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Watch where you’re going with that Mutewatch

Sleek and simple to use, you’d better watch out if you have something other than a Mutewatch

Gay quintuplet who wants to marry like his brothers and sisters

Gay quintuplet Matt Hiscock is Out4Marriage because his two brothers and two sisters can marry and he can’t

Is this the cutest printer in the world?

The new wireless miniature printer sources online content to print as a personal mini-newspaper

Rufus Wainwright recalls the time he met and was slapped down by Bea Arthur

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A marriage made in heaven: Us and a tub of Ben and Jerry’s

Ice cream backers of Stonewall’s gay marriage campaign take their new range to your city

Seeing revolution, dignity and equality in eyewear

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Rihanna performs topless in new music video

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Sunglasses brand celebrates anniversary with gay advert 

Why one US gay couple got married eight times

George Takei to narrate Married and Counting documentary charting the couple who married in every US state they could

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Films, live music performances and talks hit London’s Greenwich with visit of Sundance festival

Barbra Streisand turns 70 and celebrates

The artist who once said 'Hello, gorgeous' is not thinking about retirement

Online stylist guides men through fashion handles the color-coordinating and shopping for you

Facebook game urges STI testing after bed-hopping

Facebook game Man Up focuses on the link between the number of sexual partners and the increased risk of sexually transmitted infections and HIV

Gin ‘n’ tea cocktail takes first-place prize

Robin Webb wins London drink contest with Grandma Sloane's Tea Time Tipple 

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VitaMan massage pack – with hot wax for the daring

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Bubbleology cafés, which brought fruity bubble tea to London, celebrate their first year this Sunday

Olympic range brings patriotic style to jewellery

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It Doesn’t Get Better for gay haters

FCKH8 campaign to donate 10c to anti-bullying groups every time YouTube video is viewed

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