True Stories

Could you be in a three-way marriage (and also do porn?)
Three gay porn stars explain how their ‘three-way marriage’ works

Meet the porn stars who combine sex, filming and commitment

Non-binary people Ali, Kieran and Spencer
Prepare for International Non-binary Day by learning how to be a better ally

Let these non-binary people school you on how to be a good ally

Activist who participated in a Hidden Flag protest that hid the Pride flag in plain sight was detained for 15 hours
Man who helped to hide Pride flag in plain sight in Russia detained for 15 hours

Exclusive: This LGBTI activist was interrogated in Russia for nearly a day without a lawyer, his belongings or a phone

This ex-Mormon is now free to be who she is meant to be
At 13 I protested gay rights as a Mormon, at 23 I’m gay and free

This is an amazing story of how enormously life can change in a single decade

Facebook targeted young LGBTI people with 'gay cure' ads
Starvation, drowning and cursed honey: Gay ‘cure’ therapy in the UK

From being forced to lay in vomit to a father writing straight porn for his gay son, gay ‘cure’ therapy has existed in the UK for a long time

Pulse survivor Laura Vargas with her dog Walter, who also had to learn to walk again | Photo: Supplied / Laura Vargas
Pulse survivor: How I learned to live again through puppy therapy

This is a beautiful and wonderfully cute story of hope

Karar Noshi was a Iraqi model who was killed by a mob
I fled an anti-gay gang while my friends were tortured and killed

An Iraqi gang pinned a warning letter to this man’s front door: ‘Give yourself up within four days or be killed’

Jamey Jesperson
Meet Jamey Jesperson, the nonbinary activist who left the Mormon Church

‘It was three months into my first college semester—when I found myself sitting in a Gender Studies and a Cultural Studies class—when my world exploded’

Doybanger says this is the first time he's ever had to deal with this
Bi guy opens up about his first encounter with a biphobic partner

‘I almost feel like she was daring me to prove that I was not “just gay”‘

Liz Bouk as himself
Meet Liz Bouk, the opera singer who recently came out as a trans man

‘I’ve been able to finally express my new gender identity and to explore the gender that I hid for so many years’

Sam is now a proud gay ex-Mormon
What is it like to grow up gay in the Mormon church?

Sam was 22 when he was engaged to a woman, and now he’s an openly gay man living his best life

These guys are beautiful both inside and out
Trans guys are going shirtless to show off their body confidence

These guys are beautiful both inside and out

Jude Harper is among those posing for the trans portraits
Photographer unveils trans portraits for Trans Day of Visibility

Everyday trans people feature in groundbreaking new portrait series

Victoria Beltran
Meet Victoria Beltran: the trans model and actress who was outed by the media

‘I felt like I was a boy who grew up into a woman’

LGBTIs marching in India to promote HIV awareness.
These gay people reveal how India forces them to live secret double lives

India may soon scrap its law which criminalizes gay sex – but 377 doesn’t work in the way you think

Mister Senior Netherlands contestant Miguel Martins.
I am in a beauty pageant to show gay app users 34 is not too old

As a teen, Miguel Martins told his neighbors that homosexuality is a sin. Now he is taking part in Mister Senior Netherlands to inspire young LGBTI people

Ella explaining her polyamorous relationship
This queer student explains polyamory is ‘all about love’

Ella: ‘What do I wish people knew about being polyamorous? That we’re not all cheaters! It’s all about the love’

A letter to my sisters on International Women’s Day

This bisexual woman thanks her sisters for ‘blinking and acting like nothing had happened’ when she came out

This is how Ruth Coker-Burks became the 'cemetery angel'
How Ruth Coker-Burks became the angel of America’s AIDS crisis

This is how a 25-year-old mom from Arkansas became a pioneer in AIDS activism

1978 Sydney Mardi Gras rioters protest
‘Corrupt and ugly’: Original rioters reflect on 40 years since the first Sydney Mardi Gras

‘Blood flowed through the unleashed brutality of the cops’

A new book, 'Telling Tales' is looking at 40 years of Sydney's Mardi Gras through a very personal lens | Photo: Richard Hedger
Five incredible, personal stories from 40 years of Sydney Mardi Gras

These heartwarming and tragic stories show how far the festival has come in its 40-year anniversary – and what is left to achieve

Close up photo of Zulfikar smiling and wearing sunglasses
I gained a superpower when I fled Indonesia to seek asylum in Canada

A LGBTI Indonesian man tells the story of how he left everything behind to seek protection in Canada

Mae Desmond and the painting which helped her come out as bisexual
This bisexual painter used her artwork to come out

Mae Desmond had been struggling to come out for over a decade but finally had to

This is how one guy discovered his bisexuality by giving oral sex to a man (with his wife)
This is how bi men and ‘masc’ gay men can both get over bottom shame

This is how one guy discovered his bisexuality by giving oral sex to a man (in a threesome with his wife)

The photographer has a point to make with his chemsex series | Photo: Gay Star News
I was paid to photograph escorts doing chemsex

The photo shoot took place in a luxurious penthouse hotel with money, drugs and expensive fetish gear everywhere

Sam Blaylock and gay dads at Portland Pride 2017
Gay boy abused by family adopted by gay dads: ‘They saved me with the power of love’

Sam Blaylock suffered horrendous abuse growing up and now hopes to inspire others

Let’s make 2018 the year the non-binary community is embraced

Genderqueer Darren Mew demands things get better for non-binary people after a year from hell

Two ex boyfriend - posed by models - who still live together
What I found out about ex boyfriends who still live together

Gay people often maintain close bonds with ex lovers, yet those who continue to live together are still regarded as unusual