True Stories

Trans people on Twitter are sharing the stories of how they got their names
Trans people share their name stories on Twitter

Using the hashtag #TransNameStory, trans people are sharing their unique and personal stories of self-discovery

Promotional image for LGBTI documentary Words
Amazon removes LGBTI documentary, claims it didn’t meet Prime’s ‘quality standard’

The documentary about LGBTI identity went up on Amazon Prime over a year ago

I critiqued Manila’s All Stars Snatch Game and the Internet was not happy

OPINION: I was faced with a lot of hostility for pointing out an anti-Semitic stereotype — including from Manila Luzon herself

Celebrities, stars and sportspeople who came out in 2018

Thank you for your bravery, and thank you for your visibility

BDSM scene posed by model | Photo: Dream Boy Bondage
The four ways I knew that my kinky relationship had become abusive

How do you know when a turn-on becomes toxic?

Dusty Fulle demonstrates his body transformation from twink to bear
Twink to bear: Gay man’s transformation photo goes viral

EXCLUSIVE: Dusty Fuller was happy to say goodbye to abs and hello to his belly: ‘I feel like I fit in my own skin much better than I did before’

Jen Deerwater is bringing awareness to Native women's #MeToos
This Two-Spirited Cherokee is bringing awareness to Indigenous women’s #MeToos

‘All he saw was a disabled, queer, Native that couldn’t and wouldn’t fight back. He was dead wrong’

A girl looking down
Abortion is not just for straight women, bisexuals and lesbians have it too

Lesbian and bisexual women are almost twice as likely as straight women to get pregnant before age 20

Fans wave rainbow flags at Mashrou' Leila gig in Cairo.
LGBTI in Egypt: The moment police demanded I became a political spy

Police told me I am a ‘faggot’ and tried to force me to spy on my fellow students as Egypt fell into political unrest

RIP, Shea Carmen Swan. 21 October, 1992 — 22 October, 2018
How to feel when your bully dies

When my bully, another LGBTI journalist, died of an overdose, I didn’t know what to think or how to feel

A bald woman looking straight into the camera.
Bald and bold: this beautiful trans model is challenging stereotypes in India

‘We still don’t want women to come out so loudly and be so unique’

Sam Stanley and Laurence Hicks are in an age gap relationship
What’s it like to be in a big age-gap relationship?

Gay men with partners significantly older or younger talk about their relationships

A Kenyan man attending a Uganda Pride event.
Bisexual man on the run: ‘My father is trying to have me murdered’

Ugandan has fled to Canada but his family’s lives are still at risk

Suz reveals her story | XYSuz Instagram
What is it like to be told you’re intersex while suffering from stage 4 cancer?

This woman used to be ashamed of her body – not anymore

Meet Konrad Juengling: the pro-LGBTI activist who is now ‘coming out’ as Atheist

‘I’m everything I despised as a teenager: liberal, gay, atheist, and sometimes-vegan’

11 coming out stories from people who are #OutAndProud

‘I started crying, she reassured me that I wasn’t alone’

How did Matthew Shepard become the symbol for homophobic hate crimes?
How the world got the Matthew Shepard story wrong (and why it doesn’t matter)

How did Matthew Shepard become the symbol for homophobic hate crimes in America?

30 people who have come out in 2018 so far

Gay, queer, pan, let’s celebrate everyone

Thomas Noakes at this year's Manchester Pride.
Family and friends pay tribute to gay man found dead at Manchester’s Britannia Hotel

Thomas Noakes’s loved ones share fun and heartbreaking memories of him exclusively for GSN

Queer people talk about the moment they knew they were lesbian

The pressures of compulsory heterosexuality are very real

How my grandmother helped me realize I was trans – completely by accident

‘Now I hope my music can help others too’ | Exclusive first look at queer indie band Feel Freeze’s new music video

Sophie Labelle (left) and I
I spent an evening with webcomic artist Sophie Labelle and learned a lot

Not only is Sophie a talented comic artist, but she’s a natural comedian, musical theater geek, and geography buff

Belo Cipriani (pictured here with his guide dog, Oslo) is developing a book by and for people with disabilities
This blind gay man is developing a coming-of-age book by people with disabilities

Firsts: Coming of Age Stories by People with Disabilities will be released in October 2018

Transmasculine activist Cass Bliss free bleeding for the #BleedingWhileTrans menstruation campaign
This trans person wants you to know that women aren’t the only people who get periods

‘I have to navigate the challenges of getting my period every month in a world that refuses to acknowledge that not everyone who gets their period is a woman’

Gay guys tell their horror stories from vacations with their straight friends

Embarrassing, scary, and mean: being the only gay is always an experience

Ex-Hasidic transgender Rabbi Abby Stein
Meet Abby Stein: the ex-Hasidic transgender rabbi

Since coming out as trans and leaving Brooklyn’s Hasidic community, Abby Stein has worked as an LGBTI activist, educator, author, and speaker