Jarrad proposes to Michael in front of son, Reid
Inspiring gay dads get engaged after marriage equality comes to Australia

Son Reid shouted out, ‘I knew this would happen, I’ve been dreaming about this!’

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‘You say be a man, but I’m quite happy being who I am’

Gay dads reveal they're expecting triplets
Gay dads announce they’re having triplets in cutest reveal ever

And they owe it all to their surrogate

Cas Willow and Heather Richards at their wedding
Cancer patient finally marries partner of 17 years in a race against time

The same-sex marriage is one of the first few to have taken place in Australia since marriage equality happened

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Like You documents the story of two strangers who realize they’re more alike than they first thought

Australians vote in favor of same-sex marriage
The most heartwarming LGBTI moments that proved 2017 wasn’t that bad after all

Disheartened by 2017? Take a look back at the marriage equality wins, positive law changes, and powerful personal stories that made the year worthwhile

Lily, 5, reads LGBTI children's book And Tango Makes Three
WATCH: Kid reads LGBTI children’s book for the first time and her reaction is so cute

This 5-year-old girl reacts to gay couples like everyone should – like it’s the most normal thing in the world

Reddit user eugenius310 and Chris got engaged at Disneyland
Here are the cutest same-sex marriage proposals in 2017

It’s the ‘try not to cry’ challenge!

James and Charlie with daughter Charlie - born via surrogacy
Inspiring gay dads chart their parenting journey over Instagram

And they have advice for other men looking to start a family via surrogacy

Straight guy falls for his gay friend
Straight guy realizes he’s jealous after gay friend starts dating, and then wants to be his boyfriend

Gay guy wonders whether he’s just in a ‘bromance’ with his straight friend, or if they’re boyfriends

The kiss between Marian and Bastian
This cute kiss between a bi woman and trans man aired on prime time TV

Marina’s boyfriend Bastian was wearing a shirt that said ‘Protect trans kids’

How did a straight guy react to his gay best friend coming out to him?
Gay guy comes out and admits his feelings to his straight friend, he reacts in the best way

‘Maybe I’m gay but I’ve never had a chance to express it? I really don’t know. I feel like I owe it to him to at least try this relationship.’

Husbands Arejay Encinas and Mauricio Camargo with son Dylan
Read the beautiful letters these dads wrote to their son on his adoption day

‘We cannot wait to spend the rest of our lives loving you, protecting you, and doing whatever we need to make you happy’

Aristotle Polites is a model
Model teased by sister with adorable photos of his baby nephew in same pose

Aristotle Polites is a model and lifestyle coach in New York; his nephew is 18 months old