True Stories

coming out trans at my grandmother 's funderal
I came out as trans at my grandmother’s funeral

‘Anxiety grabbed ahold of me and squeezed the words out of my mouth. It was like verbal diarrhea.’

Mohammed wants to find his own community
Bisexual Arab has ‘always wanted to meet and talk with the LGBTI community’

Mohammed wants to raise awareness for other LGBTI people who live in anti-gay countries

WATCH: Trevor Noah interviews two trans military vets after Trump’s call to ban trans soldiers

Joey Whimple and Jennifer Marie Long are two trans vets who served with distinction

I became the first Palestinian to perform at Tel Aviv Pride

I wanted to support my closeted Palestinian gay friend and show the Arab world the power of love for everyone

Damian Friel opens up about what it's like to live with Tourette's syndrome
This gay guy with Tourette’s syndrome wants you to know the myths about his disorder

First Dates star opens up about being offered an exorcism and how he found he was living with Tourette’s

Meet queerboudica, the ‘offensively gay’ queer woman on Twitter

Jude talks Soho, her queer bubble, Baby Gays and the harsh reality of being a student

Damian Friel opens up about dating with Tourette's
This gay guy explains what it is like to date when you have Tourette’s syndrome

First Dates star explains what it’s like meet guys who have a Tourette’s fetish

How an encounter with a biphobic lesbian made this bisexual woman stronger

‘I am hopeful. I am proud. And I am happy.’

Petter Wallenberg (center) and some of his Ugandan collaborators on the Rainbow Riots project
WATCH: Why this gay, Swedish dance producer went to Uganda to work with LGBTI music makers

Petter Wallenberg has collaborated with musicians and activists from Malawi, Uganda and Jamaica on the awe-inspiring Rainbow Riots project

Alan Carr will host the Natwest British LGBT Awards
Interview with Alan Carr: ‘I tried to get off with all of Take That’

Exclusive: Alan Carr chats weird celebrity crushes, his upcoming wedding, and what happened when his mother asked him about Grindr

Study human sexuality fluidity
Do you remember your first same-sex attraction?

‘I had my first crush inside the church’

This comedian came out as gay on Russian TV
This comedian came out as gay on a Russian reality TV show: ‘It’s been amazing’

Exclusive: Watch the moment comedian Pasha Zalutski came out as gay on Russian TV

A detail of one of Daniel Arzola 'I'm No Joke' series of images
Meet the gay man who fled Venezuela and is now changing the world with his ‘artivism’

Artist Daniel Arzola suffered horrific assaults in his homeland. Now based in Chile, he will be designing this years Gay Star News Pride tote bag

Manhattan clubbers on their way home are immortalized by photographer Richard Renaldi
Photographer captures New York’s gay clubbers heading home on Sunday mornings

Richard Renaldi’s Manhattan Sunday photos have been collected into a book and are on display at a New York museum

Rainer Werner Fassbinder and Hannah Schygulla, one of his most important actors
Who was Rainer Werner Fassbinder and why did he become a queer film icon?

‘Rainer was a homosexual who also needed a woman. It’s that simple and that complex.’

The man explains why he was driven to catfish
WATCH: Gay ‘catfish’ reveals why he used fake profile: ‘Purely to try and feel wanted’

He says that being rejected rudely on dating apps led him to create a profile with fake images

Jane Lynch and Paul Witten star in Dropping The Soap
Jane Lynch and Paul Witten, stars of Dekkoo’s Dropping The Soap, on why Hollywood actors stay in the closet

Jane Lynch on Trump: ‘Hopefully we’ll look back on this as a bad fever dream… that was over quickly.’

Here's to the brave kids who went as the Boy in the Dress.
Here’s to the brave boys who decided to wear a dress to school for World Book Day

These kids prove the next generation is making the world a better place

Weather Talk creator Brandon Shypkowski as a young boy with his father
LGBTI people open up about their relationships with their fathers

A thought-provoking new photo project was born after its creator shared an unexpected road trip with his dad

Artist Andrew Salgado.
Why being attacked by eight men actually helped my career

I turned to my partner and said ‘Jack, I have no teeth!’ as blood streamed from my mouth

The Village Angels help keep Manchester's LGBTI district safe.
Village Angels: The night I stopped someone from jumping to their death

Angels are on patrol in Manchester’s gay village

Patrick and Carlos Holder Wendell at their wedding in Brewster, MA, with Justice of the Peace, Claire Watts
This gay couple is suing Venezuela to have their marriage recognized

They put in for $10 million to get the government’s attention – but Venezuela is still ignoring them

Arad fled Iran to build a new life in the US
Meet the gay man who fled Iran and found freedom as an underwear model in the US

He’s now carving himself a career as a performer and fashion model: ‘I am extremely saddened by Trump’s new policy on immigration’

Museum of Transology
Trans people reveal the hidden, moving meaning behind everyday possessions

London’s Museum of Transology is an awesome, three-month exhibition running until April