Daniel Franzese as Looking's Eddie | Photo: HBO
Daniel Franzese: ‘I totally think we could make another Looking movie’

EXCLUSIVE: Mean Girls star on turning 40 (‘entry level daddy!’) and his crusade against plastic straws

Ben Platt | Photo: Atlantic
Ben Platt on love, lyrics and living for now: ‘I’m a Charlotte – I jump in’

EXCLUSIVE: ‘I’d love a kid or two, and a fella…’ Pitch Perfect star Ben on Sam Smith, Charlie carver and his new hit album

Trans man Henry Sias is running for judge in Philadelphia. (Photo: YouTube)
Henry Sias could become America’s first ever transgender judge

‘I think self-care is something that lawyers neglect to their own peril and to the peril sometimes of their client’

Recording artist Frank Ocean. (Photo from Wikimedia Commons)
Frank Ocean gets a tattoo of Matt Groening’s ‘Homo vs. Hetero’ art

The artwork features a heterosexual bunny couple and a homosexual bunny couple and shows they aren’t so different after all

Singer Jorgie auditioning on American Idol
Singer comes out on national TV in moving American Idol audition

He revealed his father didn’t know he was gay

Channing Tatum in White House Down | Photo: Columbia Pictures
Channing Tatum reveals bleached hair and we’re having a strong reaction

And the Magic Mike XXL star wants your opinion on his new look…

Andrew Ford in the locker room at Malone University.
This Christian soccer player came out as bisexual and here’s what happened

‘My honesty, instead of making them reject me, made them embrace me more’

orgasm Screenshot from new website, Why Not Bi?
MindGeek is launching a bisexual porn studio ‘focused on men’

Gay porn star Wesley Woods will make his ‘bisexual debut’ on this platform, but some fans aren’t happy

X Factor Malta host Ben Camille
X Factor Malta host makes passionate plea against LGBTI conversion therapy

It comes about after a contestant of the show claimed to be ex-gay

Jaden Smith poses with eco friendly water bottles from his environmental organization, JUST
Jaden Smith’s environmental organization to bring clean water to Flint, Michigan

Smith’s organization JUST is partnering with a Michigan church to bring a mobile water filtration system to Flint

Jonathan Troncoso and Jorge Valcarcel
Same-sex male dancers slay in this sizzling salsa routine

They’re the first same-sex salsa duo on reality show World of Dance

Grindr screenshot
Is this the best way to reject someone on Grindr?

Thumbing through tiled torsos in a one-mile radius of your apartment is an etiquette minefield

A man sniffs another man's socks
What is it about feet that some people find such a turn-on?

Why is foot fetishism so popular among gay men? And how do people incorporate their passion for feet into their sex lives?

Don Cheadle in his 'Protect Trans Kids' shirt on SNL
Actor Don Cheadle wears ‘Protect Trans Kids’ t-shirt on Saturday Night Live

Many took to Twitter to applaud Cheadle for his silent activism

Sam Smith posted this pic yesterday to 'reclaim my body and stop trying to change this chest and these hips’ | Photo: Instagram/samsmithworld
19 best-ever LGBTI celeb body positivity posts (NSFW)

As Sam’s pic makes waves, posts that show Ricky, Rita, Gus et al are cool in their skin

Sam Smith | Photo: Instagram/samsmithworld
Sam Smith poses topless in shockingly honest, inspiring body image post

‘In the past I’ve starved myself’ admits Sam, adding ‘if you knew how much courage it took to do this’

MNEK and Olly Alexander
Olly Alexander posts naked bathtub photo with MNEK

It’s sparked rumors of a collaboration

Chris Crocker
Chris Crocker sets the record straight on why he loves open relationships

Best known for his viral ‘leave Britney alone’ video, he’s now a gay porn star

‘Sexy is fun, but not everything’: Shirtless violinist on gay men’s problems with body image

EXCLUSIVE: Why he’s speaking out with a so-called ‘ideal’ body

Will Azerbaijan send this singer to Eurovision? | Photo: Instagram
Azerbaijan might send this guy to Eurovision and he’s literal gay catnip

Azerbaijan is the worst place in Europe to be LGBTI

Napoleon Jinnies and Quinton Peron.
Male cheerleaders to perform at this year’s Super Bowl for the first time

Meet the two professional dancers breaking the gender barrier

John Barrowman | Photos: Eric Schwabel
‘Swim naked!’: John Barrowman on strippers, pleasure aids and the secrets to lasting love

INTERVIEW: ‘I let things go and live in the moment’ – why the Torchwood and Doctor Who star’s filthier and more fabulous than ever at 52

John Barrowman as Captain Jack | Photo: BBC
John Barrowman dresses as Captain Jack for husband: ‘Role play is healthy’

EXCLUSIVE: ‘Every healthy relationship should have role play!’ says Torchwood/Doctor Who star in hilarious new interview

Mermen chilling at Gosling Lake.
Meet the cute Canadian guys dressing as mermen to fight toxic masculinity

Merb’ys welcome cis and trans men of all sexualities, ages, body shapes, ethnicities, and ability levels

The co-founder of Dark Room brand clothing wears on his own design jockstraps
Men in jockstraps react to Scruff’s ban on men in jockstraps

Guys in jockstraps discuss online censorship, adult content and the particular appeal of the jock

Rami as Freddie in Bohemian Rhapsody | Photo: 20th Century Fox
Rami Malek wins Best Actor SAG Award – as Gaga loses out

Here’s the full list of 2019 winners (including The Assassination of Gianni Versace star Darren Criss)

Frankie Grande
Frankie Grande posts sexy naked photos for birthday

That’s a birthday suit, all right…