Owain Wyn Evans.
LGBT+ weatherman brightens our day with BBC News theme drum solo

Owain Wyn Evans just won working from home.

People at the bar in G-A-Y Late.
Housemates hilariously recreate G-A-Y club at home and get it spot on

‘If we can’t have a Saturday night out at G-A-Y we’d have a Saturday night in at G-A-Y.’

Pete Buttigieg with beard added.
Bearded Buttigieg sparks ‘Mayor Woof for President’ viral hit

The pics that got #BeardedButtigieg trending.

Joao and John
I took my boyfriend home to meet my parents and we ended up with blood and vomit everywhere

You couldn’t make up what happened to this couple and their usually very normal family.

Woman complains about Pete Buttigieg's sexuality.
This woman voted Pete Buttigieg then got spooked when she found out he is gay

Pete Buttigieg is now the unlikely frontrunner in the race to be the Democratic candidate to take on Donald Trump.

Andy King is best known on the internet for preparing to 'take one for the team' and give an emergency blow job
Fyre Festival’s ‘blow job king’ is back and ready to blow again

Andy King was a viral meme earlier this year for a now infamous almost blow job

Tan France asks Pete Davidson about BDE and his response is priceless

‘I’m complaining about awesome things’: BDE stands for ‘Big d*ck energy’

pe gym class lgbt skipping classes
Adult LGBTI people reveal all the ways they managed to skip PE or gym class

Forced fitness classes at school were traumatic for some – but we’re a pretty smart community…

Sam Plant, who is bi, with his sister's dog during Edinburgh Pride 2019 | Picture: Instagram (@samplant.mp3)
Bi guy gets biphobia on Tinder but then a major plot twist happens

‘Why would my sexuality matter?’ Sam Plant fired back

Comedian Joe Lycett
Comedian perfectly responds to concerns books on gay people turn kids gay

It comes about after the BBC aired a segment featuring several religious people objecting to LGBTI-inclusive education

Lil Nas X walking off BBC show | Photo: Screenshot/BBC
Gay rapper Lil Nas X walks off BBC show and the video is hilarious

Give him a break, he’s only 20 and he just came out!

Claire Richards recalls sweet way H from Steps came out to her

EXCLUSIVE: ‘So embarrassing!’ Star jumped to wrong conclusion when H said ‘I need to talk to you’ before 5, 6, 7, 8 video shoot

Charli and one of his lambs - and the Grindr message
Grindr: Why you should always check that profile photo closely

EXCLUSIVE: A gay farmer tweeted a message he got from someone on the hookup app – and reveals the difficulties of dating in rural Northern Ireland

Elijah Daniel, mayor of Gay Hell.
YouTuber buys town, renames it Gay Hell to protest Trump’s policy

Only Pride flags will be allowed to fly in the town in Michigan to protest US President’s ban on rainbow flags

guys open up about the when they realized they were gay
Guys discuss the moment they suddenly realized ‘Oh sh*t, I’m gay’

From sneak peeks in communal showers to only looking at guys in porn…

Arjun Mathur in scene from Made in Heaven
Straight actor on playing gay: I get ‘downright dirty’ messages on Insta

Bollywood actor Arjun Mathur said he also gets marriage proposals

Drag queens, Mike Pence
These drag queens have a special 60th birthday message for Mike Pence

It’s the US vice president’s 60th birthday today

Celine Dion and James Corden share kiss in Carpool Karaoke
Celine Dion shares kiss with James Corden in hilarious Carpool Karaoke

She also sang a dramatic version of Baby Shark and gave away pairs of her shoes to random people on the street

Drag Theresa May and her 'pals' watching Eurovision.
Drag Theresa May is hosting a Brexit Eurovision Party and it’s glorious

Prime Minister has a crucial message for younger voters ahead of the European elections

eating ass bumper sticker arrested first amendment
Florida man says rights violated after arrest for ‘I eat a*s’ bumper sticker

He says censoring the sticker is a violation of his rights

Kike does the bend and snap | Photo: Instagram/Los Angeles Dodgers
Baseball star just did the Elle Woods bend and snap and we can’t breathe

It’s the only move that has an 83% return rate on a dinner invitation