Heezy Yang as his drag alter ego, Hurricane Kimchi
Why I became a drag activist in South Korea

Ahead of his first London show, Heezy Yang on growing up gay in South Korea and using drag and art to change attitudes towards LGBTI people

Supreme Court to hear Aimee Stephens' case
Meet the trans woman headed to the US Supreme Court for being unfairly fired

This is one of three LGBTI employment discrimination cases being reviewed by SCOTUS – its most significant LGBTI rights ruling since marriage equality

A woman in Ethiopia. Posed by model | Photo: Pixabay
Tour cancels Ethiopia trip after hearing LGBTI tourists will be buried alive

Chicago-based LGBT tour company has a change of heart

(L-R) Chella Man, Keiynan Lonsdale, Nyle DiMarco could play Prince Eric in The Little Mermaid
11 gay, bi or trans actors who would slay as Prince Eric in The Little Mermaid

‘Deaf Prince Eric or nah?’ tweeted Nyle DiMarco, after Disney casts Halle Bailey as Ariel

Singaporeans attend Pink Dot 2019
Pink Dot spells it out for the government in Singapore

Comments made by the prime minister prompt organizers to take stronger stance

Pink Dot 2019
Pink Dot 2019: LGBTI Singaporeans demand gay sex legalization

Cloudy weather didn’t scare people away from the city-state’s biggest LGBTI rights event

The historic Stonewall Inn
Stonewall 50 Rally: the progress we’ve made and the work still left to do

‘We must never give up, we must never give in, we must march on’

Scenes from Brokeback Mountain and Sense8
LGBTI people reveal the first queer sex scenes they saw on film or TV

NSFW: Do you remember the first LGBTI sex scene you saw onscreen?

We have published 50 articles by 50 voices around the world | Photo: Supplied
Stonewall 50: Fifty LGBTI people on how Stonewall changed the world

Read 50 articles about Stonewall by diverse voices around the world.  All discuss the past, present and future of our struggle for love and liberation

Keep It's Louis Virtel and Ira Madison III
Keep It’s Ira and Louis on loving Pride even when it’s not for you anymore

EXCLUSIVE: They also dish on Taylor Swift, soap operas, and more to GSN

A detail from one of Myles Loftin's bursary-winning images for Getty
Getty Images celebrates new queer storytellers with lucrative photo awards

To mark Stonewall anniversary, photo agency Getty gave multi-thousand dollar bursaries to three photographers in honor of their LGBTI storytelling

Ali Krieger is a soccer star on the US team | Photo: Instagram
Meet the 41 out gay and bi soccer stars in the Women’s World Cup 2019

These footballers are making a massive difference for LGBTI visibility in sport

America's Got Talent finalist Brian Justin Crum
AGT alum Brian Justin Crum: ‘F**k you Donald Trump, you will not erase us’

He also revealed who he’d love to see as the next President of the United States

Masturbating is one of Britain’s favorite stress relievers

The world’s biggest study on masturbation found LGBTI people masturbate more than heterosexuals

Rainbow Reykjavik in Iceland
Rainbow Reykjavik: Iceland’s Winter Pride packs a super cool punch

Drag queens, masquerade and stunning scenery — Reykjavik’s got it all

Times lgbt people go back in the closet
All the times LGBTI people are forced back into the closet

Think everything’s fine for LGBTI people? Not when we still have to hide who we are every day or face violence

The Stonewall Inn in 2017
What were the Stonewall riots?

Also known as the Stonewall uprising, this seminal moment in the history of LGBTI rights in the US ignited in the early hours of 28 June 1969

The crowd at Nashville Pride
EXCLUSIVE: Check out these photos from Nashville Pride 2019

GSN writer Charlie Mathers is on the ground covering Nashville Pride in Tennessee

Bisexual model Julian W. Lucas
Society’s expectations of bisexuality and disabilities isn’t stopping this model

EXCLUSIVE: ‘People often want to change the very things that make them beautiful in the first place’

Transgender Playboy Playmate Geena Rocero
Transgender model Geena Rocero makes history in Playboy’s new issue

She wants to smash stereotypes and show trans people they can be whoever they want to be

Noah Galvin portrays George in LGBTI teen comedy Booksmart. | Photo: United Artists Releasing
Booksmart star Noah Galvin on playing the next best teen movie villain

Gay actor is also lending his voice to Rupert in new LGBTI podcast series The Two Princes, putting a queer spin to the usual fairytale narrative

An LGBTI activist being detained by police in St. Petersburg, Russia during a Pride march.
These are the places where Pride parades were banned

Pride really is a protest in these countries

Meet the gay guy who’s a stage designer for Spice Girls, Camila Cabello and more

EXCLUSIVE: ‘It’s a dream come true!’ Jason Sherwood on working on Sam Smith’s tour and Camila’s epic Grammys show!

Pope Francis facing backlash from conservative Catholics | Photo: Marko Vombergar/ALETEIA
Will Pope Francis sacrifice trans lives in exchange for gay sex progress?

Conservative members of the Vatican are forcing Pope Francis to make dangerous sacrifices

Non-binary celebrities Bex Taylor-Klaus, Indya Moore and Nico Tortorella.
21 non-binary artists who are helping redefine the idea of gender

These singers, actors, models identify as something other than male or female

gods of penis gods greek egypt buddhist
The stories of penis gods and the people who worship them

From the ancient Greeks to medieval Buddhism, the penis is a symbol of power and destruction

Families celebrate Magical Pride | Photo: Instagram/Daddy And Dad
Amazing pictures from Magical Pride, Disney’s first official LGBTI event

‘The experience was amazing and full of magic,’ one guest said

Trans and gender diverse parents on the beach
This is what it’s like being a trans or gender diverse parent

A new guide is helping non-cisgender parents tackle unique parenting problems