Women kiss at Pride.
Queer women share the stupidest things people ask them

Lesbian, bi and trans women say: ‘You wouldn’t ask a straight person that!’

Joao and John
I took my boyfriend home to meet my parents and we ended up with blood and vomit everywhere

You couldn’t make up what happened to this couple and their usually very normal family.

Mom with gay son.
Student: My mom is the only one in our Trump-loving family who supports me as gay

She’s a Bernie Sanders fan who encourages her son to date boys.

Little men with chocolate.
A hormone found in chocolate may boost men’s sex drive

Kisspeptin may even improve men’s sexual performance, scientists now think.

Green army men.
Six-year-old girl wanted ‘Girl Green Army Men’ and the company agreed

Little girl from Arkansas finally updated a classic toy that’s been the same for 80 years.

Tom Holland as Spider-Man.
Allyvengers: Comic con superheroes fly their rainbow flags

Comic superhero stars Brie Larson, Tessa Thompson, Chris Hemsworth and Tom Holland show they are LGBT+ allies.

Woman complains about Pete Buttigieg's sexuality.
This woman voted Pete Buttigieg then got spooked when she found out he is gay

Pete Buttigieg is now the unlikely frontrunner in the race to be the Democratic candidate to take on Donald Trump.

Brothers walk together.
Brother generates a lot of love after bullies pick on his gay little bro

‘He is kind, he is generous and he is completely selfless but because he’s gay he gets beaten up.’

Orange is the New Black cast.
Time to confess: Netflix now lets you expose your viewing history

You can find out the first thing you ever watched on Netflix. Turns out the answer is Orange is the New Black.

Marsha P Johnson.
New York to name park after trans Stonewall hero Marsha P Johnson

Marsha P Johnson struggled with poverty, made ends meet as a sex worker and was persecuted as an LGBT+ person of color. But she fought to help others.

Alex By The Sea
Young LGBT+ photographers share their vision of our community

Round Hole Square Peg aims to take queer photography to the mainstream.

Rainbow charge cable attached to devices.
Inventor creates five-way rainbow charge cable to remember friend lost to suicide

Inventor lost his gay school friend who was too scared to come out. Now the 5-1 rainbow charging cable will help LGBT Foundation.

Domestic abuse victim, picture posed by model.
One clinic has found a way to fight domestic violence with a red pen

LGBT+ people are more likely to suffer intimate partner violence and make up a huge number of victims who are killed.

How to be bisexual and happy

Bi activist Lewis Oakley offers some ways you can better fit your bisexuality into your life.

Anna Wintour (left) and Melania Trump
Anna Wintour throws shade at Melania Trump in the most subtle way

‘I think it’s important for Vogue to support women who are leading change in this country,’ Wintour said, not including Melania

Welcome to New Hampshire road sign
New Hampshire bill to allow ‘X’ gender marker on licenses becomes law

The new law will go into effect on 1 January 2020

Jonathan Van Ness from Netflix show Queer Eye
Queer Eye’s Jonathan: ‘I got called f****t every ten steps I took’ in school

Fab Five sit down for a powerful conversation with a gay-straight alliance group at Jonathan’s old school

Andi Mack cast hug in emotional series final
Fans react to emotional last ever episode of Andi Mack

It featured a cast version of Lady Gaga’s LGBTI anthem Born This Way and a cute same-sex romantic moment

Andy King is best known on the internet for preparing to 'take one for the team' and give an emergency blow job
Fyre Festival’s ‘blow job king’ is back and ready to blow again

Andy King was a viral meme earlier this year for a now infamous almost blow job

instagays heatwave uk climate change christopher-campbell-BMogzCQYfb4-unsplash
20 pics of hot Instagays dealing with the heatwave in the UK

This totally normal and not scary weather at least means people wear less clothes

Jean Paul Gaultier surrounded by cast members from his Fashion Freak Show
Is Jean Paul Gaultier’s Fashion Freak Show any good?

REVIEW: The ‘enfant terrible’ of French fashion brings his Fashion Freak revue to London for a limited run

Tan France asks Pete Davidson about BDE and his response is priceless

‘I’m complaining about awesome things’: BDE stands for ‘Big d*ck energy’

Margaret Court is against same-sex marriage coming to Australia and won the awards last year
Gay & Lesbian Outrageous Ridiculous & Ignorant Comments Awards seeks nominations

Tennis player Margaret Court won the 2018 awards for describing homosexuality as an ungodly ‘lust for the flesh’.

Trans billboard in Detroit
‘Trans people are sacred’ billboard erected in Detroit

‘I hope people feel free and joyful when they see it,’ the artist said

Husbands Kris (Right) and Deane (Left) Saunders-Stowe are at the heart of a new documentary about being LGBT and living with a disability | Photo: Gay Star News / Jamie Wareham
This new documentary is challenging queer disability myths

Kris: The Power Of Support follows a gay, wheelchair user who wants to help others overcome challenges they face living with a disability

Inside India's Third Eye Cafe
WATCH: This cafe in India mainly employs transgender people

‘We chose this name, Third Eye, because we knew we were going to start a restaurant which would employ the third gender’

Elder gay men react to animated short film In A Heartbeat
WATCH: Gay elders react to animated short film In A Heartbeat

‘It’s very, very positive to see this kind of display for gay people coming out with a happy ending’