The cast of Mrs. Doubtfire reunites after 25 years and the pics are adorable

Bisexual actress Mara Wilson aka little Natalie was there too

Trans kids send adorable drawings to Emma Watson
Trans kids send thank you drawings to Emma Watson and her response is cute

The drawings are a little beacon of cuteness in these upsetting times

Karina Manta and her girlfriend Aleena.
Team USA ice dancer Karina Manta comes out in incredibly emotional video

‘I know how much it has hurt you that I have not been able to be completely out,’ she tells her girlfriend

Gay penguin couple 'kidnap' baby from 'bad parents' at Odense Zoo
Gay penguin couple steal baby from ‘bad parents’ at Denmark zoo

There’s another penguin rainbow family in the world!

Bert and Ernie
Sesame Street writer clarifies whether Bert and Ernie are a gay couple

The real-life and highly personal inspiration behind the pair’s storyline has been revealed by Emmy-winner Mark Saltzman

Erick received a sweet letter from his brother
Read the heartwarming letter a boy left on his gay older brother’s pillow

‘You don’t have to find your identity alone!’

International Trans Day of Visibility
Read the letter a trans boy wrote to his neighbor, making her cry

‘Everytime I see your flag, I feel better’

Neil Patrick Harris and David Burtka
Neil Patrick Harris writes moving post to celebrate wedding anniversary

He and David Burtka have been married for four years

Jujubee and Shangela
Jujubee still has strong feelings about Shangela losing All Stars 3

EXCLUSIVE: ‘Watching it, I was like “Shangela’s killing it”‘ says RPDR alum

This girl's letter to her girlfriend will make you feel all the feels
Gay girl’s letter to girlfriend who thinks she’s ‘ugly’ will make you feel all the feels

If you’ve ever felt a little ugly, you have to read this beautiful letter

José with his kids Lilah, Avery and London
Meet the amazing gay single dad-of-3 whose husband died before their twins were born

Wedding planner José Rolón shares story of late husband Tim and the kids he left behind – Avery, Lilah and London

Coyle Twins
Twin brothers come out to their mom in sweet YouTube video

‘I’m happy if you’re happy’

Writing a poem
This aunt wrote a lovely poem in church about her niece’s pronouns

People showing support for their LGBTQ relatives is the best