reading from a tablet.
Cute things you can do with your kids this weekend to celebrate Family Equality Day

Celebration gets crafty to conquer coronavirus lockdown.

A funeral.
What every trans person needs to know if they don’t want to be misgendered in death

Tragic cases reveal how trans lives and identities can be erased at the very end.

Buzz and Tommy in their lifeguard uniforms.
This photo of a couple from 1949 has got everyone wanting to find ‘Buzz’ and ‘Tommy’

‘To Buzz, I’ll always remember the times we spent together. All my love, Your Tommy.’

Gay, Twinks in bed
Latest advice on gay sex, hook-ups and stopping PrEP during coronavirus

Survey shows that some men are still hoping for hook-ups during the pandemic.

Patruni Sastry as SAS.
How a 27-year-old queer Indian brought drag to their city

‘The police made a barricade around me to ensure my protection.’

Gay Bathing
Men share the most bizarre things they’ve been told are ‘gay’

Apparently it’s gay to own a kayak or an umbrella, and it gets even more random than that.

11 of the hottest guys show why Amsterdam is such an open city

NSFW photos from Elska Magazine’s new shoot as it tours the world photographing LGBT+ men.

D'yan Forest.
This hilarious bisexual comic is looking for love on Tinder aged 85

From marrying a nun to playing the dutiful housewife, D’yan Forest has done it all and is still going strong.

Yoga man stands on hands.
Gay men are embracing naked yoga all over the world

It’s not about sex. So why are men prepared to risk prison or even corporal punishment to hang out naked?

Patrick J Hale and partner.
#BisexualMenExist is trending and the photos are beautiful

One bi guy put a shout out for some bi positivity and was overwhelmed by the results.

Joao and John
I took my boyfriend home to meet my parents and we ended up with blood and vomit everywhere

You couldn’t make up what happened to this couple and their usually very normal family.

Two men kissing.
When someone asked about gay guys in straight marriages they got an amazing response

Bisexuals exist, straight-bi couples are happy and closeted gay men can have a happy ending.

Donald Trump.
Trump is getting more anti-LGBT+ as he fights for reelection

This is how President Trump dramatically expanded his anti-LGBT+ policies in 2019.

Lesbian brides: Jennifer and Samantha on their wedding day.
How I escaped the Jehovah’s Witnesses to marry my wife

A member of Jennifer’s church outed her to her parents aged just 18 – and they responded by kicking her out and changing the locks.

Pete Buttigieg speaking in California in 2019.
Who is Pete Buttigieg? And will he become the first openly gay president of the United States?

Pete Buttigieg is now the unlikely frontrunner in the race to be the Democratic candidate to take on Donald Trump.

Man held by chain.
This gay fetish photography contest shows kink can be beautiful

The MOREPIXX? international gay fetish photo competiton aims to prove that ‘fetishes are nothing strange or frightening’.

Man at Pride wearing a rainbow headdress.
Pride flags: The biggest guide to LGBT+ rainbow flags and what they all mean

The united colours of the LGBT+ community with all the Pride Flags and rainbow flags. Discover the hidden meanings and origins of the stripes, colours and symbols.

Scott Nunn Cancer Story
How I am fighting back after my blood cancer diagnosis

Cancer is a top health concern for LGBT+ people but rarely discussed. GSN co-founder Scott Nunn hopes his cancer story will help others.

Colored shoes organised as a rainbow.
Should I use LGBT, LGBT+, LGBTQ, LGBTI, LGBTQIA or something else?

What all the letters mean and how you can be inclusive. Which do people prefer and which do most people use?

Chinese Dragon lantern.
Dragons, emperors and the Rabbit God: China’s hidden LGBT+ myths

Learn the real story behind the Mulan movie. And discover the Rabbit God of gay love and the hidden Women Kingdom island.

Pope Francis tours the crowds in Vatican City, Rome.
What Pope Francis really thinks about LGBT+ people

Some Catholics claim Pope Francis is making the church more LGBT+ friendly. But he’s also said trans people are like ‘nuclear weapons’ and attacked same-sex marriage.

‘Terrifying’: adopted kids ordered removed from their gay dads in Russia

Investigators used Russia’s ‘gay propaganda’ law to remove the boys from their home