Gay dads adopt six siblings to stop them being separated

The children had been in foster care for five years

LGBTI smokers reveal how they managed to quit their habit

LGBTI people are more likely to smoke than straight people

Puppy Love: A commissioned piece by Noxsatvrn
The queer and bewitching art of Indonesia’s Noxsatvrn

The watercolor and ink artist draws inspiration from fantasy, manga, art nouveau and the supernatural for his decidedly queer art (NSFW)

Netflix’s Tales of the City star Murray Bartlett on the power of LGBTI stories on TV

EXCLUSIVE: ‘It’s always odd getting naked with a bunch of strangers!’ Actor on the queer magic of San Fran and the legacy of Looking

Charlie Martin wants to be the first trans person to race in Le Mans

24 Hours of Le Mans is the most prestigious car race in the world

typhoon philippines san julian
This town that survived a deadly typhoon is now putting on its first Pride

Poverty, rural isolation and natural disasters won’t stop these people putting on the best Pride ever

Richard Kalasky
This is how gay dads shut down ignorant parenting stereotypes

This is what not to say to gay dads…

John O'Brien participated in the Stonewall riots
I rioted at Stonewall in 1969 – and there remain battles to be won

STONEWALL 50: John O’Brien was among those who defied the police outside New York City’s Stonewall Inn in 1969 – he reflects on the impact of that uprising

Hannah Simpson (left) and Peter Fox together at the Celebrate Israel parade in NYC | Photo: Provided
LGBTI Jews march in New York’s annual Celebrate Israel parade

‘[It’s] a proclamation of our miraculous existence against all odds’

Four guys together in kink leather straps and one guy in a hat with leather chest strap
The reasons why kinks and fetishes will always have a place at Pride

OPINION: Some people believe kinky people should be removed from Pride as minors could be present

The Netflix film The Perfection
The Perfection stars reveal what drew them to the controversial Netflix horror film

EXCLUSIVE: ‘It’s about two women intensely drawn to one another’

Sayoni's groundbreaking report
Groundbreaking report released on Singapore’s LBTQ communities

Queer women support group releases first report into violence and discrimination facing lesbian, bisexual, trans and queer women in Singapore

Kenneth Macharia, from Kenya
Gay rugby player from Kenya in asylum bid ‘limbo’

Kenneth Macharia is calling on the UK Home Secretary to ‘sort things out’

Chowkidar Narendra Modi, the Prime Minister of India, seems poised to retain power | Picture: Wikimedia Commons
What might a Narendra Modi re-election mean for LGBTI Indians?

In the biggest democratic vote in human history, LGBTI Indians have more to play for than ever

A couple from Washington, DC, who had been previously married in Toronto, reacts to the news that DOMA was struck down, 26 June 2013.
These are the powerful pictures that made Pride history

The New York Times has opened its photo archives for an exclusive book on half a century of LGBTI fights

Liv Hewson and Drey Barrymore in Santa Clarita Diet.
Santa Clarita Diet actor Liv Hewson: ‘There isn’t one way to be non-binary’

Non-binary lesbian star makes crucial point about gender identity

Elton John | Photo: Universal Music Group
13 fabulous facts about Elton John (including the $400m he’s raised to fight HIV/AIDS)

From sex on Russian hotel rooftops to the ‘diamond-encrusted cock rings’ Eminem gave him as a wedding present – welcome to the wild world of Elton!

Otis Morgan (in pink) and this group is cycling over 500 miles to fund HIV research | Photo: Supplied
Gay nurse films Mamma Mia parody to raise money for AIDS/Life Cycle

This gay nurse is going to be riding 545 miles, alongside 3000 others, from San Francisco to Los Angeles

Bears Week Provincetown is one of the biggest bear gatherings in the world
A brief history of the gay bears and big boys scene

Where did the gay bears scene originate and how did it spread so rapidly to every corner of the gay world?

Pride and gay sex illegal: Beirut, Lebanon fights back with LGBTI flags

If today’s show of LGBTI visibility goes well, Beirut may hold its first public Pride later this year

Kelly Osbourne | Photo: Instagram/kellyosbourne
Kelly Osbourne: It’s ‘terrible’ to out closeted LGBTI people

EXCLUSIVE: Daughter of Sharon and Ozzy on hosting the British LGBT Awards, straight allyship and Trump’s trans military ban

Two students at University of North Texas hold a rainbow flag, March 2018
6 simple actions you can take on IDAHOBIT to help LGBTI lives

IDAHOBIT falls on 17 May: Will you be doing anything to mark it?

Lunko Haute Couture is also a sanctury for LGBTI refugees | Photo: Supplied
The fashion house that is also a sanctuary for LGBTI refugees

‘I need to see the community, which has such a passion for art, be empowered.’

A new portrait of how Transgender Julie Doe may have appeared in life
Can you help solve the mystery of Transgender Julie Doe?

The Trans Doe Task Force aims to give names to the nameless – and help solves cold cases using the most modern forensic techniques

The Handmaid's Tale has become an icon in pro-choice abortion protests
Abortion bills in Georgia, Alabama and Missouri are also an LGBTI problem

Seven US states have passed these terrifying ‘Handmaid’s Tale’ laws

Meets Wils! | Photos: Lester V
Gay pop star from Singapore, where gay sex is illegal, shares coming out story

EXCLUSIVE: ‘I told my old self “bye bish!”: Rising star Wils on being ‘a kid in a candy store’ at Madrid Pride and revealing his sexuality in a music vid!

lgbt incels gaycels inside the world of incels
LGBTI incels: what it’s like to be queer when no one will sleep with you

Inside the world of ‘gaycels’, where not having sex is part of your identity

War Paint makeup products
‘Makeup should be for everyone’: Why this new brand for men doesn’t work

War Paint is not being received well – for good reason

Hatari is representing Iceland at Eurovision 2019 | Photo: Supplied
What are the five LGBTI songs to watch out for at Eurovision 2019?

Which country do you think will win the Eurovision Song Contest 2019?