The plaque commemorating Gilbert Baker in Paris
Paris honors American creator of the Pride flag with special plaque

French capital also renamed 40 streets and squares after famous LGBTI people, including Harvey Milk and Keith Haring

Sir Ian McKellen lower age of consent in the UK
Ian McKellen launches program to support LGBTI people over 50

Pride in Ageing will work to end the inequalities faced by lesbian, gay, bisexual and trans elderlies

Gay activist Peter Scott-Presland and Jim MacSweeney.
This gay man has great advice about having sex when you get older

Insecurities can take a toll on LGBTI older people and impact their sex life

Sam Stanley and Laurence Hicks are a high-profile couple in an age-gap relationship | Photo: Instagram
Gay guys reveal the best part about being in an age-gap relationship

Gay and bi people have always connected across generations

What are the lessons our elders have for us?
LGBTI singles at greater risk of heart diseases than their married peers

Researcher compared loneliness to smoking up to 15 cigarettes a day

Dorothy Arzner (L) with actress Clara Bow on the set of The Wild Party.
Oscars snubs: the lesbian director who mentored Coppola but never won an award

1930s pioneer filmmaker Dorothy Arzner was openly gay and launched the career of stars such as Katharine Hepburn and Lucille Ball

What are the lessons our elders have for us?
Young LGBTI people often don’t realize how different it was for our elders

OPINION: ‘So many of our community simply “made do” during the middle of the last century. They did what they had to for their comfort and survival’

Why this lesbian photographer is an icon for generations of girls who love girls

Donna Gottschalk talks to GSN about her pictures and that sign she held on Christopher Street Liberation Day in 1970

Older LGBTI Founders
Being older and LGBTI – do you feel silenced by younger people?

Now they’re sharing their stories: ‘My father tried to kill me. I was 15.’

two photos. on the right a photo of robert williams sitting at a restaurant table and on the right anita standing in a colourful dress smiling at the camera
What is coming out like after you’ve turned 50?

‘If you can’t accept me then, “bye, Felicia”.’

A typically sunny day at Stonewall Gardens in Palm Springs
What it’s really like at an LGBTI-inclusive assisted living retirement facility in Palm Springs

LGBTIs from Ohio, Florida, Hawaii are spending their golden years in the desert city. We find out why

Older gay travel Founders-1
Most LGBTI people are scared of loneliness as they age but traveling helps

There’s a correlation between traveling and happiness in those we asked

Older gay man shirtless with younger gay man
How to find love and sex as a gay or bisexual man after 50

‘I know guys who’ve met and fell in love in a sauna’

Sherri Gray is a singer-songwriter from Nashville, Tennessee | Facebook
This LGBTI history song composed by a grandma will give you all the feels

Listen to the official LGBTI Founder’s Day song here

a smiling man looking to his right he is wearing a colourful blazer, black bow tie and glasses
Queer YouTube star attacked after leaving LGBTI event in London

‘I’m not standing for this s**t anymore’

Ralph Bruneau explores the emotional impact of surviving the worst years of the AIDS epidemic
This is the emotional reality of outliving the AIDS epidemic

Former Mr IML 2017, Ralph Bruneau reflects on the impact of losing loved ones to HIV

Older LGBTI people travel
The best city on every continent older LGBTI people need to visit

Because traveling when you’re older really is golden

Retired LGBTI people aren’t afraid of dying, but are worried about their legacy

They also want to make sure LGBTI history is preserved

Jay Blotcher and husband, Brook, at home in High Falls, upstate New York
What’s it like to move from a gayborhood to small town life when older?

Why do some LGBTI people give up living in gay hotspots and cities to move to small towns? And what’s it like when they get there?

Many LGBTI people have concerns around ageing and living arrangements
3 out of 4 LGBTI people want LGBTI nursing and retirement homes

They also want more meet-up groups for older LGBTI people and an online, dedicated resource center

David Raven as Maisie Trollette
Meet the amazing 85-year-old drag star: Maisie Trollette

David Raven, aka Maisie Trollette, continues to be a regular live performer on the UK drag scene

L-R: James Coyle and Lord Ivar Mountbatten married on Saturday in Devon, England
First same-sex Royal wedding in UK as Queen’s cousin marries a man

None of the Queen’s immediate family attended the marriage of Lord Ivar Mountbatten to James Coyle

One in four gay people lie about their age on hook-up apps and on dates

Exclusive survey: But do LGBTI people have more sex when they retire?

sandi toksvig great british bake off on stage LGBTI Founders Day Gay Star News
Sandi Toksvig: Why my fight for LGBTI rights is not over

The Great British Bake Off star cried as she told a heartbreaking story at the first ever global LGBTI Founders’ Day

George Takei
7 LGBTI celebrities you didn’t know are in their 80s

The Oscar, Pulitzer and Grammy winners who paved the way for the younger stars of today

An old hand holding a younger hand
Here’s the truth about the LGBTI community and ageism

We asked 3,000 LGBTI people what age they consider ‘old’ – the results will surprise you

Bi activist Loraine Hutchins: ‘AIDS catapulted bisexuals into public visibility’

‘I lost some beautiful lovers and friends to HIV complications’

Diva Award ceremony
Sandi Toksvig and boxer Nicola Adams among Diva Award winners

Labour Leader Jeremy Corbyn attended the awards ceremony by the magazine for lesbians and bi women

A young person holds the hand of an older person - carers are being asked to do better
Care agencies challenged to prove their LGBT-friendly credentials

EXCLUSIVE: A British charity is launching a new quality standard for social care providers who take good care of gay, bisexual and trans clients