True Stories

I’m Big Black Butch and that Bitch… now what?

Taking ownership and celebrating all of the things that society tries to deter us with…

Rachel and Beth.
Everyday hero: This LGBT+ student stepped up to care for the elderly through the pandemic

Rachel Golby wasn’t able to see her partner for three months but chose to serve as a key worker.

LGBT+ people show rainbow flags at the Mashrou' Leila gig in Cairo in 2017.
11 LGBT+ Egyptians reveal their stories of horrific police torture, rape and entrapment

From police faking evidence on Grindr to anal probe torture, rape, beating and starvation – victims share their stories.

Two 'gay inclusive' rugby players.
The face of gay rugby in 15 stunning images

LGBT+ inclusive rugby is gaining new players while traditional clubs are struggling.

D'yan Forest.
This hilarious bisexual comic is looking for love on Tinder aged 85

From marrying a nun to playing the dutiful housewife, D’yan Forest has done it all and is still going strong.

Joao and John
I took my boyfriend home to meet my parents and we ended up with blood and vomit everywhere

You couldn’t make up what happened to this couple and their usually very normal family.

Two men kissing.
When someone asked about gay guys in straight marriages they got an amazing response

Bisexuals exist, straight-bi couples are happy and closeted gay men can have a happy ending.

Lesbian brides: Jennifer and Samantha on their wedding day.
How I escaped the Jehovah’s Witnesses to marry my wife

A member of Jennifer’s church outed her to her parents aged just 18 – and they responded by kicking her out and changing the locks.

Scott Nunn Cancer Story
How I am fighting back after my blood cancer diagnosis

Cancer is a top health concern for LGBT+ people but rarely discussed. GSN co-founder Scott Nunn hopes his cancer story will help others.

We have published 50 articles by 50 voices around the world | Photo: Supplied
Stonewall 50: Fifty LGBTI people on how Stonewall changed the world

Read 50 articles about Stonewall by diverse voices around the world.  All discuss the past, present and future of our struggle for love and liberation

A couple from Washington, DC, who had been previously married in Toronto, reacts to the news that DOMA was struck down, 26 June 2013.
These are the powerful pictures that made Pride history

The New York Times has opened its photo archives for an exclusive book on half a century of LGBTI fights

lgbt incels gaycels inside the world of incels
LGBTI incels: what it’s like to be queer when no one will sleep with you

Inside the world of ‘gaycels’, where not having sex is part of your identity

Pen pals for LGBTI prisoners
This is what it’s like to be a pen pal for LGBTI people in prison

LGBTI inmates often have no one to talk to — that’s how these pen pal programs tackle their loneliness

A previous protest where an activist flew a rainbow flag at the pyramids in Giza.
What’s it like to go on the run after your boyfriend is jailed for being gay?

This 21-year-old college student left everything behind when his country, Egypt, started a homophobic crackdown

LGBTI people share moving stories of their high school prom

Queer Prom gives a second chance to those who couldn’t be themselves at their school’s dances

Sam Stanley and Laurence Hicks are a high-profile couple in an age-gap relationship | Photo: Instagram
Gay guys reveal the best part about being in an age-gap relationship

Gay and bi people have always connected across generations

Queer women at pride in Brazil
Seven things gay and lesbian people should stop telling bisexuals

OPINION: Bisexuals can feel like they don’t belong in the community and these remarks only make it worse

Pasha (left) and Erika
Meet Erika and Pasha: two lesbian artists very much in love

EXCLUSIVE: GSN spoke with the married couple about how they met and how they inspire one another’s art

Lesbians Divinity and Yani are engaged after touring with Beyoncé
They met touring with Beyoncé – now they’re getting married

EXCLUSIVE: Divinity and Yani’s love story is a lesbian fairy tale

Survivors of Chechnya's homophobic purge reveal what happened to them | Photo: Dave Frankel
Survivors of Chechnya’s homophobic purge reveal what happened to them

These are the real stories of gay men who have been tortured, humiliated, beaten and electrocuted

Natasha McCracken and her boyfriend hugging.
Bisexuals in straight-looking relationships: ‘I haven’t chosen a side’

Is appearing to be straight really a ‘privilege’?

Do these celebs know their ‘friend’ is now overseeing the murder of LGBTs?

President Ramzan Kadyrov said he wants to eliminate all gay men in Chechnya

Denis Nzioka
Kenyan gay man wants to change minds with new collection of LGBTI stories

Gay activist Denis Nzioka finds way around Kenyan anti-LGBTI discrimination in new anthology book

Andrew Ford in the locker room at Malone University.
This Christian soccer player came out as bisexual and here’s what happened

‘My honesty, instead of making them reject me, made them embrace me more’

33-year-old Ethan Parker, the non-binary artist who created a Black History Month comic on Instagram
This gender nonconforming artist released a Black History Month comic on Instagram

‘I spend countless hours pouring over my works. So when the subject matter is quite heavy, it has a way of settling into my bones’

Dorothy Arzner (L) with actress Clara Bow on the set of The Wild Party.
Oscars snubs: the lesbian director who mentored Coppola but never won an award

1930s pioneer filmmaker Dorothy Arzner was openly gay and launched the career of stars such as Katharine Hepburn and Lucille Ball

When 15-year-old Maia came out as bi to her mom, she was surprised to learn that her mom is bi, too
This teen girl came out as bi to her mom, only to learn her mom is bi as well

15-year-old Maia from Belgium had an amazing experience coming out as bisexual to her mother

Bisexual actor Evan Rachel Wood opens up about her mental health for Nylon Magazine
Bisexual actor Evan Rachel Wood opens up about PTSD and mental health stigma

‘There is no economic class, race, sexuality, or gender that is safe from their own mind’