True Stories

WATCH: How the world’s LGBTI communities came together after Orlando

This is how the Pulse nightclub tragedy brought LGBTI people together

Julia Kaye
Transgender artist creates amazing online comic strip about her transition

Los Angeles-based Julia Kaye says the response to the drawings has been incredible

Ash Kotak presenting the petition for an AIDS memorial in London to the mayor's office.
This is what it felt like to watch my lover die of AIDS

We need a national HIV and AIDS memorial in London

This cute gamer couple couldn't be happier
Here are the most adorable same-sex proposals of 2016

If these happy couples doesn’t get you feeling all warm and fuzzy inside, we don’t know what will

WATCH: Why is this gay porn star fighting for PrEP in the UK?

Porn star Jason Domino talks PrEP, educational porn and how to make HIV testing less scary

Alex was diagnosed HIV positive after falling seriously ill
‘I had late stage HIV and was rushed to A&E, but now I’m healthy, happy and on treatment’

This week is National HIV Testing Week in the UK. Do you know your status?

Boys playing in Hunza, Pakistan.
A gay boy’s secret first love and why his future now hangs in the balance

‘You could be given 100 lashes or life imprisonment’

David Hodge, aka Dusty O, at home with some of his artwork
Is there life after drag?

David Hodge spent the best part of 20 years painting his face as drag queen Dusty O but has now switched his focus to a different canvas

These parents of trans children will move you
Five mothers reveal what they experienced when their child told them they’re transgender

These stories of parents of transgender kids will move you

Oscar De Muriel shows you how to crack into the world of publishing
Author Oscar De Muriel shows you how to break through into the straight white world of publishing

Struggling to get published? This might be what you need to get started

Skippy Baxter is working hard on recovering from his crystal meth addiction
Gay porn star speaks candidly about recovering from crystal meth addiction

Skippy Baxter is an Australian whose life was thrown into turmoil by the drugs he was using

An RNLI lifeguard
Gay lifeguard reveals challenges of the job

… and why the RNLI, which oversees the lifeguard response around the UK coast, has just launched its first LGBT+ network

John Ward is a member of Ireland's traveler community
Read what happened when this young, gay, Irish traveler came out to his family

Bullying at school and fear of his family’s reaction to his sexuality drove this young man to attempt suicide

L-R: Louis, Sam and David talk about their three-way relationship
Three gay men living together in a three-way relationship explain how it works

How they met, how they make it work, and how their families have reacted to the arrangement

Franky and Alex who adopted a baby boy.
How we adopted our little boy as a same-sex couple and how you can too

It’s an amazing feeling when he calls us mummy and mammy and asks for kisses

Being happy is an art, says Dan Beeson
30 things I learned about being happy after my happiness was taken away

‘Happiness is letting go of what you think life is supposed to look like and celebrating it for everything that it is’

youtube trent and luke
WATCH: Gay YouTube stars read out hateful comments like ‘kill yourselves’

‘We want everyone to know “It’s OK to be you!”’

The story of this married African-American gay couple proves that love conquers all

‘We share the fact our childhood and family have hurt us but have taken a vow to not allow our past to affect our future’

trans death
WATCH: Mother of trans girl who died after overdose speaks out on what needs to change

Amanda De Courcy talks to GSN about her daughter’s life and the lack of trans support in society

Gay hip-hop artist QBoy.
I went from being a gay hip-hop star to depressed and broke – here’s how I survived

The UK’s first gay rapper, QBoy, shares his incredible journey

New cabaret LGBTI bar launched in Luton
Meet the trans woman who is bringing back the T to the British LGBTI bar

New bar launched with the aim to make it as inclusive as possible

Tatjana is a board member for Berlin Pride
How Pride touched my heart

‘We have a voice – the voice of hundreds of thousands of people marching together’

Wizard of Oz lip art by Jazmina Daniel
This gay makeup artist’s lip art will blow you away

Is this the world’s number one lipstick lesbian?

Gerrard 'Gingerface' Woodward
Read the heart-breaking story behind this gay man’s amazing dance videos

Cute bear Gerrard ‘Gingerface’ Woodward found comfort in dance after the death of his parents; His adorable videos will brighten your day

Bad Black is a transgender sex worker in Uganda
What is it like to be a trans sex worker in one of the world’s worst places to be LGBTI?

‘Trans people cannot be employed anywhere,’ Ugandan sex worker Bad Black says, ‘They chose to do sex work for survival’

Gay dads Michael and Jarrad Duggan-Tierney from Melbourne with son, Reid
11 photos of amazing gay dads and their kids for Father’s Day

Around the world, out and proud gay dads are becoming more and more commonplace. Here are just a handful

Juan Ramon Guerrero and Chris 'Drew' Leinonen
49 short stories of the lives we lost in Orlando

It’s impossible to do justice to each of their lives in one article, but here are 49 slices of 49 lives in tribute to those who fell victim to Omar Mateen

‘People Like Us’ – never prouder, never more real

First gay online series in Singapore gives a glimpse into the lives of gay men in a country where sex between two men is still a crime