Henry Holland performing Don't You Forget About Me.
Henry Holland and Keegan Hirst prove they can’t sing but can fight to end AIDS

LGBT+ celebrities and HIV activists perform the cutest and least musical version of 80s hit Don’t You Forget About Me.

Chester Pride volunteers helping their local foodbank.
This Pride is helping to make sure families won’t go hungry this Christmas

Pride may have been cancelled this year but LGBT+ organizers are still serving their city.

Jesus with a Roman Centurion.
Gay theology expert explains why Christians who use the Bible to hate have got it all wrong

It only takes 57 seconds to explain why God ‘doesn’t give a sh*t’ if you are LGBT+.

The Digital Pride floats placed over the beach in the LGBT+ friendly city of Brighton, England.
These Snapchat artists created a Pride that happens before your eyes

Meet the Snapchat lens creators who teamed up with GSN’s Digital Pride and AMV BBDO to create virtual festival floats.

Asia Rainbow Ride cyclists.
Taiwan gets on its bike to showcase how it is a beacon for LGBT+ rights

The first Asia Rainbow Ride is possible because Taiwan has managed to control the coronavirus pandemic.

A Pride-goer enjoying a Pink Lady apple.
Here’s an easy way to reward an everyday hero who is always helping others

GSN readers in the UK can join in our special Digital Pride and Pink Lady® apples search for heroes.

Caleb Merendino and Benjamin Swanson collecting litter.
These LGBT+ hikers are cleaning up the US one piece of litter at a time

Why the LGBT+ community should be front and center in the fight for a cleaner, greener world.

Roman oil lamp depicting female oral sex from Turkey.
The British Museum adds five LGBT+ treasures to its permanent collection

From an ancient coin showing lesbian poet Sappho to a joke fake banknote depicting gay gangster Ronnie Kray.

A woman accepts some rainbow masks from Jakub and Dawid.
A Polish gay couple took their rainbow face masks to an ‘LGBT-Free Zone’

They defied the law and faced threats but they also found support as they spread the rainbow.

Buzz and Tommy in their lifeguard uniforms.
This photo of a couple from 1949 has got everyone wanting to find ‘Buzz’ and ‘Tommy’

‘To Buzz, I’ll always remember the times we spent together. All my love, Your Tommy.’

#LGBTQuarantine pics
LGBT+ people are sharing pics of their best selves during quarantine

Reasons to be cheerful: #LGBTQuarantine is trending.

Marie and Patrick Abboud.
Mother’s beautiful letter to gay son: I’m sorry for the way I acted when you came out

This letter proves it’s never too late to make things right with a loved one.

Patrick J Hale and partner.
#BisexualMenExist is trending and the photos are beautiful

One bi guy put a shout out for some bi positivity and was overwhelmed by the results.

People dancing In The Heights.
New musical In The Heights is already tipped for an Oscar before it has even come out

New movie from the makers of Hamilton and Crazy Rich Asians.

Women kiss at Pride.
Queer women share the stupidest things people ask them

Lesbian, bi and trans women say: ‘You wouldn’t ask a straight person that!’

Mom with gay son.
Student: My mom is the only one in our Trump-loving family who supports me as gay

She’s a Bernie Sanders fan who encourages her son to date boys.

Green army men.
Six-year-old girl wanted ‘Girl Green Army Men’ and the company agreed

Little girl from Arkansas finally updated a classic toy that’s been the same for 80 years.

Tom Holland as Spider-Man.
Allyvengers: Comic con superheroes fly their rainbow flags

Comic superhero stars Brie Larson, Tessa Thompson, Chris Hemsworth and Tom Holland show they are LGBT+ allies.

Brothers walk together.
Brother generates a lot of love after bullies pick on his gay little bro

‘He is kind, he is generous and he is completely selfless but because he’s gay he gets beaten up.’

Marsha P Johnson.
New York to name park after trans Stonewall hero Marsha P Johnson

Marsha P Johnson struggled with poverty, made ends meet as a sex worker and was persecuted as an LGBT+ person of color. But she fought to help others.

Rainbow charge cable attached to devices.
Inventor creates five-way rainbow charge cable to remember friend lost to suicide

Inventor lost his gay school friend who was too scared to come out. Now the 5-1 rainbow charging cable will help LGBT Foundation.

Domestic abuse victim, picture posed by model.
One clinic has found a way to fight domestic violence with a red pen

LGBT+ people are more likely to suffer intimate partner violence and make up a huge number of victims who are killed.

How to be bisexual and happy

Bi activist Lewis Oakley offers some ways you can better fit your bisexuality into your life.

Trans billboard in Detroit
‘Trans people are sacred’ billboard erected in Detroit

‘I hope people feel free and joyful when they see it,’ the artist said

Husbands Kris (Right) and Deane (Left) Saunders-Stowe are at the heart of a new documentary about being LGBT and living with a disability | Photo: Gay Star News / Jamie Wareham
This new documentary is challenging queer disability myths

Kris: The Power Of Support follows a gay, wheelchair user who wants to help others overcome challenges they face living with a disability

Senator Elizabeth Warren places Boston Gay Pride photo on her Facebook page
Elizabeth Warren lists gender pronouns on her Twitter bio

Conservatives lash out online after the presidential candidate lists her preferred gender pronouns as ‘she/hers’

15+ West End shows send love to kid bullied and ‘beaten’ for liking musicals

Kids at school were calling little Charlie ‘gay, fat, stupid’ so his singing teacher decided to do something about it

Time is running out to have your say in EU survey for LGBTI people

Your answers to the anonymous survey will help support equal treatment legislation and policy making for LGBTIs across the Union

Reverend Kate Bottley
Reverend drowns out anti-gay preacher with passionate speech about love

EXCLUSIVE: Reverend Kate Bottley has a very special message for preachers who try to use the name of Jesus to spread hate

Lil Nas X visits sneaker store After Drop in Paris
Lil Nas X responds to homophobic backlash over his coming out

‘Next n**** to say something offensive to me getting kissed’ tweeted Lil Nas X; hip hop star has topped the Billboard Hot singles charts for three months