True Stories

Bi Flag in a heart shape
Bisexual guys talk about the moment they realized they were ‘a lil queer’

When did you realize you were also interested in men?

Mike Parrow
Pro-wrestler comes out as gay after finding love – read his inspiring story

EXCLUSIVE: Mike Parrow, of Orlando, Florida, speaks publicly about his sexuality for the first time

Gay kiss in front of a homophobic group
Former homophobic people reveal what made them change their views

Some grow up, some leave religion and some just come out

Arthur and David Goldstein - uncles to Marc Malkin
A gay nephew remembers his two uncles who died from AIDS

Los Angeles entertainment writer Marc Malkin recalls his uncles – and the impact of their death on his family

A man holding a baby
WATCH: Parenting group wants more HIV positive people to consider becoming parents

We talk to two HIV positive gay men about becoming dads

Meet the couple who married in the chokha, the traditional male dress of Georgia
Meet the first gay couple to marry in traditional Georgia wedding outfits

Exclusive: ‘In Georgia, gay men are told they cannot wear chokha because they are not “men”. I wanted to challenge that.’

Men holding hands
‘Mostly straight’ men are a unique sexual identity, according to this Cornell professor

Cornell professor Ritch C. Savin-Williams wrote a book about these ‘mostly straight’ men

Matthew Shepard Foundation event
The Matthew Shepard Foundation kicks off its 20th anniversary at Stonewall

Dennis and Judy Shepard are still working hard for the rights of the LGBTI community

Pets show their Pride for their trans owners
Trans people reveal how their pets reacted to their transition

‘My snail just straight up died. On the scale of reactions I’ve gotten, it wasn’t too bad, honestly.’

Could stopping yourself from masturbating be the key to 'superpowers'?
Meet the gay men who think not masturbating gives them superpowers

Sadly, these men haven’t discovered how to fly or how to turn invisible…yet

Daisy thanks Joan Jett for helping her realize she's bi
These young people explained the moment they realized they were bisexual

‘I didn’t realize for a long time actually. The heteronormativity was strong with this one.’

Andi (L), Lindsay (Center), Justan (R)
Polyamorous people want you to know their relationships are just like yours

Three non-monogamous people explain their relationships are about love, not about sex

John Tenenbaum, Fire Island Pines, 1984, AIDS
Heartbreaking account of gay man’s final phone call goes viral

The poignant story appeared on the AIDS Memorial Instagram page

Are you out to your barber?
Why am I too scared to come out to my barber as gay?

‘I began telling a bizarre series of lies’

Malcolm Cuthbert of Equality Wealth with his husband and one of their children.
How I went from closeted cop to proud gay dad of four

‘On my trips out on the gay scene, I actually shook in fear of being discovered and exposed as a gay policeman’

Davey Shields opens up about surviving suicidal thoughts
This gay guy has lived through suicidal thoughts, and now he’s helping others

‘If you get people talking, the stigma will disappear’

Holding the Man at Above the Stag in London
REVIEW: Holding the Man: A timeless story of endless gay love and loss

‘One of those stories that has you hysterically laughing one minute and then uncontrollably crying the next’

Steven presenting the ring for his identical twin brother James
I’m straight but my identical twin brother is gay and this is why I support same-sex marriage

‘I watched him get married in London, now let him get married in Australia too’

Emergency SOS gives the caller 3 seconds before it calls emergency services
This iOS11 feature could save LGBTI’s lives

Emergency SOS is automatically included on every iPhone running on the new iOS

Sassy Gay Republican
This ‘sassy gay Republican’ is against healthcare, but now needs money after a car crash

‘As a young adult in perfect health, why should I be forced to pay for insurance I don’t want and likely won’t need?’

Kath Wilkinson
Marriage, divorce, single parenthood, being gay and cancer made me a fighter

Life doesn’t always run smooth, says Kath Wilkinson of Equality Wealth, so long-term planning is the secret

Stories of our own is spreading gay love using single quotes from happy couples
Read the love stories of these men in a single passage from their lives together

‘No matter who you love, you deserve to have the love story you dream of’

The vet Dr Oisín Tracey and his cat, Oliver
This inspiring animal rescuer has the most ‘pawesome’ Instagram account

EXCLUSIVE: As someone who save the lives of animals for a living, Dr Oisín Tracey has some advice all pet owners need to read

Rich Latuska and Nick Kuhl proposal
LOOK: Is this the world’s most stunning same-sex engagement photo?

EXCLUSIVE: You’ll be amazed at the planning that went into capturing this beautiful moment

What is it like to live in a LGBTI refuge in Sierra Leone?
Take a look inside the House of Kings and Queens, a LGBTI refuge in Sierra Leone

‘But as a queen, I want to do the best thing for my country. And this is how I’m going to do it.’

Julian P. Boom and Fleur Pierets in New York
Female artists JF. Pierets discuss ‘drenching our work in love’ and marrying in 24 countries for art

‘People need to know that in most countries around the world you can’t get married as a gay person’