Andrew Ford in the locker room at Malone University.
This Christian soccer player came out as bisexual and here’s what happened

‘My honesty, instead of making them reject me, made them embrace me more’

Qantas CEO Alan Joyce
Gay Qantas CEO responds to 10-year-old’s cute ‘rival’ airline letter

Alan Joyce invited the young boy to have a meeting ‘CEO to CEO’

LGBT Christians have chosen a particular passage from the Bible for this year's International Day Against Homophobia
This Bible verse has been chosen to help fight homophobia

Most LGBTI people are more used to the Bible being used against them, but these LGBT Christians draw upon it for support

This is how some LGBTI strangers in a bookstore helped save a closeted man

This story from a little bookstore in Indianapolis will comfort you

Jaden Smith poses with eco friendly water bottles from his environmental organization, JUST
Jaden Smith’s environmental organization to bring clean water to Flint, Michigan

Smith’s organization JUST is partnering with a Michigan church to bring a mobile water filtration system to Flint

Wilson Freeman talks open relationships and polyamory
What I’ve learned from being in open relationships for 20 years

‘If you feel insecure about your partner having something else in their lives outside of your relationship, you should deal with those insecurities’

Altrincham FC
UK non-league football team don rainbow kit to combat homophobia

Altrincham FC’s use of the Pride colors gains global attention

drag queens discuss racism sum ting wong tia kofi
Two drag queens open up about the racism they face on the LGBTI scene

‘All the f**king time. I’m Chinese and I get people saying “Ching chong chang chung chang”‘

Gemma Hickey
Canadian trans rights activist hopes to raise gender awareness in Japan

Gender non-binary activist Gemma Hickey will spend time in Tokyo talking about their experiences of advocating for gender equality

Alan Turing, at the age of 16
This passionate speech about gay icon Alan Turing will move you to tears

‘In each of your hands, you hold a little bit of Alan Turing’

Laverne Cox at the 11 Honore runway show, 6 February, Spring Studios, New York
Laverne Cox slays New York Fashion Week runway

Laverne Cox strutted down the runway in a Zac Posen gown for the plus-size e-commerce site, 11 Honore

Diana Goh and son Avin Tan
Mom posts inspiring message about loving and supporting son living with HIV

There was a huge leak of personal data of people with HIV in Singapore this week – but this mom has told parents to make sure they show their children support

Nonbinary NASA intern slams trans military ban in viral tweet

‘Nothing about my identity makes me any less capable of working in the government,’ said university senior Victoria Wegman

Cher and hbomberguy | Photos: Atlantic Records and YouTube
Cher among famous names to support YouTuber’s trans charity fundraiser

hbomberguy turned his 57-hour Donkey Kong session into an opportunity to help trans kids

RuPaul and Meghan | Photos: Watch What Happens Live and Wiki
RuPaul offers amazing advice to Meghan Markle

Ru responds to reports the Royal’s ‘difficult to work with’

Susan (left), Annie (middle) and Rob (right) Cottrell | Photo: Supplied
Christian mom had best response when her church told her to disown her bi child

‘I realized I was being asked to choose between the two most important parts of my life: my child and my church. I chose my child’

Gus Kenworthy is raising money for this year's AIDS/Lifecycle
Gus Kenworthy posts thirsty bathroom selfie for very good cause

Kenworthy is attempting to raise $1million in sponsorship by taking part in the annual, 545-mile AIDS/Lifecycle

A man checks his cellphone - opinion column on HIV stigma
This year it’s time we took control of our digital queer spaces

After Tumblr adult content ban and Facebook new guidelines, queer users can turn to a more inclusive platform

There is hope for the non-binary community

Stonewall 50: ‘I have faith in our allies to continue to support us and let our voices be heard’

Neal Jackson youth poet laureatte houston
Houston have named this queer teen Youth Poet Laureate

The 19-year-old plans to shine a light on underrepresented people in Houston

Dr Jess Wade has been creating hundreds of Wikipedia pages
Scientist creates hundreds of LGBTI and women’s science pages on Wikipedia

Dr Jess Wade wants redress the balance and tackle Wikipedia being overly populated with dead, white, straight men

Adam Fletcher came out via Twitter
Man’s coming out tweet goes unexpectedly viral

Adam Fletcher, 35 said he wrote the tweet almost a dozen times but then stepped back from publishing it. ‘I’ve been scared to say it forever’

Nigerian actor Alexx Ekubo
Straight actor Alexx Ekubo urges Nigerians to stop judging gay people

It’s illegal to be gay in Nigeria, with the death penalty in some parts of the country

Anthony Bowens and boyfriend Michael Pavano
Wrestler Anthony Bowens comes out again – as gay not bisexual

Bowens came out as bisexual two years ago but has posted a video saying he no longer identifies with that label

Chief Officer Cairn Newton-Evans
Police officer to receive top award for services to LGBTI community

The Chief Officer hopes he will help inspire others to stand up to homophobia and hate crime