Lara the penguin chick in 2018.
Inseparable gay penguin couple hatch new egg to become dads for a second time

Sphen and Magic may even become grandparents next year.

Same-sex penguin couple.
Gay penguin couple who stole an egg still aren’t going to be parents

However zoo keepers may help the dominant male couple rear a chick in future.

Electra and Viola with their chick.
Same-sex penguin couple become parents as adorable chick hatches from adopted egg

Electra and Viola are the latest in a long line of famous same-sex penguin couples.

Bini The Bunny
Adorable Insta bunny star hits back at anti-LGBTI fans over rainbow post

Bini The Bunny is an LGBTI ally and wants to meet Ellen DeGeneres

Couple saved dog from being killed for being gay in Russia

This dog wouldn’t mate with females but was saved by a kind couple looking for a furry friend

Denver Zoo introduces same-sex flamingo couple to celebrate Pride Month

The zoo posted a photo of lovebirds Freddie Mercury and Lance Bass on their Facebook page

Dog at Pride
A documentary about gay behavior in dogs just got commissioned

My Gay Dog and Other Animals will look at same-sex attraction in pups and more

Half-male, half-female bird spotted in Pennsylvania

The gynandromorphic cardinal is distinctive for having the colors of its feathers split down the middle of its body

Squid performing the mating ritual.
Thousands of gay jumbo squid mating off the coast of California

Scientists offer a suggestion as to why same-sex sexual activity is advantageous

Gay penguin couple 'kidnap' baby from 'bad parents' at Odense Zoo
Gay penguin couple steal baby from ‘bad parents’ at Denmark zoo

There’s another penguin rainbow family in the world!

Gus Kenworthy shows introduces his new dog, Birdie, to the world
Gus Kenworthy rescues another dog and the story is heartbreaking

It follows the death of Beemo, the dog Kenworthy adopted in South Korea during the Winter Olympics earlier this year

A pair of swans
Gay swans who wanted to be dads captured from lake for this bizarre reason

‘It’s probably a case of two male swans who are in a relationship’ says expert

A picture from @officiallydeen featured on @hotdudeswithdogs | Photo: @hotdudeswithdogs
Hot Dudes With Dogs Instagram is making a calendar (and it’s so cute)

EXCLUSIVE: All we can say about these exclusive behind the scenes shots is: ‘WOOF’ 🐶

Tell us a funny story about your pet...
COMPETITION: Digital Pride and team up to offer UK minibreak to one travel-loving pet-owner

Fancy a £500 holiday gift voucher? Then tell us all about your pets…

A vulture released in Sardinia
Vulture chick raised by gay parents is released back into wild

‘This is not unusual in nature. There are often homosexual couples, especially among birds’

World famous bisexual goose has been laid to rest in moving funeral

He was buried next to the love of his life, Henry the Swan

A dachshund in a hot dog costume running across the grass
You have to see the 10 cutest pooches at Sydney’s Doggywood pagaent

There can be only one winner in the Game of Bones

This is the adorable Doug the therapy pug. | Photo: Pets As Therapy
Doug the therapy pug wants to make gays everywhere happy

Not only does Doug want to make you happy, he’s been raising money for LGBTI homeless young people

Bisexual goose and his partner, a swa
Thomas the bisexual goose to be buried next to partner, Henry the swan

Thomas could be heard crying occasionally after Henry’s death in 2009

Pets show their Pride for their trans owners
Trans people reveal how their pets reacted to their transition

‘My snail just straight up died. On the scale of reactions I’ve gotten, it wasn’t too bad, honestly.’

The Asian sheepshead wrasse is the largest species of wrasse
Daily Mail thinks this fish is transgender and readers are hilariously outraged

‘Genders are like the twin towers. There used to be two of them but now it’s a really sensitive subject.’