True Stories

The whole story of the voice in my head that almost killed me and the day my life was saved

Gay mental health advocate Jonny Benjamin was told by a stranger that he could get better and his moving story will show that you can too

Simon Smith in China
My secret foray into a gay Chinese massage parlor

The exclusively men-for-men parlor in Guangzhou sheds light on LGBTI life in China and offers a mean massage

Zachary Mallory, mental health advocate.
Read how this gay teen changed his life after slashing his neck in front of his parents

Zachary Mallory survived anti-gay school bullying and three suicide attempts before being diagnosed as bipolar and with manic depression

Mental health needs to be spoken about
These messages left by LGBTI veterans of mental health might just be the hope that saves lives

Lifelines come in all forms, but nothing is more powerful than the right words at the right time

L-R: John Broaders and Erich Schenk - who took advantage of Switzerland's euthanasia laws
After watching my partner end his life, why I believe we should have the right to die with dignity

Diagnosed with Motor Neurone Disease, John Broaders’ partner chose to take advantage of euthanasia laws in Switzerland. Broaders explains why he thinks more countries should offer this option

Lesbian Coming Out LGBTI Africa
This girl’s father sent her back to Africa to stop her being gay

‘I thought, if this is what being gay is I don’t want it’ Ash opens up about her past, present and future

Ludovic-Mohamed Zahed is the first French Muslim to be married to another man
This gay imam is on a mission to make other LGBTI Muslims feel less alone in the world

Ludovic-Mohamed Zahed is a gay imam, opened up a LGBTI-inclusive mosque and was the first French Muslim to get married

Synestra De Courcy, died aged just 23.
Did drugs kill my trans daughter Synestra, or was it Britain’s NHS?

Mother’s moving story of seeing her daughter go from star student to depressed drug user

Michael, at 19, marrying his cousin, Alfa, under the wishes of his parents
This is what happened on the wedding night when a gay man was forced to marry his female cousin

What happens when a gay man, like thousands of others every year, is forced to marry a woman?

22 celebrities who came out and changed the world in 2015

It’s Coming Out Day on Sunday 11 October, so what better time than to look back at who has come out this year and made a difference?

A woman has called on pastors to help her renounce her homosexuality
This open letter from an ex-lesbian, born-again Christian will break your heart

Woman’s impassioned plea to pastors across America: ‘boldly speak the truth – my salvation depends on it’

Kenya legally allows 'tests' for gay sex
Meet the Cameroon gay man who was tortured so badly he can’t have sex

Arrested and tortured for being gay, he’s now fighting for freedom

Its former value for the community is what made the squatters choose the Black Cap.
Meet the squatters occupying an iconic London gay pub

‘We’re gay, queer, bisexual. We’re all one and we look after each other.’

‘Anti-gay’ singer takes top prize at Eurovision 2015

But has Måns Zelmerlöw, the contestant from Sweden who won with a performance Heroes, had a change of heart since his controversial remarks?

Mother of trans teen, who was bullied by his teacher, responded in the best way possible

Teacher told him he had ‘AIDS like all of his friends’

Former homophobes reveal what changed their minds

Some grow up, some leave religion and some just come out: Former homophobes reveal how their views evolved

Meet the Russian bear cubs who came in from the cold

The amazing work of Russia’s Orphan Bear Rescue Centre

I fell in love with a deaf guy I met online

Two years on, Craig and Glen tell Gay Star News how their hearing/deaf relationship works

Tired of waiting for ‘the one,’ this man married his imaginary future husband

‘I tell people that I am married but still single’